05 Evolution

Oh, OHHH? This is probably something nice. I guess it was worth all the bother? Hey, WAIT, what are you doing, my hands?! Where are you carrying that flesh… I believe eating this IS NOT a good idea!! I do think so… but, you won’t stop, will you?

...Ahhh, my sense of taste is dead, isn't it? I can’t tell any taste.


Aah, and the〈Princess’ Mummy〉broke apart and disappeared.



〈Thanks to intaking Royal Flesh, an additional possible Evolution has been added.〉



Ohhh… but I can't evolve yet. I need to raise my level.

Now, I have nothing left to do in this room so let’s go out. As the announcement message flowed in, I recover the control of my body.

...There’s nothing else inside that coffin.


I leave the room and wonder what should I do about the sword… which, I saw with my murky eyesight as it flew in my direction.




It’s the familiar ceiling. Yes, that was a nice stab I got there. You could say it hurt even though it did not and made me let out a voice.

Going out of that room by crawling would be a pain in the ass, and fighting Living Dead outside was a NO anyway. So I guess this is fine. Let’s hunt some zombies.


That sword, it stabbed me without mercy even after I absorbed the Royal Flesh, didn’t it. Let’s try going there again after I evolve.



I am still at level 6, so they are of equal level to me or higher. Let’s beat up everything that I come upon. My stats decreased due to death penalty, but with this race, it might as well be within margin of error.


Beating enemies is really simple.

I move away from the path of a Zombie that is coming this way.

The Zombie passes by me.

That moment, I swing my arms at full strength at the back of Zombie’s head.

And then, the Zombie falls on his face, so I can get on top of him and shower him with blows.

That is all, a perfect victory against Zombies.


Damage from hitting the back of the head, damage from falling on his head, all that’s left is to beat him to death. It appears that Zombie-chan’s AI is not good enough to do anything about this tactic. It looks like they have «Physical Resistance», but not the «Physical Immunity»… All that is left is to beat them enough to overcome their «Automatic HP Recovery». I mean, I have no MP so I can't use magic. Beating them is all I can do.

By the way, with this method I can also kill the second floor’s High Zombies. However, it takes time so it’s steadier to hunt on the first floor until I reach level 10.


Now, let’s kill.


〈«Surprise Attack» was unlocked due to your actions so far.〉



〈Your Race Level has increased.〉

〈Your Race Level has reached 10. Evolution is possible.〉



...Yeah, it was work if anything.

But it was far better for my mental health. That sword was just too harsh. As I fought I unlocked «Surprise Attack», but let’s ignore it for now.

The time is...hmmm...let’s evolve and eat dinner.


Umm, to evolve… ohh, it must be this strongly self-asserting thing. It’s sparkling in the corner of my sight.


〈Select your evolution target.〉

High Zombie
Corpse Princess (Ex Race)


By the way, I have a good guess what an Extra Race might be, but what exactly is it?


Help...Extra Race… Oh, it was properly added to the help menu.



※Extra Races are:

Either a very peculiar species or a sudden mutation, and they are often called Unique Monsters.

In order to become one, it is necessary to fulfill requirements such as having the required stat values or possess some specific Skills.

There are races which require a key item, and there are cases where the item disappears after being used once.

The first person to become one of such race, will receive slightly different powers. And above all, there are races of which only one person can become.

Among them, there are races that the management created when they got carried away, so we hope they amuse you.


I see…

〈Princess’ Mummy〉crumbled and disappeared, so it must be the pattern where the key item can no longer be acquired.

Certainly, it would be hard to appreciate it if there was royalty all over? It was not weird that royalty had to leave their blood behind… but well, let’s ignore the small details.


This choice might as well not exist. Of course I am taking the Extra Race.

But, I guess I could check their information first?



High Zombie:
A Zombie’s evolved form.
Strength and Endurance will increase even further, but everything else will remain the same.


Corpse Princess:
An evolved form of a Zombie who absorbed Royal Flesh.
While it is categorized as High Immortal, at this point, it is still just a rotten corpse.



