A little special double release? Bring me to laifu!

OSO_v09_123So, I've been busy and still am busy, but I've been translating stuff in free moments - one, two hours a day. So yeah, the release schedule is shit, but progressing.

To start with OSO and the fluffy stuff - like always, lots of cute and fun. As usual humanity learns a lot by observing wild creatures... in this case it's a wild... well, a wild elfu.

So the chapter link for OSO vol 9 chapter 3.


And also the second of the double release, leading us to...

The second and more important part of the post. Yeah. As you might have noticed since it's come back to the menu bar... Antimagic is back, yes. So, why is it back when I took it down over a half a year ago? Well, that's fairly simple considering I said I will be looking out towards what's happening and consider bringing it back in the future.

Situation has changed a lot since then. Anime was shit, the second manga serialization was axed... this time even earlier - at volume 2. There was no license announcement and it seems highly unlikely there will be one considering how other mediums from the franchise have fared. The novel's main story ends with the next volume that comes out in less than two weeks.

Considering all those points I've been slowly working on it for a while now (but you already know that, as if I hadn't made it obvious enough), but I decided to wait with real bringing it back to the blog until anime-expo ends (yen press licenses and stuff, y'know), and there was nothing.

It's a big shame the guy who ninja translated it wasn't a prince on white horse or a good fairy, huh? Well, you can always buy me a white horse and I'll play the prince, but I can't become a good fairy. I think I can't, that is.

In any case, antimagic is back. I will continue translating it, but I will take it down if it gets licensed or I get a direct dmca.

PS: Oh right, I've nearly forgotten. volume 13 isn't the end of antimagic releases. There's still Another Mission 2 volume coming out next month (thanks melody for dropping the tip).

PS2: All volumes received a slight re-edit (mostly automatic) removing furigana and moving stuff into glossary under chapters. Also British English was changed into American English (feedback welcome). I hope I didn't break too much since part of the process was automatic.


32 thoughts on “A little special double release? Bring me to laifu!

  1. Evil Twin2146

    That new Kiseki header image is one of the creepiest god damn things I have ever seen.

  2. Pokeperson1000

    Surprisingly enough, despite the fact that I have an email subscription to this site, for some reason, I wasn't notified of this update ^_^'
    Oh well, at least i found this. Thank you for your hard work!

  3. God Ginrai

    Glad to see another OSO update. I look forward to this volume's completion. :)

  4. Ulli Ulli

    praise the SUN xD
    well, it sucks that the anime was pretty bad, but this surely is a devil in disguise
    now we can see the rest of this fantastical LN
    or rather, these of us who can't read japanese (or understand it)

    tyvm for this wonderful news^^

  5. Magikarp

    Damn, so there IS a god after all. Time to refresh my memory over what's happened already.

  6. tsukihi

    thank you so very much the first thing i read in the day was your post and it made my day
    thats as expected about the anime skipping far too much but i didnt know about the manga
    though im happy that the translation is back im also kinda sad that antimagic isnt having a great reception on other media and that they are not doing good adaptiations

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      My PC case is black, huge and clunky. It growls with numerous spinny things.

        1. krytykkrytyk Post author

          I do run on an SSD, but I also have 7tb worth of disk space on my hdds :3.

  7. Siegfried

    New chapter of OSO after waiting for months? Anti-Magic-Academy back? If I wouldn´t know any better I would say it is my birthday. Or is it that Armageddon is near and this is basically our last read? Anyway thank you very much for this delicious news.

  8. Frozen

    Hahaha, so you finally decided to put them here i see, lol.
    Those ninja updates were pretty fun tho xD
    (Idk if you did it intentionaly or not, but that prologue had a img link leading to your site xD)

    Welp, thanks for picking it up. Since there's no license announcement, It would've been a shame if these last volumes were left untranslated.

    1. Spidee

      Yea I noticed that link too. The date in the link was way after Krytyk dropped it on blog. So i was sure it was him who translated it. (Who else could upload picutres up to his site and traslate Antimagic? :P )

  9. Hokoga

    This is probably the most pleasant surprise I have had with in months, thank you so much for picking this back up! 😃 (I can finally finish my plate now)

  10. DefaultMelody

    I wouldn't have thought that you'd go again on Antimagic, but the recent problems concerning the anime gave me some hope. If anything, I'm glad that I gave you some news about the future releases.

    Godspeed Krytyk. To more Darkness.

  11. Sherrynity

    so the conclusion is,
    - Thank you, Krytyk! 😉

  12. Valkyrie Cain

    THANK YOU SO MUCH SO YOUR TRANSLATIONS! I love them and I'm really glad that Antimagic is back THANK YOU :')


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