Best girl strikes back? (??!) (?!?)

TMG_v09_105Well, gonna keep it short. I'm busy and have no time to translate, this chapter has been translated on 25th hour of each day. Probably next chapter translation is gonna come next month or something.

What to fill this space with... uh, I'll talk about chapter length! This chapter is quite short, 30+ pages, chapter 4 is about 45 pages long... and... chapter 5... is 120 pages long, I mean, what in the nine hells... Thankfully, chapter 6 will be just 16 pages long.

That's it, chapter link here.

Edit: Only Sense Online Volume 5 release date has appeared! Yes, justice! 20th of May!

Edit2: By the by, apparently Only Sense Online Manga's Volume 1 is coming out on the same day! While I'm still not satisfied by the art, I pray for its success! (That aside, the manga tries to follow novel closely, minus detailed explanations as a matter of course.)


25 thoughts on “Best girl strikes back? (??!) (?!?)

  1. Kaede

    OMG My nephew will be born close to the OSO release! Kyaaa! so excited XD maybe i should read him a OSO when he is born. lol OSO fan in training!

  2. stratosdragon

    Darkness is here but the light of justice is so far away. Thanks for the chapter

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Vanquish is a series I plan to do in the future, not one that I'm going to prioritize nor hurry to do. Also, there's a 50% chance I'm gonna drop it before picking it up... if it ends at 4 volumes (I've read Japanese forums and reviews, and it does seem like it might possibly end), as I prefer series with potential to be long-running like OSO or AA (the result of having both Elysion and Omae wo end early).

  3. Nic

    Ahh damn...

    Going to Japan in April and planning to get my OSO volumes there...
    Going to miss volume 5's release T__T

    1. happinezz001

      for me it comes out 3 days before my birthday so it's a nice advance present for me I guess

      1. Anonymous

        Yes, Krytyk-sama, I'd love to learn how to have 25 hours a day. orz. This is the year of my entrance exams for university sucks :( I couldn't even see this blog for around 2 weeks

        1. youreyes

          why taking it so far and so long? you can have it in japan. they have animu aired at 25.00

  4. 9yull

    Fangirls internaly screams in the background... gad i ship them so much! No homo though


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