“Onee-chan, how are you?


During breakfast, I was surprised to be asked how I feel… but I guess this is about the game. Should I boke1https://www.sljfaq.org/afaq/boke.html here? No need I guess.


“Smoothly, I guesss? Right now I’m beating enemies as I fill the map.”

“So you’re doing map-filling...”

“I don’t think I’ll go back there too often, so I’d prefer to do the troublesome stuff right from the start.”

“Even if you evolve, High Zombie doesn’t seem much different anyway...”

“When I finish eating, I plan to explore the second floor.”

“Ah, so it’s not just one floor.”

“I found stairs leading to the second floor. Depending on the second floor’s enemies, I won’t have problems leveling for some time...”

“Enemies of the same race only fight back when attacked, don’t they. Undead usually flock in groups so they are troublesome to fight against...”


In general I fight them one by one, and I always get the preemptive strike, making it extremely easy for me.

Undead are gross, smelly, dirty, and their drops are garbage. Experience they give seems to be fairly good, so they are sweet prey for parties that use Area-of-Effect attacks - but only in the experience department. They can be mowed with fire and light Area-of-Effect magic, so other Skills will not level up, and their drops are garbage so you can’t earn money on them. Honestly speaking, there is no demand for Undead.


“For me who can’t even move properly they are a very convenient enemy, you know.”

“Not being attacked by the same race sure is big.”

“For the time being, today… or rather, the next few days I will spend on filling the map.”

“Eh, it’s that large?”

“It is fairly large, but I move slowly and sometimes stumble so that is also part of the reason… In any case, it’s hard to walk. I hope it ends with today, but if there is a third floor, it probably won’t.”


“Now then, let’s go play.”



I wash the dish I used and then head to my room and quickly log-in.



Hello there… Catacombs...

I crawl out of my bedplace and immediately head downstairs to the second floor. I did panic a little when I almost stumbled on the stairs, though.


And I was greeted by… a High Zombie.


High Zombie Lv15
A rotten corpse. Attacks whoever appears before them.


Uhh-mm? Hmm-mm… High Zombies are ranging from level 15 to level 19. The difference in their appearance… is beyond me. Now, what is it that is so different about you? The way they walk is a little steadier…? Within margin of error. It will be better not to expect anything from High Zombie evolution.



And as a result of spending the entire Sunday filling the map… I found stairs leading to the third floor. Even though I have yet to finish filling the second floor’s map.

...That’s all.


Let’s sulk in bed...

Wait, is Catacomb not treated as a dungeon or a ruin in this game? The lack of anything at all in here is really sad. This is a starting point for zombies so there is a high possibility there is nothing there. But since I came this far, I might as well finish filling those maps.



The next day, I come back from school and head straight to Catacombs.

I spoke with the two guys, friends of mine since kindergarten, but we won’t meet in-game until later. Once I fill maps, let’s raise my level and focus on evolving. Akina is waiting, too.

There is nothing I can do anything until «Decomposing Body» is removed.


So, who are the enemies on the third floor…? I'm already near, so I might as well check it.


Living Dead Lv27
A corpse. Attacks whoever appears before them.


Ranging from Lv27 to Lv29…? Looks like I can hunt here for quite some time? Every time I get to a lower floor they increase by ten levels, normally this place would be really difficult.

Even if Base level does not increase stats as much as Skill levels, ten levels is enough to increase them by a fair amount. And in enemies’ case, their set Skills increase together with their Base level.


So, after High Zombie, the next one is most likely Living Dead. Evolution on level 20? I did not start leveling properly, so I have yet to reach level 10.



Name: Anastasia
Race: Zombie   Woman   Lv5
Element: Dark
Genus: Low Immortal
Family: Zombie
Skill Points: 4


«Fist Lv4» «Strength Enhancement Lv3» «Vitality Enhancement Lv2» «Identification Lv1»


Monster Skills:
«Physical Resistance Lv1» «Automatic HP Recovery Lv1» «Low Immortal» «Decomposing Body»



Yup, not at all. My Skill level only comes from beating zombies.

When I stumble and bump into them they easily fall down, so I just crawl over them and beat them up until it’s over. I have yet to try combat-like combat...

The problem is, that my enemy also has «Automatic HP recovery». It takes time to beat them.

«Vitality Increase» leveled up by itself. I guess that since it’s “Vitality”, it increases from walking alone? I think that is most likely the case.

Skills like «Physical Resistance» and «Automatic HP Recovery» are defensive so they don’t go up at all. If I get hit, my resistance and automatic recovery will go up, but… that's inefficient with zombies as my enemy, I will have to think about it when I go elsewhere.


Seems like I would be killed if I stumbled onto a Living Dead. Their movements are fairly good.

Their description is not “rotten corpse” but “corpse”. Their movements are a little strange, but  far better than those of zombies. It’s hard to think they could be beaten with the same tactic, so I need to be careful not to headbutt one.

Let’s go back and search the second floor!



Well, there is nothing in there though…

Monday, no results. Search progress… second floor incomplete.

