06 Evolution and Equipment

“Onee-chan, how’s it?”

“I will be able to evolve soon, probably?”

“OHHH! What Lv are you?”

“19 now.”

"...Eh, that’s too fast. As expected of a Zombie… I’m curious how your experience table looks like...”

“The first floor monsters are 6~9. Second, 15~19. Third’s are 27~29 so the experience is sweet.”

“So there are such high levels there. Certainly, fighting against much higher levels gives a sweet exp bonus, but...”

“I’m beating them without taking any damage, you know.”

“Eh, no damage?”

“I have a pattern already.”

“Mobs are inactive against the same race, and since they don’t flock to you, you can reliably beat them one by one, ehh? And they are all higher level… that certainly sounds sweet...”

“I don’t know if I will be able to evolve at 20, pray that «Decomposing Body» is removed.”

“Speaking of which, Onee-chan, you’ve been living in Catacombs for a week now...”

“It’s about time I go out… I got bored of looking at them.”

“Looking at your level alone you are among top players, Onee-chan.”

“The only Skill that grows for me is «Fist». Or rather, that’s the only thing a Zombie can properly use...”

“Well, that is one of the reasons they are unpopular...”

“Let’s hope for evolution at 20...”


There, Mom joined our conversation.


“It’s all right to play game, but isn’t it about time for tests term?”

“Nnn… well, I should...be fine...”


Akina’s answer seemed kind of evasive. With that said, it’s not like she was bad at studying... she was just displaying a strong rejection against the word “tests”.


“And you, Kotone?”

“No problems here.”

“I see. Well, all things considered, there is nothing to worry about. Even Akina who does nothing but play games, have somewhat high scores?”

“Akina takes classes seriously… so that “studying” doesn’t get in her way at home.”

“Regardless of motives, as long as you study properly I have nothing to say.”

“Can’t summer break come faster…?”



I come home from school and I log in right away.

Now then, High Zombie becomes a Living Dead at level 20 so I expected an evolution on level 20, but isn’t there a high possibility this Extra Race does not evolve at 20?

Well, I will know once I level up.


I’m coming to meet you now… Mr. High Zombie.


And after about an hour of beating them up.


〈Your Race Level has increased.〉

〈Your Race Level has reached 20. Evolution is possible.〉


Once again, the strongly self-asserting evolution icon appeared in the corner of my field of vision.


〈Select your evolution target.〉
Immortal Princess


Oh, I'm growing out of being a corpse?



Immortal Princess
A member of high clan even among Immortals.
The one who will one day day rule all Immortals... possibly.
As a royal, you excel at Intelligence and Spirit, and also have fairly high Dexterity.
As an Immortal you have high Vitality, but your Strength and Agility are very low.




But it says nothing about corpses or rotting. And looks like my stats will skyrocket? I can expect great things from this. Let’s hurry to my bed at the respawn point and evolve.


Okay, commence!



〈Evolving from Corpse Princess to Immortal Princess…………〉

〈Altering Monster Skills…………〉


 «Decomposing Body»… Expunged.

 «High Immortal»… Magic Sight Added.


〈Adding Monster Skills…………〉


 «Magic Resistance»… Acquired.

 «Royal Authority»… Acquired.


〈…………Evolution complete.〉

〈Your stats have been drastically changed with this evolution, you are capable of rebuilding.〉

〈Your Race Level is too low and you cannot exert your full power. Part of it is restricted.〉



«Decomposed Body» is gone, and I got a rebuild!

I also got «Magic Resistance», a magic version of «Physical Resistance».


«Magic Resistance»
Magical Damage taken is decreased by an amount based on the Skill level.

«Royal Authority»
When a leader, group members have all stats increased.
The increase rate changes based on the Skill level and the party's scale.


As a princess I get a lot of leadership-type(?) Skills. It feels like this one would be trash unless I raise its level, and unlike «Immortal Royalty», it does not seem like it will go up unless I play in a party.

