AntiMagic Volume 6 complete.

TMG_v06_coverNow then, we have reached the end of another volume, I will be creating the fulltext page soon after posting this message. For now, here are the links for Epilogue and Afterword. Edit: Full Text done.

Like always give the translations some time so that they can be looked-through and edited to an acceptable state before making pdfs epubs mobis and stuff.

Now, as for the schedule what will be done next... I don't know. Only Sense Online volume 4 has no release date announced, and such it won't appear within at least next 2 months, that leaves me two things to do - either work on AntiMagic volume 7... which is quite dark, or maybe take a leisurely break and maybe do some of Omae wo in meantime at slow slooow pace.

Next series to do aside, I will be taking a break from translating one way or another, gotta do RL stuff, work, and such.

I will make an announcement when AntiMagic volume 9 cover or OSO's release date appears, which should be any time soon in both cases.

Also... next week, it'll be a exactly a year since I started translating... seems like I did whole damn 13 volumes of novels within a year. Maybe I'll colour some illustration to post then to celebrate my advent, is there any illustrations that really strike your fancy and you would like to see in colour?


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46 thoughts on “AntiMagic Volume 6 complete.

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  1. ZI

    as I expected from krytykal translation if I must say
    thank you for your hard work with this translation
    and thanks for always translating those great LNs

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      There's no such thing as krytykal translation~.

      There are krytyk's translations though, kadi's translations and Aorii's original novel.

  2. Evasio

    Just a dark leecher here, wondering whether he should say thanks or not...
    But happy anniversary and take a break so we can expect more of you on the next volume (HEHE)

    P.S. I know it's rude but I a have a right as a leecher, can you tell me something about what is going to happen about Alice tale?

  3. kanel

    ahhh..not very dark volume but very enjoyable nevertheless...thank you very much

    i would love to see some omae if you could spare some time for it...

    as for illustration i recomend this one its both nice and not very hard to do

    but i see many people suggest pictures above..why dont you pick 5-6 you like and can do and put them in a poll?

  4. umbro

    Thanks for this volume and all of your work krytyk. I read all of antimagic from the start, so many thanks and enjoy your break :-D.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Bought them probably? Maybe at school cafeteria? Who knows.

      Where do you get your apples?

      1. bladewing94

        Magical Heritages have money? And Lapis has only her dress, no bags or anything else. It's a mistery XD

        1. krytykkrytyk Post author

          1. They might have been given to her for free. 2. School cafeteria's expanses might be paid by the school.

  5. Anon7

    Thank you once again for working on this wonderful series'. Congrats on your 1st year translating, we appreciate all you've done as well thankful that you've been rather patient with all of us.

    With your permission, here's the unofficial black version PDF's I've made of volumes 5 & 6 9 (with disclaimers of course).
    Volume05 PDF Black Ver. DDL:
    Volume06 PDF Black Ver. DDL:

    It's the holidays, let's all enjoy the coming breaks~

  6. redsnigami

    thanks a lot for the work and take a break my friend you really deserved as for what you plan to go i myself choose vol 7 anti magic i want war since i play call of duty avanced warfare i want more war and i think that vol will be bloody lol

  7. Reaper Phoenix

    Congrats on the anniversary Krytyk! Enjoy your break. You should also find time to take a REAL break. Not just from translating, from your RL work too.
    I enjoy your translations. Keep up the good work and stay healthy!

  8. forum

    Thanks for the great effort finishing vol6, now I'll patiently await the edits/proofread to finish to have that glorius epub to read otg.

  9. ThoseWhoDwellinTheDark
    IKARUGA. Nuff said.
    Darkness Imouto
    Light Imouto
    Yeah. Lapis.
    Best Yun.
    Oh, my top choice is probably darkness imouto. To present the darkness you have brought to our hearts :DD
    Thanks a lot Krytyk-sama. We have quite been bestowed a lot of blessings from you this year. May you have the rest you deserved. (Take at least 1-2 months of break. Seeing Ikaruga and Kanaria in an illustrations gives me enough warmth for the upcoming cold (aka no new chapters) until you come back)
    Happy Anniversary!

  10. happinezz001

    happy anniversary krytyk also you deserved a good long break so take it easy for now

    and as for my nominations I choose these pics in

    sorry if I posted a little to many I just couldn't pick a few since they were all very nice illustrations

  11. Oddmoonlight

    Thanks for all the translations up till now Krytyk. I was a bit sad when I read that Elysium finished with 3 volumes but at least you translated them all. And it had potential too... For the illustration coloring may I suggest the illustration of Mari from the "Meron meron" post?

  12. lesstea

    >I will be taking a break from translating one way or another, gotta do RL stuff, work, and such.

    You deserve the break. Even I get a little bothered by your translation speed.
    ....IMO, it feels like you're spending your time too much on it.

    And thank you for translating them. At first, I wasn't than fond at antimagic. But since that Ikaruga's arc, it's keep getting interesting. I'm really grateful you're willing to translate them :)

  13. Random-kun

    Thanks for translation, A volume just in half month Wow. BTW dont push yourself too hard and good luck with everything that you do :)

  14. Chaos

    Based krytyk, nice work you did all this year , gratz on your anniversary, and hope you can get some rest in your break(though i doubt it ha)

  15. Anonymous

    Thank you so much and happy anniversary!
    Let's all pray for many years of translations and hopefully this stupidly huge number of 13 volumes can be even bigger next year!
    P.S.: Just kidding, rest well and do your stuff, your life is much more important than us humble leechers.

  16. Azurea

    I've been following and stalking this TL site for so very long~
    Antimagic is no my 2nd Favorite LN, and even has Potential to be my #1 Favorite~ <3
    (( I might just put it there in a bit~ ))

    Thanks a lot for translating Antimagic! I'll continue to stalk you forever~

    Aside from usual fanboy antics, I'd like to see that Illustration with Kanaria puffing her cheeks out colored~ <3
    It's just way too Adorable~ <3

      1. krytykkrytyk Post author

        That's no longer colouring but drawing, and that takes too much time :P.

  17. not important

    My suggestion, perhaps do the prologue and... just leave it there for a while. Because a rotting wound is all the better.

  18. gerson

    Thanks for the translation and please when you retake the translation please continue with antimagic platoon its such a great novel also congratulations for your aniversary :)

  19. Abyssal

    Thx for your translation~~ kry and don't forget to take a rest okay the title of this post has already missing L letter in Volume

      1. victorrama

        Anyways, thanks Kry-sama. Yeah, You ALWAYS update when i'm asleep. xD

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      That's why google translating is pointless...

      He said that he's been busy ever since 10th, working on the next volume of light novel and it took him two weeks to update webnovel.

  20. Coma

    thx as always Krytyk-sama...

    and YES I think that a commemorative colored illustration will be great for the 1st year of activaty.. about the choice... mm no idea on the moment... but once I'm done with the new chap + afterword I'll go trough the various ilustration of the series here and give my opinion ^^