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Beneath the mushroom cloud

The next chapter for Daybreak is out.

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I made haste given the previous chapter's cliffhanger. Though this chapter probably doesn't give all the answers you need. Nevertheless, only 1.5 chapters (18 and epilogue) remains for vol3. I'd love to promise it'll also come out as soon as possible, but for the immediate time I have to focus on buying a new car since insurance declared my vehicle totaled -- all because their roadside assistance didn't tell the towing company that it was an AWD... (sigh)

~~ Aorii

A double release!

Well, more like 1.5. Chapter 15.5 is a long interlude scene that doesn't really fit anywhere, and would have been an "Extra Chapter" had it not been semi-important to the storyline. Meanwhile, Chapter 16 is the explosive one. Both would have came out a week ago, were I not waiting on Kadi =\

Links: Interlude, Chapter

My holidays were plagued with repair issues for my car, so chapter 17 is still in progress instead of already in beta. In either case, 2.5 chapters left to go before volume's end. >_<

~~ Aorii

A very uncertain update.

I apologize for how late this one comes for Daybreak, and for those who have been worried. This chapter actually finished draft over a month ago. But I had some very late feedback from Kadi which also left me unsure of some contents. To be honest I'm still not quite satisfied with the result (mostly centered around the last scene of the chapter), but I can't think of any more changes. So of course, your feedback would be appreciated.

Chapter here.

I'm still working on chapter 16 unfortunately, but I'm going to try my best to finish drafting the new two chapters before the new year. So hopefully I can finish the volume by late January or early February of 2017.

~ Aorii

Minor Updates

Just a few minor updates for Daybreak to announce:

  • Rewrote the third scene in v3ch10 (the tactical meeting after Cecylia's encounter with Lotharin racism). I do have the habit of editing a lot and ch10/ch11 is being pulled on especially for being unsatisfactory in my mind. You can check it out or wait till later when the volume is finished and all the major edits have gone in.
  • Updated battle maps for v3ch13 - hopefully this version is less overcrowded / confusing. You may need to refresh page to see it.
  • Posted the Hyperion military structure/organization as a special chapter - I've tried to discuss this in story several times but... the writing just always feels so dry. Thus it'll just be attached as a supplementary information for those interested.

Comments on any of the changes would be welcomed, whether you liked or disliked it. Chapter 13 - the battle of Gwilen River - received a lot less comments than usual, so I've been wondering if people disliked it, found it confusing, inconsistent, or anything like that?