Aaand another volume finished. Also, the year also comes to an end.

TMG_v07_CoverAnd that time comes again, inevitably the volume reaches its completion on the last day of the year.

Using this chance I'd like to wish you all happy new year. Short, but heartfelt wishes to all readers.

Now as for the main thing, the release: Epilogue, Afterword, Full Text.

As for announcements, there are two: First one, the one I forgot to announce time after time again and leaving it for the next release post: Only Sense Online's Volume 4 release date has appeared a while ago. The book is scheduled to come out at 20th of February.

The second is recent, the illustrations for Volume 9 are up since the public raws have appeared on the internets. Though, like always I'm going to warn you, you enter and spoil yourself at your own risk.

Now then, this is it and see you next year! (probably).


31 thoughts on “Aaand another volume finished. Also, the year also comes to an end.

  1. Kyon12

    Thanks Krytyk, I was just reading other LN when I saw that you already finish with V7 fast as always or I just don´t notice the time you take, either way, Thank you for your hard work.

  2. Owl

    It would have been a Happy New Year, but I'm suffering from Yun withdrawal symptoms.


    *sits in corner sucking thumb*

  3. forum

    Haaappyy New Year guys

    also, good job completing another vol b4 this year. Take a break will you and enjoy the holidays with loved ones, srsly =.=

    btw I'll await for kepub version, so editors pls start working =D

  4. 9

    Happy new year, and thank you very much for the chapters for you have released. to be honest compared to other sites is my most favorite website. well, good job and good job and more good job(one good job is not enough).

    to all who are in this site
    In 2015, may darkness fulfill your desires, may fluffiness warm your heart, may justice show your way , and may the dawn bring you your great mornings.

  5. bladerain

    Happy New Year. I hope for more translations this year, and hopefully have a few new series taken.

    1. D10ten

      Thank you for the PDF, but can you make one with white background and black text?

      Also big thanks to Krytyk for the translation!

  6. Dusk

    Just wanted to say thanks for the hard work, love all this stuff you're working on! Happy New Year!

  7. Ophis

    What can I say, this volume was really good. The afterword was hilarious like always too.

    Thank you very much for completing one more volume of this amazing novel!

  8. Eraserwan

    Thank you a lot for your great effort all the year with the translations :D Happy new year!

  9. lesstea

    No, there's no 'probably'. We will definitely meet you again next year, even when you don't want it. Ufufufufu *evil laugh*

  10. A_D

    So..Will u be starting vol 8 of AA or will u wait till OSO vol 4? Anyways,thanks for the translations!


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