High Zombie is simply a strengthened Zombie-type… just as expected.

Princess is called High Immortal, but the last part cools down my expectations… “At this point” meant “do your best and evolve” does it not?

Yeah, there is no choice after all.



〈Extra Race - Corpse Princess has been selected. During evolution you will be unable to move for a while. Do you start the evolution?〉



Ah, please wait. I will get into my bed.

I return to my respawn point and once again start evolution.


〈Commencing Evolution to Extra Race - Corpse Princess.〉


My character’s field of vision closed by itself and everything turns black.

In the pitch black, the only thing I see is the game’s UI. There, flowed the game’s log.


〈Royal Flesh you have absorbed rebuilds your body.〉

〈Evolving from Low Immortal: Zombie to High Immortal: Corpse Princess……〉


My body is being rebuilt? Am I being encroached by it? Is this really okay?


〈Modifying Monster Skills……〉


Changing «Low Immortal» to «High Immortal».


〈Adding Monster Skills……〉


«Physical Immunity»… Acquired.

«Aura of Darkness»… Acquired.

«Immortal Royalty»… Acquired.


〈………Evolution complete.〉

〈Your Race Level is too low and you cannot exert your full power. Part of it is restricted.〉


Looks like evolution is complete, but my «Decomposing Corpse» is there without change. I am really dead in more than one way.

In any case, let’s check my Skills. I did not get to rebuild, so it must mean my stats did not change too much?

As for “Some of it is restricted” , I guess turning into a High Immortal all at once is too much, so it’s a restriction for the sake of game balance. Which is why I am not bothered by it.


Umm, what changed is...



«Low Immortal»
Receives Continuous Damage when exposed to sunlight. Decreases in shadow.
Light, Holy Damage Taken: Received Light, Holy Element damage: ×4.
Bonus to All Stats When Exposed to Moonlight: Small
Dark Element Enhancement: Small
Dark Element Resistance: Small
Critical Hit Resistance: Small
Automatic HP Recovery-type Skill Effectiveness Increase: Small
Nullifies Body and Mind-type Status Ailments.
No food or sleep required.


«High Immortal»
Receives Continuous Damage when exposed to the sun. Decreases in shadow.
Received Light, Holy Element damage: x4.
Bonus to All Stats When Exposed to Moonlight: Large
Purification Resistance: Medium
Dark Element Enhancement: Large
Dark Element Resistance: Large
Critical Hit Resistance: Large
Automatic HP Recovery-type Skill Effectiveness Increase: Large
Nullifies to Body and Mind-type Status Ailments.
No food or sleep required.



Umm… ”Purification Resistance: Medium” was added. As for others, everything changed from Small to Large. There are no other changes.

Most likely these bonuses are being restricted. I can’t see that, however.


Purification Resistance.
Resistance against the special anti-Undead effects lowering their stats and automatic HP recovery.


Yup, this is useful.

As for other new Skills...


«Physical Immunity»
If level of enemy’s physical attack Skill is equal to half of this Skill’s or lower, the incoming physical attack will deal no damage.


Umm... so if immunity is Lv10, then if enemy's physical attack Skill is Lv5 or lower, all of their attacks are nullified… I guess?

But if they are above half, I receive the damage as per normal, so this and resistance are different things. In other words, I now have more Skills that allow me to ignore enemies below my class.


«Immortal Royalty»
Immortals in the party receive a bonus to stats based on the Skill level.
The damage received from Immortal enemies is decreased based on the Skill level.

«Aura of Darkness»
Applies Status Ailments: Poison, Curse, Weakness.
The probability of Status Ailment application increases with Skill level: Poison, Curse, Weakness.
Every 10 levels the Intensity of Status Ailment increases: Current - 1, Maximum - 6



I have nothing to say about «Immortal Royalty». The description says it all.

«Aura of Darkness»… it must be the black haze effect that has been coming out of my body since earlier.


Uhh, help… Status Ailments...



※About Status Ailments:

In general, they are categorized into Body, Mind and Other types.