Tuesday, filled the second floor’s map.

Wednesday, I entered the third floor. Search progress… 20%.

Thursday,【Sad News】I stumbled onto a Living Dead and was beaten to death. Went to bed in a huff.

Friday, no results. Search progress: 50%.

Saturday, one week since the game service has started… no results. Just a little more until the map is filled.



Comes Sunday. It would be nice if I managed to fill the map today.

When I bump into a Living Dead, I die, so my slow pace has become even slower. All I do is look around and walk, but because I cannot walk well, I use my motor nerves at their full ability. Maybe evolving first before walking around would be better for my mental health?

Well, it is all in the past. A High Zombie would probably be not much different.


Summer break is near. During the tests period I will come back home around noon, so it would be best to do this cumbersome map-filling before that. Looks like «Decomposed Body» will be removed with evolution, too. I don’t know when will I come back here again after I leave this place.


Umm… now I just have to go this way to complete it… Footsie goes up…footsie goes up… Looks like I've gotten used to walking as a zombie.


Mmmgrrr… A dead end. Which means… ohh, I completed exploring my home. There is no fourth floor… Let’s check maps from the first to the third floor. There is no unnatural breaks on the map so I think I uncovered everything. ...And found nothing.


...Hmm? Is it my imagination…? Umm, wait. I open maps of floors one to three in different windows...

Size-wise, the first floor is the smallest, the second floor is the biggest, and the third floor has in-between size. There is no problem with the first floor. But, on the second floor there is a space that bothers me.

These are catacombs, they should be filled without leaving space for anything. The third floor is like that, filled with graves to the brim. But, just one part of the second floor has an inaccessible area that takes strangely much space…

Let’s go there. A hidden room?



Uhhnn… I came while patting adjacent walls, but there is nothing here… Still, I look again at the surroundings, and it feels to me that this place is a little more luxurious than others. Was this a space for a slightly richer people?

On the first floor, there is a normal passage with nothing in it. On the third floor, this place is… outside the map.


Nnn… this passage on the third floor… can it be that there is an atrium starting on the third floor and reaching this space? If there is an entrance on the third floor, then it could only be only in this passage that is adjacent to this space...

There is no way there would be an entrance on the second floor… even if there was, it would be impossible to get down. Certainly, this slightly-luxurious decoration does work as a camouflage...

All right, if this doesn’t work, let’s level up.



This is that passage...

If there is something here, then it was worth filling the map. So how is it? I start patting the dead end, but there was nothing there. I start to check both sides.

When I pushed and pat all over empty space with nothing there...




I find a place that could be somewhat pushed. I push strongly in there and it properly goes inside, I feel something heavy move… but where? And, what happened? 

I start to look around, and I se that the wall in front which was a dead end, has tilted slightly.

My hearing is also dead, so there is a possibility I did not hear it. Zombies around me are noisy, too. I immediately I head over to it and push the slanted wall, the wall acted like a trick door.

Pushing the wall I enter inside, and the wall rotated along with me, before closing like nothing happened.


The inside had an extremely tall ceiling and was quite spacious. The second floor’s space was indeed part of the atrium.

Compared to the outside, the decorations here were beautiful...not. The decorations were not maintained and dirty, but could still be called luxurious. A tomb of someone important that was left be for really long… is the impression it gives.


I moved forward from the entrance, and suddenly notice there is something floating near the center of the room… A sword…? The moment I think so, it flies my way... and stabs into my chest.


Before I realized... I see the familiar ceiling.

No way… Undead are supposed to be immune to Instant Death... did I die from the damage from stabbing? But normally, wouldn’t there be a period of waiting before revival? Which means… an event-type?

Very well, let’s go back there.


I once again head to the dead end on the third floor. Then I search the wall for the button.

It should be around here… there it is. Looks like its location does not change… probably. I don’t remember the first time well, so I cannot say for sure.


I enter inside as if changing places with the rotating wall.

Now then, what do I do? For the time being, if I don’t move from the entrance, the sword will not move. Is there anything peculiar around here…?

Hmm… there is a door in the back…I think? That should be the goal. So, what do I do about the sword? Any hints…?


Uuuhnnn… there is nothing that would catch my attention. It is hard to search for things with such bad eyesight. In any case, this place is a tomb and in the middle there is a tombstone? 

But, that is where the sword comes from… In other words, I cannot approach it. And it is impossible to dodge it with my Zombie body.



I get stabbed by the sword time after time, I keep coming back to the hidden room, to die and to come back again.

This is a True Zombie Attack.

A Zombie’s Zombie Attack.

………...Yup, let’s go take a lunch break. Mulder, I’m tired...



Mom isn’t home today, so I will be making it.

Omurice should do. Eggs... there. Meat… well, pork ribs should work. Let’s cut them finely. Oh? There is not enough ketchup…? Let’s make butter rice then.

About the time I finish it, the little sister came down.


“It smells nice! Koto-nee, what is it todaay?”

“Butter Rice Omurice.”


