And finally...

The last chapter of Daybreak volume 2 is out! It's a little late (partially due to a blog backup migration), but it's also much longer than my usual.

Much thanks goes to Kadi for help bringing it about. I pestered him with enough drafts to make him tired of reading it XD Given the difficult characters involved, this chapter was quite challenging to write.

I expect it will take a few weeks before I'm truly ready to tackle volume 3. As you can tell from the chapter's end, there are a lot of details to prepare, and even more characters to introduce (I can hear some readers groaning). Volume 2 planning was rather rushed after the finish of volume 1 and it took its toll, so I'm not making that mistake again!

That being said, volume 3 will start with a few slice-of-life chapters. This is not just to offer the characters a break but also motivated by political necessity, which Pascal will touch base on during the first chapter.

During the break I'll be working on setting design, storyboarding, starting to find an artist (help on this is always welcomed o/), etc etc. It won't all be quiet either as I plan to post some character/country profiles, and possibly a few 'special' chapters that I'm simply writing for fun.

Things to expect for Daybreak volume 3:

  • Proper downtime after the hasty events of Winter Typhoon.
  • Marina joins the party.
  • Cecylia joins the party proper (as opposed to detached duty).
  • Kaede ''discusses'' the concept of a limited gunpowder adaptation for Hyperion warfare and weighs its pros and cons.
  • Sylviane pokes Kaede's past and the genderswap discomforts she doesn't want to think about.
  • Pascal deals with the aftermath of the Nordkreuz bombing and plans for its economic recovery, with insight into Hyperion industrialization/infrastructure.
  • Tofu (I miss tofu...).

Lastly, a big thanks to everyone who provided feedback for chapter 15. I rewrote the last scene about Admiral Winter. For those interested, please take a look and see if it fits better ^^

~~ Aorii

21 thoughts on “And finally...

  1. Sal

    "You did something you shouldn't, you wrote something you shouldn't, or you were just helped with separation from the novel you didn't enjoy."

    So I am getting a screen with this message when I refresh the main page. I can obviously get other places on the site but I am curious as to whether this is something that is because I refreshed too much, someone's angered krytykal, or whether I actually did something wrong. I don't even remember the last time I posted something here and I wasn't aware that checking for updates too often could be a problem, even then it ranges from half an hour to two or three hours between checks so it doesn't seem all that horribly often to me.

        1. Truth

          Same Issue happened to me, but I guess it would be because I was too faithful lol ( I pretty much check the page every hour even though I know we just finished the fourth novel and the fifth isn't out lol and in the meanwhile I read this and fell in love with the story.)

  2. Lu Pu

    I am seriously reading too many stories at the same time... so could anyone remind me who Marina is now again?

    1. Sonoda YukiSonoda Yuki

      Killer maid Indentured servant.

      On another note, What the hell am I supposed to do, what with Hyperian Tofu being non-vegetarian? Guess there's always wheat gluten.

  3. Kuro

    I'm willing to try being a illustrator if ur okay with it, I must warn you though that I'm more on the amaturish side when it comes to digital art and I'm still working on it, if you send me details of what you want, I'll draw it.

    Btw, if you find someone better for the job even after I start drawing, I'm totally ok with you switching artists, Daybreak is amazing for the thought put into it, and deserves the best.

    You should be able to see my email from the requirements in the comments, if ur interested, send me an email.


  4. bunny

    I loved the new chapter, it really gave me a better understanding of the princess.

    Though, I thought you covered gun powered was no good. It made perfect sense so dont back track on your cool world you have built up

    1. AoriiAorii Post author

      I've had to give many long explanations to people due to them finding it inadequate. I don't intend to backtrack, only explore the fact that possibilities exist and innovation never stops ^^

  5. Kaiflame

    I should probably try to read this soon, but my backlog for anime, LN and manga is huge. -_-;

  6. KadiKadi

    Ahhh, finally it's done. YES, IT'S OVER! (Read: Good job bearing my relentless criticism)

    And don't give in to the gun-nuts. You don't need them! What you need it TOFUUUU! (I'm really sad you "cut" his latest moment of glory. So gimme more!)

    1. AoriiAorii Post author

      I said it'll be "discussed", so that way if I decide 'no', all the powder-obsessed readers can get a firsthand account of why.

      1. KadiKadi

        Story and characters come first. It's not like we're getting a minute account of her daily life, thank the Holy Father. Make her have the discussion in her off time from us~~. Well, as long as the characters and story don't suffer for it... just don't forget: people will always complain and/or fail to read properly. It's like a law of nature.

      2. Sanngrior

        guns must not be allowed to pop into existence out of nowhere without a valid reason. unless they are magic guns that magically created themselves and fire magical projectiles despite not being a mage.

        That joke put aside, (magic jokes go figure. ;P ) thanks for the closure looking forward to the next volume when you're ready :)

        1. AoriiAorii Post author

          @Kadi: you're saying it like they're mutually exclusive =P most of my scenes rolls off a partially serious discussion~

          @Sanngrior: course not, guns began awkward as heck -- arquebuses have no concept of accuracy and wheellocks are large enough to be used as clubs. Magic guns would half-defeat the purpose of a gun (widespread use with minimum training required) so I doubt that's the answer either.

          1. DarkUrg

            Guns aren't needed, but some gunpowder weapons can make sense. For example, grenades for flying cavalry (as extra firepower without magic consumption, and maybe high-altitude bombing runs :) ), or something like primitive rocket launchers with capability of indirect fire.

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