Any abnormal state displayed on characters and enemies is a Status Ailment, and there are a multitude of them existing.

Among them, there are ones that cannot be relieved with a recovery items, so be careful.


※About Status Ailment Intensity:

Status Ailments have Intensity… which is strength.

It is displayed together as Status Ailment (number) 

Status Ailments’ Intensity is normally limited to 5.

The Intensity increases when the same Status Ailment is applied again.

When you receive multiple attacks from an enemy that has Poison (1), the poison in your body accumulates and grows more intense eventually becoming Poison (2).

The effect of increased Intensity differs depending on each Status Ailment, but for Poison, the poison damage increases. For Stun, the possibility of being stunned increases.

Increasing Intensity is extremely dangerous. It’s best to cure it as soon as possible.



I see.

In other words, as my «Darkness Aura»’s level increases, the probability of Status Ailment being applied increases, and the applied Status Ailments will be of higher Intensity. Moreover, the limit is 6, meaning it’s special.

It is a Monster Skill so I don’t know whether it can be taken by mid-tiers, but high-tiers definitely have this Skill, right? Feels like it will be a real pain once it starts appearing in the latter half of the game. I’m an Undead, so it does not concern me, however.

What is nasty about this, is probably the fact that it can apply Poison, Curse and Weakness all at once, yeah? Seems that way, since there is no way for me to choose which one to use, so… This Skill will cause hell.


All right, checked everything. Let’s have dinner.



It will take a little longer until I can go outside? I tell my little sister and log in.

I got quite addicted to the game. It’s an MMO, but I have yet to meet anyone!

I am true resident of the Catacombs.


Now, let’s raise my level. The goal is: remove «Decomposing Body»… No, really. I want to leave these catacombs soon. It has been a week since the game service started, and yet I am still living in the Catacombs...


I head straight down to the second floor and start to beat up High Zombies with the same method as Zombies...but…? This is terrific. This princess must be a fighting princess. My punches are strong, and quite a bit faster.

Let’s go, one after another… is what I thought, but I’m forgetting about the sword. I evolved, let’s go check on it.

It is a trial for unlocking the Extra Race, right? The whole “pass by the sword” thing. I’m curious what will happen now that I evolved into royalty.

And so, first let’s head to the hidden room on the third floor.


Push the button, intrude on the hidden room.

Let’s challenge this!




Ah, this won’t work, won’t it?




The familiar ceiling...

...Alright, let’s go hunt High Zombies. Sword? I’ll think about it once «Decomposing Body» is gone.

Speaking of which, I turned level 10, so there is a possibility of losing limbs now. I can no longer die carelessly anymore, huh. No, it’s not like I died because I wanted to.



A heavy blow on a High Zombie’s head as he tried to pass by me. Once he falls over, I crawl on top of him and start beating him up.

This is work of a scumbag. But I won’t stop.

I mean, all things considered, they are Lv15~19 enemies, you know? They are at least 5 levels higher than me, and 9 at most. If I can beat such enemies without taking damage, of course I will do it, right?


By the way, I feel pretty much no difference aside from increase in damage I deal.

«Immortal Royalty» is meaningless without a party.

«Aura of Darkness» has no meaning against the undead.


Well, I can now beat High Zombies quite a bit faster, so I'm not complaining.



Get on top.

Beat the shit out of them.


This loop gives me a sweet amount of exp. Also, it seems like it’s just the «Fist» Skill that grows. I am not doing any serious combat, so other Skills don’t level up at all. But doing normal combat is not a choice. Was that sword the reason behind my «Physical Resistance» growing?


Still, is their appearance the reason why a hunting ground as good as this, is so unpopular? At the very least, looking at the enemies in catacombs, the evolution route is almost certainly Zombie→High Zombie→Living Dead… Up to that point there are no dreams to dream for Zombies. They spoil everything right at the starting point.

And where is MY race heading toward…?


While thinking so, I chased after High Zombies, but bedtime came before I could evolve.

I go to the toilet, do my stretches and go to bed.


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