«Immortal Royalty» seems to be increasing when I beat Undead. I guess it’s because I show my strength ~ kind of thing? I don’t know what is this about the party scale, and let’s not delve deep into it.


 «Decomposing Body» has disappeared, so my sight turned clear. Or rather, it turned back to normal, I should say? Aww, it sure was horrible up until now. It was like looking at things through a dirty, cracked glass.


And the “Magic Sight" that was added to the «High Immortal» is...


Magic Sight.
A type of magic eye that visualizes Magic Power.
It splits elements by colors, the more dense color is the higher the amount and density of Magic Power is, the lower the Magic Power is, the weaker is the color.


I see, magic eyes. I feel fantasy from this.



When I raised my body, a strange sensation assaulted me.

And the identity of this sensation was…! My hair and breasts have recovered. Welcome back… Yup, my body is that of a normal human. Maybe except for the «Aura of Darkness’» haze.

«Aura of Darkness» can be turned on and off, so if I turned it off, won’t I look like a human at first glance?


I’m happy that my body turned into that of a human, but there is one thing I’m not happy about. The equipment. Equipment that I was not bothered with before.

My initial equipment is this.


[Equipment - Armor] A Simple Rag Rarity: No Quality: F Durability: ―
A remnant of what used to be clothes. It’s really dirty and it’s better to throw it away.

[Equipment - Armor] Worn-Out Shoes Rarity: No Quality: F Durability: ―
A remnant of what used to be shoes. It’s really dirty and it’s better to throw it away.


Due to my breasts being revived, the feelings of shame have become stronger. Up until now there were bigger problems than shame, but THIS is going too far...

If I went to the town like this, I might get banned.


As far as I can see in the equipment window, it looks like I have become the character I made in the character creator. So it was not in vain...

However, it seems like my skin is paler due to race adjustment. Is it because I’m Undead? It’s a game so veins are not visible even when I am pale like this, so it’s all fine.


When I turned my eyes to the surroundings, I saw a slight black haze coming out of Zombies. Is this the effect of Magic Sight? Are they black because they are of Dark element?

It’s completely different from my «Aura of Darkness»’s haze, there is no way for me to mistake them. When I turn off Magic Sight it disappears, so it is beyond doubt.



Now, for the rebuild… before I do it, let’s have revenge on that sword. My build will change depending on whether I get it or not.

Zombies aren’t attacking me, same as always, so I head for the third floor.

I have a proper body, so it’s really easy for me to walk. I can see and hear properly. Looks like my five senses have returned to normal. I am walking about twice faster than before. The description said that this race has low Agility… Zombie, just how slow are you?


In a bouncy mood I arrived at the third floor’s dead end and immediately entered the hidden door.

Now, what will happen...




Oh, not good?


Is what I thought, but the sword turned its handle toward me and approached slowly. Now, what was the requirement for this? For the time being, I tried holding the sword that flew to me; my body’s control was not taken away from me.

...The sword, however, was clad in light and disappeared?


...For now, the obstacle that was the sword is gone, so I can check the tombstone that I was curious about.

From the looks of it, it is in horrible state and does not seem like I can read the text on it. It deteriorated this much despite being underground... just how long has passed?

There is a possibility the management was not bothered to make a setting… nah. Ah, but I can't completely deny the possibility? If this race is a result of them getting carried away, then it is possible...

Well, I am not interested in what I can’t read. There is something I am more interested in.


On the tombstone there were things lined up, they looked almost like an offering.

It was a set of equipment. It clearly was not something that should be left lying around this early in the game… Is this the reason there were no hints at all? Is there a hint for this somewhere outside?


Anyway, let’s take it.


〈Extra Equipment acquired. Select the equipment you will use.〉

〈Equipment stats basically the same. Some effects can change depending on equipment you match it with.〉


Umm… the possible choices are...


