Back to the Era of Cute

Yes, it's been a while... but we're finally back to OSO. Cute and fluffy, especially fluffy this time - adventures of young high-school girl, Yun.

...And I'm out of things to talk about, aside from a small insignificant notice I'll do in a moment. But for now, links to Prologue and Chapter oneoneone1111.

Now to the small notice. The next release will be a little special, although short. Look forward to it.


41 thoughts on “Back to the Era of Cute

  1. MrTrixer

    high-school girl Yun? Haha even the translators see him as a girl. XD
    Its been a long time since the last update and im getting a bit worried here. Is everything alright with you guys? you didnt have an accident or something?
    Please tell me youre all right.

  2. TD

    Thanks again. I ordered OSO v 1-11 + 2 Silver muse volumes on order through CDjapan. Super slow shipping. Fortunately dollar is relatively strong at the moment.

  3. Chandz

    Thanks for the Chapter...
    I hav been waiting to see more of Yun and Ryui, and Zakuro ofcr. xD

  4. zomg

    Omg yes. I've been rereading this thing.

    I need to go sleep but I want to rant what I like about OSO.

    Maybe tomorrow.

    Thank you!

      1. Tarsier

        Perhaps Teen-age girl would have been better since it's Shun not Yun that attends high school...
        Just kidding ;}
        Thanks for the hard work!

  5. Glacierfairy

    Thank you for your hard work!

    (Surreptitiously awaiting the inevitable retort from Yun...)

  6. Kiki

    Thank you <3

    I only just discovered OSO, but I love it so much, and your translations are incredibly good.

  7. Gaboen

    thank you for translating this, couple months back because i'm impatient i buy the novel in japanese and has only finished reading half the prologue

    and once again thank you for translating.

  8. Winterwabbit

    Yay ! finaly we can get our fluffy Yun fix , sad for the Anti magic crowd , but good for us OSO junkies =)

  9. Jan Renzel Abellon Aguilar

    Thanks always for your hard work! :D

    Been trying to load this page for hours, literally... damned slow net! T-T somehow it succeeded this time...

  10. Sherrynity

    >just got back home from work
    >check NU
    >OSO new update

    Praise thee for all of the holy, Krytyk-sama

      1. pinglord

        Is it fine to attempt to pdf the volume when your done and send it to you krytyk?

  11. maelyn

    Thank you for your work. /Just/ finished rereading about five minutes ago up to what had been done last, so I'm well set to continue. ^.^

  12. Arthur

    Thanks for your work. I would imagine that the change in atmosphere to fluffy was an interesting experience.


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