DESPAIR. EDGY. Also, despair.

EB_v01_130CAnd I'm totally serious. It's hardly a spoiler since it starts early in the chapter. I might sound like I'm exaggerating, but I approach these kinds of issues very seriously.

If you are bad with extreme scenes and edginess or simply under age of 16 I suggest you drop the series. You're entering and destroying yourself on your own responsibility. I repeat again, there's a serious darkness and despair in this chapter. Also, extremely brutal, barbaric acts. You have been warned. Link is here.

Now, to another issue, I put the issue with honorifics on hold, in this chapter it was used more often and I'm going to delay the honorifics issue maybe until the end of the volume.

Also, the illustration on the right... blue-haired loli, crying... ITS REALLY NOT MY FETISH, IT'S NOT MY FAULT. IT'S JUST A COINCIDENCE.

PS: I'm hearing volume 2 is getting great reviews, just like volume 1 did. I still haven't bought it, but I'll mention it somewhere when I do :3.

PS2: I'm off to sleep, if your comment is stuck in validation (first time commenters), you'll have to wait for me to wake up, or Bareus will approve them if he wants to. (krytyk knows there's always lots of comments to approve after release).

Update PS3: Taking a short break, might take a few days until I release again.


45 thoughts on “DESPAIR. EDGY. Also, despair.

  1. Thanker

    I thank thee for all your hard work, based Krytyk and also everyone who worked on it.

  2. Botan

    Thank you very much for picking up this LN and for yuor work
    By the way, I have to admit red text worked on me like a sentence "do not push this big red button".

  3. Anonymous

    Does Krytyk have a release schedule or is it all random? I'm new so I don't know, please answer.


    Imagine "Onii-san" without honorifics........."Onii, onii, it's time to wake up"

  5. Healing

    Can I ask that you don't remove honorifics? I greatly prefer them and find them always useful and meaningful. This is a Japanese light novel, so there will always be use of honorifics since the writing is written through Japanese culture and language regardless of the setting the author uses. Some concepts and nuances that concerns relationship, respect, and endearment simply can't be removed or translated, and that applies to honorifics a great deal.

    I love how you kept honorifics for AntiMagic, and I really hope you'll decide to do the same in the end for Elvenblood.

  6. Muir

    Thanks for the chapter
    And here i had just finished to read Kuro no Maou and wanted a bit of fluffiness I chose the wrong novel xD

  7. dragon1412

    this might be a bit late for this, but is it just me or the MC's sword design just look stupid ?? it's almost reaching the level of blade dance's sword design of the old artist.

    1. Caleb8980

      Why does it look stupid? It's a slightly original shaped falchion; a weapon that was used in the high and late middle ages.

      By making the sword thicker the more you go away from the shaft you raise its center of gravity - while this makes it harder to use the sword as a stabbing weapon it strongly raises its use as a stroking weapon; just like a machete.

      Well its clear as night and day that this sword is more than just a normal sword as its needs to be storywise - but unlike "Sword Dance's" swords the design has an actual use and was used in reality aswell.

      1. dragon1412

        as someone who practiced Kendo before, this sword is not that practical for me, as you said, they did making the sword thicker the more you go away from the shaft to get the sword heavier on the tip is nothing news, if we didn't consider it's length that is. the sword was made a little short while the tip is outright big, it's defeat the purpose of it's length as well as weight, so while it's not a terribly fantasy-only sword, it's not a really good design as far as practical goes...

        Ok side-tracked again, what i mean is the sword look ugly.

          1. JarJarThinks

            Hold on, I think I got it!

            It's a dwarven blade forged at the heart of a active volcano while receiving the blessing of th-
            *looks at title*

            ...Who dares draw blood from the sacred loli!?! *raises pitchfork and torch*

        1. Untune

          Maybe it can actually change form later on the series. Comeone the guy from toaru wielded a weird sword for kiling dragon and suceeded on using it well for the most part. It all about skiĺls of the user and the ability to compensate its flaw. But gotta agree the aesthetic of the sword is meh

  8. Katsuie

    I'm still in High School level. Honestly, I have doubts for reading this, but it makes the story more interesting to read! (I'll wait for the completion of Volume 1, then read). I wonder what the true meaning of "Despair" which I even experienced before. By the way, Thank you Krytykal. Hoping for more translation to come. :)

    1. Evil Twin2146

      Krytykal = name of the blog
      Krytyk = name of our lord and saviour and god of LN translators

      1. Katsuie

        Ahh, sorry. My bad. :D Nyahaha! I often mistake of translator's name. Which I just copy the name of it's website.

  9. EzCo

    Thanks for the emotions.... erm chapter. Loving this already it feels like this is gonna be one hell of a feelsride.

  10. Azurea

    I'm crying in sadness, and convulsing in ecstasy at this chapter~ <3
    The Despair is enough to make me cry, the Heartfelt love in the end is enough for me to Warm my heart to unreal levels and drown me in pleasure.
    I seriously can't wait for the next chapter... If this turns out to be a love triangle with the blonde girl. I WILL BE FURIOUS.
    So furious I'll be punching hold into bricks.
    Iminia X Ellis 1000%. It's not even a competition.

    SO MUCH ON MY MIND AFTER READING THIS. *slams head into wall*
    So many beautifully mixing Feelings... That end was Masterfully done.
    It's 11/10.
    Can I write more things to support my love for this right now? I can... but will I?
    I'll write a book if that were to be the case... Oh, My feelings are calming down now. Ecstasy trip is over now.

    1. Ophis

      What's the problem of we having the blonde girl joining the mix? It doesn't need to be a love triangle, you know. Imina X Ellis + Blonde-chan is the way to go! Cheers for harem!!!! wahahahaha

      1. Azurea

        *Enlightened* How foolish of me to not see that option! Blondie can be a concubine!
        Clearly though, Ellis is the Main Wife.

        1. Azurea

          It must only be Imina X Ellis. There are no other options!

          1. Caleb8980

            Somebody seems to be incredibly fickle xD

            How about Ellis + Blondy while Imina is the slave of both and the both swing both ways?

          2. polat32

            It kinda makes sence that he marries blonde girl because she is human right ? And makes ellis concubine or something because of publick views ?

  11. Sonoda YukiSonoda Yuki

    Reminds me of the heads up Wildbow put in his first online work:

    Brief note from the author: This story isn’t intended for young or sensitive readers. Readers who are on the lookout for trigger warnings are advised to give Worm a pass.

    In hind sight, it was definitely a series rife with content that would trigger the susceptible.

  12. happinezz001

    ........ when the preamble was released i vowed myself to read this novel even if it breaks my mind and my heart in to pieces and i shall no go back on my word so bring it on ! i shall survive this novel wahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. reyfista

    Uwaah. I think I'm just gonna wait till volume 01 complete. Maybe there are some happy part later. Yeah maybe. . surely I won't be despair all the way right

    Thanks for the translation

  14. Ophis

    Although I'm well aware of what to expect, I'm still reluctant to click on the link! Gahhhh, screw it! Let's just go sink in the despair already! :'(

    Thanks or the chapter, Krytyk-kun!

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Darkness is taking over fluffiness, didn't you notice? Look at EB's main heroine... elf, pointy ears, silvery-blue hair, short... doesn't she look like alice from alice tales?

      Taking over Alice's identity, taking over Alice's identity with Ellis' series blood and despair! HAHAHAHAA.

        1. krytykkrytyk Post author

          Kanaria is more booby, taller, more of flexible muscles and such :P. Gives me a different impression.


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