One-Handed Sword, Two-Handed Sword
One-Handed Spear, Two-Handed Spear
One-Handed Axe, Two-Handed Axe
One-Handed Hammer, Two-Handed Hammer
Tantō, Katana, Tachi
Dagger, Slender Sword
Short Bow, Long Bow
Wand, Staff


And so on… there were numerous options.

As for the choice of armor...


Faded Dress of Protection
Faded Armor of Protection


There were just these two choices.

When you choose the torso equipment, other equipment matches that type. I am glad there is a preview.


The plate armor looks just as the name suggests it, hard and knightly!

The dress looks truly… like a dress? But this dress, it’s glossy so it’s not made with fabric, is it? It appears to have a metallic luster to it...


The chest is boldly opened in semi-circular shape and is only supported from below.

This dress emphasizes breasts and fits the torso tightly to show the body line. It is a dress that tries to show off all aspects of femininity.

Long gloves were laced, and on the middle finger there was a ring… gloves enveloped the arm from the hand’s palm to biceps.

There was a one-piece long skirt. However, it was shorter in the front and longer in the back. It’s the type often seen in anime, isn’t it? It isn’t a wide, expanding type, so it must be prioritizing ease of movements.

For legs there were long boots that nearly reached the knees.

A fairly extravagant crown, or rather, a circlet was included. It also had an additional effect that worked like a hair clip and held wearer’s bangs up. I see...

A necklace on the chest, was of course, very extravagant.

There were the three bangles on each arm.


If I am to choose between a full plate armor and a dress, I will choose the dress, you know? Rather, isn’t this full plate armor for a man…? In other words, in case the player is a prince? If I can select it, then, can a prince pick this dress…? Well, let’s end this topic.

I have no problems with it except for the chest part. And if I am to choose, I prefer the cuter one. Also, I am worried about weight of the full plate armor’s  - and above all, a full-face helmet is a little...


This menu will not accept any other controls until I select equipment huh? Looks like they have their guard up. And therefore, doing a rebuild and using «Identification» on them all first… was not allowed...

Now, what should I do about the weapon…? I can choose from pretty much every weapon type, but this will decide the weapon I use from now on.

Hmmm… should I decide based on appearance? I mean, I have never held a weapon before, so it is the case of getting used to what I pick.


I have low Strength so I would prefer to avoid using a close combat weapon, but these weapons are all magic weapons, aren’t they. In other words, their attack damage seems to be based on Intelligence stat.

……...Alright, let’s take a slender sword. Its compatibility with the dress shouldn’t be too bad.


〈You selected a set of Dress and a Slender Sword. Are you certain?〉


I am certain.


〈You acquire Slender Sword and Dress Extra Equipment.〉



[Equipment - Weapon] Faded Rapier of Protection Rarity: Ex Quality: S+ Durability: ─
A magical rapier that has changed its appearance for the sake of its new owner.
Its thin blade has a sharp point, and has extremely high stabbing and cutting attack power.
It feels light to its owner, but it weights just as much as its appearance suggests.
It changes its abilities depending on its owner’s combat style, it is a weapon that fulfills the wishes of its owner.
Although its color has faded, it is made from a mysterious metallic material, and is clad in a mystical atmosphere.
It deals Physical Damage based on Strength and Spirit, and Magical Damage based on Intelligence.
It functions as Magic Catalyst.
【Libertà】: Consumes an Orb and grants bonus damage to next attack.
【Spiral Magi-Amp Lv1】: When you pour Magic Power into it, the rapier is clad in a spiral that amplifies damage.


[Equipment - Weapon] Faded Ring of Protection Rarity: Ex Quality: S+ Durability: ─
A magic ring’s base that has changed its appearance for its new owner.
It was created with a mysterious metallic material and and is clad in a mystical atmosphere.
Gathers the owner’s excess Magic Power and generates Orbs.


