And We're Caught Up With OSO Again

OSO_v09_Cover.jpgSo, I've had the epilogue and afterword done for nearly two days now, but I've decided to wait out a little before releasing. Anyway.

With this I'm caught up with OSO, and can now switch to Antimagic without being bothered by half-done volumes. Yay? YAY! I know everyone's been waiting for it. Well, don't expect insane translation speeds, but we're slowly moving towards THE END.

Links for OSO: Epilogue, Afterword, Full Text.

I will probably release Antimagic's prologue rather quickly, but the chapters themselves are huge. The entire volume is rather huge, so it'll take time for each chapter to be translated.

Make sure to support the authors and publishers by purchasing the books in original language. Don't count on English releases, they might - or might not come.


P.S. from Bareus: Epilogue and afterword have already been edited. So to those of you who make ebooks from this - go for it!

14 thoughts on “And We're Caught Up With OSO Again

  1. Galen Musbach

    OSO Silver Muse vol 2 out for Christmas? That's how I read it:
    Only Sense Online 白銀の女神2 ‐オンリーセンス・オンライン‐ (ファンタジア文庫) (日本語) Paperback Bunko – December 20, 2016
    Also volume 4 of the manga, and hopefully another cover story.

  2. shadowless10

    Krytk, Can we know your plans on when you plan on having OSO 10 started since it has ben released by now?

    1. krytyk Post author

      When done with antimagic. I think I answered this question like, three times already.

    1. Caudyr

      Krytyk is most likely referring to Antimagic there, as in the post for the last chapter of this volume before the epilogue, they mention that once the epilogue and afterword for Vol 9 are done, they'll be moving on to the last volume of Antimagic. ^^

  3. Vision

    Thanks for the release. Btw for those who want to know OSO vol 10 will be released on 9/17 but I would expect Krytyk will work on Antimagic Academy first.


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