A modest Christmas release

Santa_Mari Santa_UsagiHey everyone, been a while... maybe not so long, but usually I release more often.

This time, well, Christmas. I wish everyone the best, strong luck and all that, merry Christmas.

I don't have any big release to do, sorry if you hoped for more but I've got only one chapter to release, which I struggled to finish as I was very busy with the Christmas preparations, cooking, buying presents, et cetera et cetera. Another thing that hit me hard is the Antimagic volume 9 which I read and took a strong hit, as it usually is with this series :).

You can find the link to AA Volume 7 Chapter 4 here. Well, unfortunately that's the only thing I have. Yes, I know it's not a fitting fluffy release like Kadi's which can warm up your heart during Christmas, rather, the opposite...

That's why I prepared Santa-sans! Cute Santa-sans to heal your hearts!

You can just enjoy the Santa-sans and come back to read darkness after Christmas is over if you don't want to plague your holiday with darkness of the series. You have been WARNED.

Some details might be standing out on the images, but I haven't had time to spend on them, moreover the AA illustrations are more specific with their blur on edges making it hard to colour them and would require redrawing the lines which I didn't do.

Originally I planned to at least release one chapter of Omae wo with this release to lighten it up... but as I said, I was busy. I might still translate and release it... but I don't promise anything.



14 thoughts on “A modest Christmas release

  1. Sonoda YukiSonoda Yuki

    I still maintain that 「ヴァレンシュタイン」 should be "Wallenstein", the same way 「ヴァーグナー」 should be "Wagner", not "Vagner".

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Yeah, I'll change it later. I intended to do so earlier but... well, doing stuff.

      1. Sonoda YukiSonoda Yuki

        As an aside: I'm really looking forward to the DanMachi Anime as well as... What's AntiMagic Academy's nickname going to be? Taimado? Whatever, I'm looking forward to the anime for that too, whenever that is.

  2. forum

    Belated Merry Christmas Kry =D

    I had fun yesterday and here you're busy as ever giving presents. Seriously take a holiday =P

  3. victorrama

    Merry christmas Kry-sama. Wish you all the best. And God Bless U always. Nice Mari. Delicious Mari.

  4. Anonymous

    Dat Santas O.O
    Thanks Krytyk-sama. Christmas is now like my favourite holiday because look how many translation I got!
    And I was here sad because I thought all translator would take breaks to enjoy their families...


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