And it starts again.

TMG_v10_002-003Just yesterday I wrote one post, now I write another. That's how much I love atten... nope.

Starting off with Volume 10's translation. Not sure if I'll be posting other chapters immediately, but I already started translating the stuff.

This volume is considerably shorter than last one, about the same length as Volume 8.

While at it. Don't spam with requests for recommendations in the comments.

There's lots of communities like Animesuki's, 4chan's, reddit's, bt's (facebook group) and so on where you can ask for recommendations. This is a translation blog for dedicated series. I overlooked a few, but I don't want it to turn into spam.

I mean, we don't want the comments be spammed with "can anyone recommend me...", do we?

Prologue's link.

PS: Before anyone asks, 'illustrations' subpages were nuked for the most part. Any missing illustrations can be found in the chapters itself and be uploaded to it. The thinking behind it is: "It's light novel translation blog, not an illustration aggregator!" and that the actual books don't aggregate illustrations, instead they appear as chapters are read. The remaining illustrations are ones that cannot be found in the chapters themselves and covers.



18 thoughts on “And it starts again.

  1. Ekria

    hmm i cant read the Prologue , get the message im bannd X_x but its just that 1 chapter exept that all works ^^''

  2. Eins

    Krytykal,do you have any link or website that can buy LN and they transport international?Amazon doesn't have shipping to my country and the LN store i alway visit is shutting down business.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      If you mean Japanese LNs, then I guess yesasia? But I haven't used their service in a long time. There's amazon too. I don't know any other since I buy digital stuff.

  3. umbro

    Thanks for the chapter though I'll start to read when the whole volume is translated.

  4. rurumo

    uhm, thanks for translating so fast.
    I will still read the whole volume later ;)
    anyway, could you put the pics somewhere please?
    I'm doing my own pdfs and now the pic are just too small.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      They are in the volume. Find them and open them in full size, then download.

  5. Takatathien is bugging me that Kaneria (the dark-elf girl who I am not sure if I spelled her name right) is still not officially consider to be a part of the Platoon.

        1. krytykkrytyk Post author

          Digital versions are actually cheaper though. A new release costs 591 yen usually. Normal price is at 430 yen. If you're lucky you can buy them for 200 yen if there's a sale.


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