A very uncertain update.

I apologize for how late this one comes for Daybreak, and for those who have been worried. This chapter actually finished draft over a month ago. But I had some very late feedback from Kadi which also left me unsure of some contents. To be honest I'm still not quite satisfied with the result (mostly centered around the last scene of the chapter), but I can't think of any more changes. So of course, your feedback would be appreciated.

Chapter here.

I'm still working on chapter 16 unfortunately, but I'm going to try my best to finish drafting the new two chapters before the new year. So hopefully I can finish the volume by late January or early February of 2017.

~ Aorii

8 thoughts on “A very uncertain update.

  1. Aersi

    To be honest, I love this whole story and I believe that, no matter what you do, the story will be good. I've already read it thrice, and it gets better every time.
    Thank you and keep up the hard work!

  2. TheLazyReader

    Reading this chapter only just makes me more frustrated with Edith. I now completely agree with Pascal's earlier evaluation of her. She just seems so childish and brainless. Pascal and Sylviane have been extremely patient and reasonable with her but she just throws a tantrum everytime she doesn't get her way. Even when Pascal explains everything in a simple manner she just stubbornly refuses to acknowledge their reasons. I personally detest such a self-righteous character who lacks such a fundamental ability to reflect.

    1. AoriiAorii Post author

      Well, to be fair, Edith's views are no different from what most people believe soldiers are supposed to do -- lay their lives down to protect civilians.

      1. zog11

        also to be fair to edith she has a moral dilemma between conflicting duties and she realise the implications she wants a compromise which she can live with. however she needs to make a choice between loyalty to Sylviane (who therefore shoulders the responsibility) or loyalty to the people and to her ideals. arguably what she really wants is a third option. that's how I felt it was conveyed it anyway.
        Anyway good chapter Aorii I am not sure really what the problem was with the ending but it seem okay to me?

  3. Varevas

    Thank you for the chapter. This kind of quality is very hard to find, especially in non professional works.
    Also were you planning on making 18 chapters for volume 3? I'm assuming you're going to continue in Rhin-Lotharingie in the next volume or do you have any major plans for the other countries?

    1. AoriiAorii Post author

      There's 3 more chapters left, so yes 18. Plus possibly an epilogue, and possibly an interlude (there's the scene that's in the ch16 draft that doesn't... quite fit into rest of the chapter). Rhin-Lotharingie will be the main theater of the war for the foreseeable future (v1 was the intro and v2 was just a precondition for dragging Weichsel into the continental war).


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