Omae wo Volume 2 chapter 3 released, status. Series complete, new series announcement.

Omae wo Volume 2 chapter 3, translations' status.

OOSY_v02_068First part of the post, Omae wo Onii-chan ni Shite Yarouka!? Volume 2 chapter 3 has been completed and uploaded here, enjoy the chapter with Sayuri, the DLC girl!

Status: the current translations: Everything is prepared for AntiMagic volume 5 translation to start off, however I do lack time. I'm working my ass off IRL. I do not intend on starting AntiMagic until I can bulldoze through the entire volume all at once. That will happen before long, or at least I hope so.

As such all I can provide you, readers is Just the small updates of Omae wo now and then, as those have very small and easy chapters.

Credits: As always, this release is being made awesome by Quintasan's edits.

Picking up a new series

OSO_v01_CoverNow, although in fact I added an announcement of the new series in a different place before, but considering that my page on baka-tsuki isn't the best way to announce such a thing, I declare once again!

I'm announcing a new project which will be worked on in the future, it takes the place of ELYSION virtual region which has been completed, as the third volume was the last one.

The new series picked up by me will be Only Sense Online, originally a web novel which has been published as a light novel by Fujimi Shobo. It currently has 2 volumes, however the frequency at which the volumes are released seems quite scary - 2 volumes within 2 and a half month.

The series will be translated from its Light Novel version only, and the transaltion schedule will continue as it's always been, AntiMagic/Only Sense Online - 1 volume each. Unless AntiMagic anime appears on the horizon, which will have me switch full time to AntiMagic. Only Sense Online volume 1 will be started after AntiMagic vol 5 is fully translated.

The reason for early announcement... I don't want anyone picking it up, thus I declare. Greedy, aren't I. I could bear it if it was a proper translator, but these days any and all series might be caught and r***d.

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