[Equipment - Armor] Faded Tiara of Protection Rarity: Ex Quality: S+ Durability: ─
A magical tiara that was with the princess until the very end.
It was made with mysterious metallic material and gems, and is clad in a mystical atmosphere.
It makes the wearer’s thoughts clearer.


[Equipment - Armor] Faded Dress of Protection Rarity: Ex Quality: S+ Durability: ─
A magical dress armor that was with the princess until the very end.
It’s sewn with a mysterious metallic material, and is clad in a mystical atmosphere.
It recovers the wearer’s stamina.


[Equipment - Armor] Faded Gloves of Protection Rarity: Ex Quality: S+ Durability: ─
Magical long gloves which were with the princess until the very end.
They have a mysterious metallic material sewn together with fabric, and are clad in a mystical atmosphere.
They make the wearer’s movements lighter.


[Equipment - Armor] Faded Boots of Protection Rarity: Ex Quality: S+ Durability: ─
Boots with magic woven into them, which were with the princess until the very end.
They have a mysterious metallic material sewn into them, and are clad in a mystical atmosphere.
They support wearer’s walking.


[Equipment - Storage] Faded Belt pouch of Protection Rarity: Ex Quality: S+ Durability: ─
A magical belt pouch that was with the princess until the very end.
The sword belt and the waist pouch are one set.
Made with a mysterious metallic material, it is clad in a mystical atmosphere.


[Equipment - Accessory] Faded Necklace of Protection Rarity: Ex Quality: S+ Durability: ─
A magical necklace that was with the princess until the very end.
It was made with a mysterious metallic material and jewels, and is clad in a mystical atmosphere.
Makes the wearer tire slower.


[Equipment - Accessory] Faded Earrings of Protection Rarity: Ex Quality: S+ Durability: ─
A pair of magical earrings which were with the princess until the very end.
They are made with a mysterious metallic material and jewels, and are clad in a mystical atmosphere.
Increases the wearer’s concentration.


[Equipment - Accessory] Faded Bangles of Protection Rarity: Ex Quality: S+ Durability: ─
Magical bangles that were with the princess until the very end.
They are made with a mysterious metallic material and jewels, and are clad in a mystical atmosphere.
They protect the wearer from ill will.


[Equipment - Accessory] Faded Underwear Set of Protection Rarity: Ex Quality: S+ Durability: ―
A set of underwear that was together with the princess until the very end.



It’s a “Faded Protection” series? And it comes with underwear, too. Let’s equip it right away. It would be hard to change into this normally, so I will use the system.

...Used equipment is one thing, but underwear… well, it is a game.


Oh, right. I should check this once.

Help… Extra Equipment...



※About Item Rarity:

Item rarity is displayed as noted below.

No for Normal, Ra for Rare, Ep for Epic, Le for Legendary, Go for Godly, Ex for Extra.

No: Standard equipment. Ra: You’ll find some if you look for them. Ep: You’ll find one after searching for a long time. Le: A first-class item made out of finest materials.

Go, are so-called sacred treasures made by gods. They have a fixed owner and cannot be stolen or destroyed. They possess an outstanding power, but are extremely rare.

Ex ranges from joke equipment to very serious one. It can be either be the result of the management going too far, or just screwing around. Rewards for official events also belong to this category. Just like Go, they cannot be stolen or destroyed.

In general, the effectiveness of equipment goes in order of Go > Ex > Le > Ep > Ra > No. EX have a very wide range and in some cases they might have the same effectiveness as Go… maybe.



So, just how strong is this equipment?

Well, let’s put that aside. I think this was the result of someone overdoing it, mixed with some pickiness and fixation. In other words, it is the “hobby” of someone among the management, isn’t it? This equipment is extremely well-refined, after all.

My «Identification» level is low, so I can’t tell the details of this equipment. That is the price for living in catacombs - there is nothing to identify...


I am kind of worried a slip-out accident will happen, but this is a game a game so it should be all right. Wait… it’s g-string. Oh, there are socks too, or rather - over-knee-socks.

