Beneath the mushroom cloud

The next chapter for Daybreak is out.

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I made haste given the previous chapter's cliffhanger. Though this chapter probably doesn't give all the answers you need. Nevertheless, only 1.5 chapters (18 and epilogue) remains for vol3. I'd love to promise it'll also come out as soon as possible, but for the immediate time I have to focus on buying a new car since insurance declared my vehicle totaled -- all because their roadside assistance didn't tell the towing company that it was an AWD... (sigh)

~~ Aorii

7 thoughts on “Beneath the mushroom cloud

  1. AvatarWordmaster

    I hope you get to solve the problem neatly.
    As allways, thanks 4 the chapter! (I seldom comment, but I'm grateful for being able to read more of your story every time a New chapter comes out.)

  2. AvatarDeEmerald

    Wah! Suprise two chapters! Thanks, guys. Hope the troubles will be over soon. Good weekend everybody.

  3. AvatarKryto

    Ouch, that really sucks. I'm guessing the towing company ended up doing critical damage to your car? Buying a new one is a really tedious process.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. AoriiAorii Post author

      Towing a AWD by its front two wheels = rear differential damage that cost thousands to repair =\

  4. AvatarRayleigh-Jeans

    Just drop by to fill the comment's section a little bit.
    I am currently waiting for the end of the volume before writing a full review.
    But so far so good, i really like how you flesh yours characters by giving them flaws and weaknesses (credibles but not exagerated) while demonstrating the strength of their character ! Their imperfect but strong "character" (sense of self ?) make the story so likeable (Kaede)... And Epic !
    Take yours time :).
    Bon baiser de Belgique.
    PS: Rhaaa i feel son limited by english sorry *-*


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