Aand, the Promised Short Stories (?)


Coloured by SeventhTale

Though they're less like "short stories" and more like extra chapters for the volume 1. Anyways, the two chapters take place BEFORE the main novel starts and right AFTER Volume 1 ends. Just a few pages short, but they're still worth releasing.

The links for both short chapters: Chapter 0, Chapter 8,5.

Also, yes, the illustration on the right is completely unrelated (I had nothing that wasn't used at least once). This illustration was coloured by SeventhTale, I'm pretty sure he won't mind if I use it like this, rite?


30 thoughts on “Aand, the Promised Short Stories (?)

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      I saw it already, earlier today - actually. But thanks. I'm going to put it in next time I'm writing something.

    2. AvatarEvil Twin2146

      Anime means that a DMCA may be on the way. I just want to keep bring a filthy leecher.

          1. AvatarEvil Twin2146

            By the way Krytyk-sama, is it possible to have a YouTube style comment thing where you get an email when a post you are involved in gets another comment, just so I don't have to keep refreshing the page?

  1. AvatarTimmy t

    Thank you so much for translating this I really enjoyed reading OSO and I look forward to reading more in the future!

  2. Avatarhappinezz001

    I was poking around the internet and it seems that the next volume is gonna be a winter themed volume to cool people down from the blazing summer heat
    And it seems that a new character is gonna appear

    P.S. here is the synopsis i found at the site of the publisher.


    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Looks like it's web novel's 5th Arc. I hope there's lots of changes in it because original was the worst of all webnovel arcs, pretty boring and forced.

      1. Avatarhappinezz001

        Somehow i'm more interested on the new name that appeared when i google tramslate the synopsis

          1. krytykkrytyk Post author

            This is why, you two, don't mtl.

            As for the synopsis translation:

            The 【Cold Damage】 has been implemented with a large update, Yun, during a time-limited winter event which starts at the same time has to take urgent countermeasures against it---Yun's young beasts turn adult and he also he acquires a new skill called 【Magic Bow】. A turbulent situation is brewing---!

          2. Avatarhappinezz001

            So that's what it means now im kinda looking forward to the next volume i wonder who's gonna be the featured girl for the next volume

          3. krytykkrytyk Post author

            Funny thing, 【Magic Bow】 was a Sense in webnovel, but it appears it has become a skill in LN.

          4. Avatarhappinezz001

            so instead of it being a sense that comes after the bow it became a skill instead frankly i think it would be much better if it was a sense instead of a skill but it seems like being a skill might make it much more easier to use

          5. krytykkrytyk Post author

            It was a Sense in the webnovel, and I don't remember that Sense doing anything. Literally nothing. It was there but was never explained, never had their own skills. The only effect observed was passive attack increase and taking of a slot that could be used for something else.

          6. Avatarhappinezz001

            So I'm guessing they made a few changes huh also do you think that we would get an illustration for thw adult zakuro and ryui?

  3. AvatarArthur

    Thanks for the extras. They're short, but do provide a little extra color to the stories that kind of flesh things out just a little more. That picture reminds me of the chapter when Yun, Taku, and Miyu went through Horia cave.


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