Well, these are strong so I have no intention of taking them off. I have nothing to change into either.

This dress is heavier than it looks. Description says that it was made with a mysterious metallic material, so I guess it must be made with a fantastical metallic thread material. No wonder it has a metallic luster.

What kind of armor Skill type is this classified under…?  «Armor» diversifies into  «Cloth»  «Light Armor» and «Heavy Armor» ...And this is? I might need to raise my «Identification» level first.


The belt matched the design of the dress and was equipped with a pouch, I moved the pouch to the left side of my waist and slid it slightly to the back.

Let’s hang the rapier from the sword belt in front of the pouch on the left side. This way I will be able to hold the rapier with my right hand and manipulate the pouch with my left.

There is a knuckle guard on the rapier. But, this is a one-handed sword, isn’t it...


The color of everything is white and black… or rather, both colors were closer to being gray...


Now, let’s finally get to do the rebuild whose icon has been self-asserting itself fiercely in the corner of my sight.

Umm… the rules for rebuilding are...


  1. Select Skills from Initial Skills tab.
  2. The Skill you want will receive combined levels of the Skills rebuilt.
  3. Rebuild is complete.


Combined Skill Points before rebuild: 58


Hmm… let’s take it then. I now roughly understand the direction this race is going in.

First I need «Sword» since it branches into «Rapier».

Next I need «Armor». I don’t know what category of outfit it is categorized as, but it’s better to have it.

Not to forget about «Identification» and «Discern» which shows detailed information about enemies.

Also, I want to try touching on some crafting.

Nnn… stat adjustment-wise, let’s take «Cooking» and «Alchemy». One fantasy crafting Skill, and one that I do in real as well. I myself have no need to eat, though.

Oh, but taking crafting Skills from Initial Skills might be a waste? They apparently are unlocked when you acquire crafting Skill kits. Let’s take it later. Therefore, something else...


Six slots left...

Magic… oh, there is color on my MP gauge. So I am now able to use magic! Certainly, it was written that I have high INT and SPI. In which case… «Dark Magic», I guess?

Wait, no. I can take «Dark Magic» from Monster Skills, so let’s do so. A different one then… how about I take «Light Magic»? A combination of light and dark LOOKS the strongest… In any case, it looks like «Light Magic» - which is also my weakness - is among my Initial Skills.


What's left is… I see. My Agility is low so I can’t really dodge attacks, can I? Fortunately, this weapon cannot break so let’s take «Defense» and «Parry».


So, three more left.

For one, how about «Uncover»? I will be able to see hidden things and it seems to show enemy's weakness in a different color, so it would be good to have for my rapier.

Also «Sensing». I want to avoid being attacked by surprise, and I don’t know what kind of requirement it has to unlock afterwards.

One more left… how about «Footwork»? It grants a positive adjustment to footwork, so it can only be of help.


Every time I took a Skill, my Skills points decreased by 1… Well, looks like 1 of Lv1 of the Skill counted as well, so I guess it’s reasonable. 

I have 39 points left, all that’s left is to distribute points. 

Let’s split them between the ones that are hard to level up. «Discern» doesn’t have a Skill level, which helps.


I put 19 points into «Identification» which, based on BBS discussions I read, did not go up too well. I have 20 remaining.

Let’s split them between «Sensing», «Uncover», «Physical Resistance», «Physical Immunity» and «Magic Resistance», 4 each. I can’t take «Dark Magic» until after the rebuild, it won’t be count as a Monster Skill if I do.


And so the final status with the rebuild complete has turned out like this.