“It’s almost done so wait here.”



I finished making butter rice for the two of us and split it on dishes.

I took eggs for the two of us and pour half over rice, then fry the other half and poured over again.


“Akina~, it’s done~.”

“Yeeesh. So, ketchup… ah, not much left.”

“That’s why it’s butter rice.”


We start talking about the game as we munch on food.


“Right now progression players are doing their best to beat bosses and open next towns, but there’s a shortage of recovery items.”

“This game has a goods distribution system, right?”

“Yup, there is one. Consumables can be sold out, which is a huge problem...”

“Potions are made with «Mixing»?”

“Either that, or «Alchemy», but «Alchemy» has set quality. Apparently «Mixing» crafters are having a hard time, too.”

“What do you mean? Are their profits low? Or are they lacking materials?”

“Apparently boooth. Also, I heard that to make potions they take lots of time. Plus, their Skills have low level so they can’t make anything decent.”

“We were supposed to be playing the same game, eh?”

“It’s because you picked Zombie-chan of all things, Onee-chan... how is it now?”

“When I filled the map and looked at it, I found a hidden room, but inside there is an Instant Death gimmick… I want to get past it somehow, so I’m zombying a zombie attack.”

“So there was a hidden room?!”

“Unlike outside of it, it looks like a tomb of someone really important. It’s spacious and luxurious. There’s even a tombstone left there.”

“Hee! The Instant Death trap? What type is it?”

“The type that automatically attacks when you enter inside its range. I can see a door in the back, so I want to get past to reach it… But when I get hit, I die instantly.”

“Undead are supposed to be immune to Instant Death, right? You should have quite a lot of VIT, but you still die instantly, huh.”

“When I finish eating I’m going to challenge it again. I need to find a loophole.”

“Do your best before someone else finishes it first!”

“Someone else… I have yet to see anyone...”

“Well, it’s the Zombie race… yup. Onee-chan, why are you doing this whole stress test?”

“Ha ha ha ha, ‘cause my instinct tells me to. DO IT, it says.”

"...It can’t be helped then.”


Don’t say it, o’ lil' sister of mine.

When we finished eating Akina said that she will wash dishes this time, so let’s depart to the Catacombs.


Now then, I head to the hidden room to take my revenge.

After entering I head to the left side from the entrance and sticking to the wall, I slowly try moving forward.

If I go back to the previous spot right before the sword stabs me, it goes back to its previous position - is what I learned before lunch, so it was necessary to learn what is the sword’s range. I move bit by bit… the sword hasn’t reacted so far. This might be the correct answer.

When the sword floated a little I stop moving and stick close to the wall. I resolve myself to spread my legs to remain standing.

And then, the sword returns to its previous position. It might have been for the better that my breasts rot and fell off. If I evolved and they came back, this might not work.

I can do this!


Noope, I couldn’t~. I got stabbed as usual, so what?

...I got halfway to the goal. Most likely the safe area changes every time. Isn’t it work of the devil to make something like this and give no hints? …...I’ll still do it though.

Don’t think you will stay there forever, my rare item. ...I have no clue whether there is an item there, however.


My pain setting is set to 0. It’s set under the assumption that I will die, after all.

I get halfway to it by clinging to the wall and sliding my legs. From there I crouch and I extend my hand while looking at the sword. When the sword floats I retract my hand and extend it in a different direction… rinse and repeat. My legs? If I do it with my leg, I lose balance and get stabbed.


After repeating this time after time, I slowly approached the door.

What is this, Souls? This game… did they mistake the genre? At the very least in these Catacomb there doesn’t seem to be any hints on this...

At this point, the sword returning to its previous position feels like mercy. If it didn’t, this whole thing would go too far.


Every several deaths I take a break before challenging it again. This is the remember-with-your-death concentration challenge.

...I can hear imouto’s voice saying "Stress Test”, but it must be just my imagination.



After several hours of repeating this… Finally, I arrive in front of the door that was my goal.

From here, without taking any needless movements, I charge right at the door. The door moved and I fall on the ground, but let’s not bother myself with that.

I somehow succeeded!


Inside the room… is a little narrow, with an enshrined coffin in the middle. On the first look, there is nothing else here.

I tried looking around at surroundings, but there is nothing. I feel sad. Well, I am at least glad that nothing came out of the coffin when I approached it.


Well then, the main objective - the coffin.

The moment I try to open it, my body’s freedom is taken away.


Eh, is it something no-good?


My hands move by themselves to try and open the coffin. They are being moved by the system... an event? I can’t do anything, so let’s just look for the time being.


When the lid moved, inside the coffin was the mummy of - probably - a woman. Rather, definitely a woman. My «Identification» says so. That it is〈A Princess’ Mummy〉.

My hands controlled by the system move straight for the mummy’s chest.

It thrust my hand inside the mummy, destroys it, and pulls something out on the way back


[Event] Royal Flesh Rarity:Ex
Flesh and blood of royalty.
A key item unlocking an Extra Race.


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