150 years ago.

At that time an abominable war happened which drove the majority of humanity to death, the Witch Hunt War.

Both humanity and the witches' side suffered a high death toll, and a massive destruction called Akashic Hazard resulted with the war coming to an end.

The winner of the war weren't the witches, but humanity. That's what was written in the history books.

However, the truth written in the books, and reality he sees in front of him today, are different.

Takeru overlooked the place called Magic Academy, stunned by Orochi's words.

"We call this place 'the inner world'. And we call your world just the opposite, 'the outer world'. Do you know why?"

"...there's no way I could know that. Just what is that light...!"

In response to Takeru's confused answer, Orochi sat down on the bed and spoke quietly.

"Inside and outside of the Sanctuary, that's what it means."

The Sanctuary. It was an area in which humans were unable to live in because of the Akashic Hazard.

The Akashic Hazard, it was a diffused mysterious magical attribute called "Void". Let alone human beings, not even witches were capable of going inside of it and surviving.

Where Takeru was currently standing, was inside of it. Is what Orochi was saying.

"In the past war, a substantial number of humans and witches were killed. However, it wasn't as if witches didn't expect this disaster to happen, and they covered this place with a protective barrier... creating something like a shelter."

It was something hard to believe, although protective material preventing the Void attribute has been developed with the usage of modern science, even the latest synthetic anti-magic material could stand only about thirty minutes of exposure.

The videos showing the inside of the Sanctuary taken by the satellites were disturbed severely by the magnetic field, and it was impossible to see it clearly. Humanity outside of the Sanctuary had no way of learning what was inside.

The witch's country exists inside of the Sanctuary... a gossip magazine once put out such an article, and it's been whispered about among people taking a form of an urban legend...

Takeru himself didn't believe in it despite seeing it in front of his own eyes.

"Over the last 150 years, Valhalla has somehow managed to boost the development of witches in this place. Thanks to that they were able to restore it to this point. It wasn't just the magic technology, but also scientific technology that has evolved thanks to the feedback from the spies in the outside world. This place embodies the fusion of magic and technology, quite a big deal ain't it."

As Orochi puffed his chest proudly for some reason, Takeru turned pale and his lips trembled.

"...boost the development... you guys, just what are you trying to do..."

Hearing Takeru's question Orochi was dumbfounded.

"What you ask... ain't that obvious."


"Continue the war."

Takeru froze.

Continuation of war. Continuation of the Witch Hunt War.

What Orochi said, was that they are going to continue the war that resulted in the majority of humanity dying out.

"Shelters exist in various places, and magic has spectacularly evolved; were the war to be resumed, it would probably be quite even."


"Well, while there's a lot of folks who are saying "let's war" and speculate, there's just as many people who don't want it."


"Takeru... I am aware that you're still confused, but since there's an order from above so I'll get straight to the point."

Orochi opened his eyes clouded with white, and despite not seeing he stared firmly at Takeru.

"Join this side. If ya don't, ya will be disposed off together with Mistilteinn."

He broke out from his stupor, and realized what kind of situation he was in.

Currently, Takeru... was captured by Valhalla's troops, and had become a prisoner.

7 thoughts on “Prologue

  1. Bane

    "....Humanity outside of the Sanctuary had no way of learning what was outside."
    im wonder, what's meaning about outside can't learning about outside?

    1. krytyk Post author

      What's inisde*. Thanks. Was hotfixing wrongly translated meaning earlier and didn't notice that part was inconsistent with new meaning.

  2. Courage

    Mmmm. Krytyk you sure do know how to satisfy us yet keep us wanting more. Thank you.

  3. victorrama

    Hmm....Gonna be fun...Less darkness but more surprise in this volume I suppose

    1. Triopsate

      I don't know about that... I get the feeling that the little sister is going to give everyone more feels soon. After all, I don't think Takeru will join the other side without a reason and the simplest way to give him a reason to do so would probably be through a brainwashed sister or something of that sort.


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