Name: Anastasia
Race:  Immortal Princess Woman Lv1 
Element: Dark
Genus: High Immortal
Family: Royal Zombie
Skill Points: 22


«Sword Lv1» «Defense Lv1» «Parry Lv1» «Armor Lv1»
«Light Magic Lv1» «Magic Ability Lv1»
 «Sensing Lv5» «Uncover Lv5» «Footwork Lv1»
 «Identification Lv20» «Discern»


Monster Skills:
 «Dark Magic Lv1» «Aura of Darkness Lv1»
 «Physical Resistance Lv5» «Physical Immunity Lv5» «Magic Resistance Lv5» «Automatic HP Recovery Lv1»
 «Immortal Royalty Lv1» «Royal Authority Lv1» «High Immortal»



Yup, this looks good.

«Magic Ability» appeared when I learned magic.

Apparently you learn it automatically after taking a single magic Skill. From the looks of【Burn】and【Water】that I can use, it’s a convenience Skill?


〈Specific requirements were fulfilled,  an Art has been modified. Changed:【Step】〉


Oh my?【Step】... that should be «Footwork»’s art. Umm… it became【Princess Step】 but… what is different between them is a mystery.

The specific requirement must be the race. I mean, it has “princess” added to it.

【Step】is the thing you often see in games, the skill that let's you move to another place. There is no invulnerability time granted by it which is a shame, but my main objective is the «Footwork»’s movement adjustment bonus itself, so I don't mind it.



Now then, what we are all most curious about is the equipment, right? Let’s see the power of «Identification Lv20».

The description doesn’t change so...



[Equipment - Weapon] Faded Rapier of Protection Rarity: Ex Quality: S+ Durability: ─
«Identification Lv10»
ATK: △ MATK: △
DEF: △ MDEF: △
Attack Type: Thrust, Slash
Applicable Skills: «Rapier» «Magic Ability»

«Identification Lv20»
When «Magic Ability» is available, it is possible to pour magic power into the weapon to amplify attack power.
Critical Strike Chance Bonus: Tiny
Critical Strike Damage Bonus: Tiny
Magical Attack Power Increase: Tiny
Channeling Speed Increase : Tiny


[Equipment - Weapon] Faded Ring of Protection Rarity: Ex Quality: S+ Durability: ─

«Identification Lv10»
DEF: △ MDEF: △

«Identification Lv20»
When it occupies an additional accessory slot, it enters state of Meditation in its wearer’s place.
It has an effect of continuously using Meditation and ignores its negative effects.


[Equipment - Armor] Faded Tiara of Protection Rarity: Ex Quality: S+ Durability: ─

«Identification Lv10»
DEF: △ MDEF: △
Applicable Skills:  «Light Armor»

«Identification Lv20»
Channeling Speed Increase: Tiny


[Equipment - Armor] Faded Dress of Protection Rarity: Ex Quality: S+ Durability: ─

«Identification Lv10»
DEF: △ MDEF: △
Applicable Skill:  «Light Armor»

«Identification Lv20»
HP Recovery Amount Increase: Tiny
MP Recovery Amount Increase: Tiny


[Equipment - Armor] Faded Gloves of Protection Rarity: Ex Quality: S+ Durability: ─

«Identification Lv10»
DEF: △ MDEF: △
Applicable Skill:  «Light Armor»
«Identification Lv20»
Dexterity Increase: Tiny


[Equipment - Armor] Faded Boots of Protection Rarity: Ex Quality: S+ Durability: ─
«Identification Lv10»
DEF: △ MDEF: △
Applicable Skill:  «Light Armor»
«Identification Lv20»
«Marching»: Tiny


[Equipment - Storage] Faded Belt Pouch of Protection Rarity: Ex Quality: S+ Durability: ─

«Identification Lv10»
DEF: △ MDEF: △
«Identification Lv20»
Storage Expansion: Tiny


[Equipment - Accessory] Faded Necklace of Protection Rarity: Ex Quality: S+ Durability: ─

«Identification Lv10»
DEF: △ MDEF: △
«Identification Lv20»
Vitality Increase: Tiny


[Equipment - Accessory] Faded Earrings of Protection Rarity: Ex Quality: S+ Durability: ─

