A Small Update From Krytyk

To put it short, a small update on the current status.

I'm gathering content for releasing right now, and there should be a mass release fest around around late April/May.

Let's just say that at this point I already have enough translations done to make it the biggest release I've ever made. The release will include remaining chapters of Kenja vol 3, Only Sense Online 11, and more.

With very high possibility, the release will be split into half a year or more of regular releases. So, that's that. I plan to get some more translations done before I move the release machine, so look forward to it.



56 thoughts on “A Small Update From Krytyk

  1. God Ginrai

    Glad to see you're still around. Also, you've got me very excited to see more OSO. :)

  2. dragon1412

    Thanks a lot, though be looking out for your health, The current coronavirus wave is far from over yet. Stay safeQ

  3. The_Enderwolf

    Question about releases related to OSO. Will there be more chapters of the silver muse released or just OSO?

  4. Notapotat

    Day XX, Month of April.

    I have waited for thousands of years(read: 2 weeks), but alas my time has come to meet my maker(bed). To anyone reading this message, I am telling you that Krytyk-sama shall rise again.

  5. The_Enderwolf

    Thanks for releasing this statement!~ Glad to see you finally be able to get around to finishing off some of the translations. Thanks for coming back to do this!~ Mostly here for OSO tho

  6. hectecneko

    so i have a question who was kadi?? and what happened to their projects ? i saw that the domain was named krytyk and kadi`s translations and aori`s light novel hosting for a while and im curious

    1. krytyk Post author

      Kadi was a fellow translator and friend who used to hang out with us on IRC.

      1. HextecNeko

        oh good to know hope they are doing well and yall still get along they kinda seemed to drop off the face of the planet.

  7. Anon#3547

    Yay!!! You've returned and have told us your not dead and that's great hope you keep safe with everything that's going on and be happy.

  8. Reiko Lupus

    I never lost hope!
    I continued cheking for updates here atleast once per week...


  9. WhenCatsFoxesandWolvesFly

    With OSO, when are you planning to get to 'The Silver Muse,' volume 2?

  10. tachi191

    omg good to hear, just wondering. you said oso 11, does that mean you have a bulk release till volume 11 ??

  11. Hikari

    Yaaaaayyy!!! Welcome back, Krytyk-san! Really glad to get great news like this, especially when Covid-19 make everything seems gloomy recently😭❤️

  12. Unknown

    Yeah Krytyk it's so good to hear some great news from you after so long of silence I thought you decided to quit this industry of translation which would have been a sad moment since you are really good at it and I would not be able to continue on with the novels that you have worked on. Keep up the good work your fans are rooting for you and stay safe in these troubling time.

  13. DragonWarriorFreak

    Thanks for the update. I was getting worried that something happened since it's been almost a year. Hope everything is going well for you during this hellish time.

  14. DeciduousClouds

    Welcome back! Looking forward to those updates. Continue being safe from the Corona Virus. Hope the measures your workplace implemented are not annoying to do.

  15. Tolin

    Glad you're well... thanks for letting us know what's going on!
    Looking forward to releases, but I'm happy to wait and offer
    words of encouragement as you prepare whatever you are
    planning next.

  16. T1stG

    Glad to see an update :D nice to know you're fine krytyk. Excited for the releases, so long since the last OSO update xD

  17. Hont91

    great to hear from you again, I was getting worried already, hope everthing is alright with you.
    also great to know to expect some more translations, love your work.

    take care

  18. Alucard

    Glad to finally hear from you, and glad to hear your still translating but would have been happy just to hear how you have been. Please dont keep us in the dark that long again. We understand that life happens and somtimes you just cant or dont feel like translating, everyone here that matters understands that. Everyone here that matters would be happy just to get a hey guys shits happening post.

  19. Granite

    I came for OSO, I stayed for Kenja. I'm super excited that two stories I enjoy are returning. Thanks Krytykal!

  20. Primeval Revenant

    OMG YES! I checked yesterday OSO's page in Novel Updates and was so sad to see no updates and now you speak again! I'm so happy!

  21. kaosjr

    Hey Krytyk! Glad to see that you're alive, given that it's been *checks watch* nearly a year since the last post. Hope you're doing fine, and I'm happy to see regular releases returning!

  22. Alex

    Great to hear from you Krytyk, your releases have always been the highest quality. Personally i am only here for OSO but the sheer volume of translations done is nothing short of heroic. You have all my respect and appreciation

  23. dessu

    Great to have you back! Again thanks for updating us about the situation. I hope everythign is fine over there, stay safe and healthy!


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