Alright, Friday release.

So, yeah. Friday.

Let's start with putting up a link to the new chapter.

Next, I will tackle a single worry that I saw from some people commenting which regards FLFO. To be precise: "Isn't Kotone/Anastasia overpowered?"

The answer is, yes and no. Mostly no. She is and will be powerful, among very top players in FLFO, but is not overpowered in most aspects of the game. While she certainly receives some mid-game Skills early on thanks to finding her unique race, what makes her powerful is her own superior abilities as a player and her intelligence, allowing her to draw 100% out of Skills she acquired.

She receives some sweet equipment, but it also comes with drawbacks that she can do nothing about. This is especially apparent around level 25~30 when her equipment is actually underpowered compared to that of other players and she has no control/choice over effects/bonuses she receives from it.

She is not "overpowered" as she can not really go beyond her own level range. She never goes "ahead" of other top players when it comes to progression or new maps. In actuality, her progression compared to other top players, might be even slower than that of Yun's in many cases (since he was pretty much carried by Taku/Myu/Sei for free, or finds new areas thanks to pure luck (yeah rite)).

So yeah. Kotone/Anastasia will be powerful, but not really overpowered. Well, not for the most of the time (there are some aspects of her build that can stand out as overpowered in some particular cases, but let's not spoil).

In any case, the main attraction of the novel is FUN. Enjoy new mechanics, new Skills, happenings, gags and memes from the mememaster girl.

PS: Make sure to visit the webnovel page for the FLFO's webnovel. Give it a like if you can.

By the way, it appears that Kenja no Deshi's anime was announced? Well, that was sudden. For the time being I will maintain the status of "stalled" on Kenja no Deshi - there is always a possibility of some publisher picking it up, in which case I will have to take it down. Translating it in such situation wouldn't be the smartest choice.


6 thoughts on “Alright, Friday release.

  1. LN Stats

    I wouldn't say Kenja's anime adaptation announcement a sudden thing considering it took 6 years (8 if you're using WN) since its debut for an adaptation to be greenlighted. This trumps even Mushoku Tensei's anime announcement which had a 5 years (7 with WN) wait, essentially making Kenja one of the if not the longest WN/LN-to-anime gap so far.

  2. Death Fairy

    I already read the raw so I know how strong she gonna be.
    Seeing a character who strong but not the strongest is really relaxing to me. I mean, all other character I read so far always have insane power or complete useless. The way they get that power and the way they use it mostly seems annoying to me. So the way the author create the Princess character who strong but still have some weakness, how she struggle to gain that power (she die dozens times just to get that EX Races and not to mention what she sacrifices in order to evolve), how she manage that power and for what she use it is smart if you ask me. She also the second character I have ever read who have proper common sense (The first one is Chloe from SSO).

  3. Reiko Lupus

    Thanks for answering our main worry about this new series XD.
    Now, to read the new chapter!

  4. Kensei Seraph

    Thanks for the release.
    I have been refreshing for the release for the last 9 hours. Not continuously, just whenever I wasn't working or was on a break from work.

    1. krytyk Post author

      Sorry, I went to sleep late(early morning) and woke up in the afternoon~. From there I had to do edit run which took time~.

      1. Kensei Seraph

        No worries.
        Your timing was perfect since you released the chapter just as I had finished work.


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