«Identification Lv10»
DEF: △ MDEF: △
«Identification Lv20»
Intelligence Increase: Tiny


[Equipment - Accessory] Faded Bangles of Protection Rarity: Ex Quality: S+ Durability: ─

«Identification Lv10»
DEF: △ MDEF: △
«Identification Lv20»
Spirit Increase: Tiny


Set effects:

  1. Automatic Recovery: Tiny
  2. Reduced Damage Taken: Tiny
  3. Reaction Speed Enhancement: Tiny
  4. Skill Enhancement: «Aura of Darkness»



This set equipment is stronger than expected, isn’t it? And just as expected, it only shows whether something increases △ or decreases ▽ and does not show detailed numbers...

Also, this equipment counts as «Light Armor». Seems that my Skill’s evolution target is decided.

By the way, the underwear set is purely appearance equipment. It has no effect.

I don’t know how long will I be in this set’s care, but I would be happy save money thanks to not having to pay for equipment upgrades, so please do your best.


Also, I am interested about this set effect - “Reaction Speed Enhancement: Tiny”, it seems to be similar to AGI increase. But it’s different to be precise.


«Reaction Speed Enhancement»
Your body reacts better.
While Agility increases all types of speed, this increases only the reaction speed.
It is only effective when you are passive, for example when avoiding things that are flying at you.
In exchange, it has a very high effect in this regard.


And so, it is an effect royalty would definitely treasure.

Next, the «Marching» Skill that I got in my legs now.


Your actions are not obstructed in places with bad footing.


This is a fairly good thing.

These set effects are mostly defensive. The only exception is «Aura of Darkness» enhancement.


But when I look at all of the equipment’s additional effects, I see that none of them touch on STR and AGI. These are the areas I have racially low, and it does feel like I am being told to “give up”.

...I can’t ask for too much, I guess. More importantly, I am curious about the weapon’s effect.


Also the ring that is being treated as a weapon. This ring, it uses the same slot as a shield. It is currently on the middle finger of my hand, and while it has a clasp, it does not have a gem mounted on it. Instead, inside there’s a bead-sized whirl of dark light.

This must be the process of gathering excess Magic Power to create an orb, or rather, a graphical effect for it. In other words, this dim light is Magic Power… the MP that is automatically recovered flows into this.

By the way, it is impossible to see it without Magic Sight, so I should be correct. The reason it’s dark is because I myself am of the Dark element... most likely.


The orb created by the ring is passed onto the weapon and when necessary, it is possible to use【Libertà】 which consumes one orb to get a damage bonus for the next attack.

And so, this weapon and ring are a set in a way.


When I directed my consciousness to pouring magic power into the weapon itself, a dark light started swirling around it. This must be the graphical display of Magic Power flowing into the weapon and amplifying it. This should be the【Spiral Magi-Amp】ability. And since it displays a level, the effect must increase as it level-ups.

In other words, at first, the damage increase from MP poured in will probably be poor...


【Libertà】consumes orbs and does not have a level, so it should work as a secret special attack when it counts.

【Spiral Magi-Amp】is the opposite and should be used at all times. It does have a level, and it can be used as long as I have MP left.

The problem is that if I use MP, Orb generation will slow down. But since they are an item that stacks in inventory we can hope that enough of them are made when I am not in combat. The sword itself also seems to be capable of storing several orbs.


Next, I have plenty of open accessory slots, so let’s use one right away.


〈You do not possess【Meditation】, the additional effect is disabled.〉


Oh… yes.

Umm…… looks like it’s learned when «Magic Ability» reaches level 15.

It has an effect of increasing MP Recovery Speed, so unless you possess a Magic Catalyst, you apparently cannot move while using it.

It says that it ignores negative effects, which means… that I will be able to move normally? Looks like it is a great item worth spending two slots, the left hand slot and accessory one.



All right, let’s end this catacomb life.

Onward, to the surface!


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