Highway Batoru! Batoru!! Anime~

TMG_v08_001All right, well, a release.

Considering the estimated time when the volume 8 of AA will be finished, if I have spare time before OSO's release, I might delve some into Omae wo until OSO is released.

I'm guessing I won't have enough time to finish volume 9 of AA, so I'm gonna do some omae wo That's basically it.

The other thing, this illu on the right - it belongs at the beginning of the chapter 2, not related to chapter 4. I missed it earlier.

Chapter 4 here.

That is all

PS: The studio that will bring out the anime into reality has revealed itself! Silver Link will be the one animating AntiMagic Academy "The 35th Test Platoon".


17 thoughts on “Highway Batoru! Batoru!! Anime~

  1. mataneloro

    wow becoming anime really bring me complicated feeling
    but seeing it is silverlink as long as it only up to vol 4 i think it should be okay even if it 12 eps anime seeing majority of those will be battle scenes
    oh and on related note, becoming anime also has some drawback like what if AA got licensed by YEN PRESS?
    what is your thought about that mister krytyk?

  2. Magikarp

    Is it possible to tweak this webpage when viewed on a mobile device? Since most people are right-handed, when they swipe up to scroll down they also tend slightly angle the swipe to the right a bit as well, which is all it takes to open up the menu, and it's rather frustrating.

  3. Blahto Blahtoto

    So it's Silver Link..... I wonder who's going to be the director and can we assume that it will be 12 or 13 episodes covering 4 or 5 volumes?

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Who knows, it depends on how much priority they give to it.

      Possibly they could use even 6-7 volumes for 24 episodes, with very long story arcs.

      But thats super duper optimistic thinking.

      1. Blahto Blahtoto

        I hope this is one of those bless LN that will be adapted properly not just for marketing purposes.

        Let us be optimistic and be happy :D

        Also I forgot, thanks for this chapter ^_^

  4. victorrama

    I dont mind with licensing IF they release fast with quality TL. And since Kry gave them both...oh and the licensed things cost almost twice the raw in my place. And thats incomprehensible.

  5. Oddmoonlight

    That sounds a bit conflicted. I mean if it gets licenced more people will learn about the series and might buy the blue-rays and that would lead to a second season. Plus wouldn't it be nice to have more people to discuss the series and have a reason to support the author? *hides pdfs of krytyk's translations for making comparisions with paid versions*(whistles innocently)

  6. Anonymous

    Thanks for the chapter Krytyk-sama! Let's all pray that the anime is great and the LN doesn't get licensed!

  7. BloodAdept

    Thank you for your work! Out of curiosity how many chapters are there total in this volume?

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Six chapters, you can see the chapters listed out in the Antimagic's project page. Just click on the series' name on the menu.

      1. BloodAdept

        Ah i've been clicking on the wrong link! I was attempting to check by just clicking volume 8 on the drop down menu, thanks greatly krytyk


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