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Not the update you expected

Hello. This is not Krytyk. In fact, it's rather troubling for me to see so many unapproved comments on the queue, which has remained that way for months. Krytyk is usually good at approving those even when he isn't posting. I really hope he's alright.

This is Aorii. It's been a while since I've posted here.

(EDIT: this post is not longer valid. See announcement)

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OSO and Bartle's Taxonomy: why Yun shouldn't play like you

One of my biggest pet peeves on this site is how many Only Sense Online readers criticize Yun's actions because she doesn't play like they do. Sure, Yun is made to be a little too much of a doormat (the topic of whether doormat = feminine is an entirely different topic and will make its proponents sound stereotyped/chauvinistic regardless of realism). However, Yun's actions as a gamer does make sense, despite many complaints. And the fact many gamers sees Yun as "un-gamer-esque" is just another showing of how lopsided and poorly balanced many of our gaming environments are, and why many parts of the gaming community is struggling to pull in more players or even stay pertinent for more than a year or two.

Welcome to Bartle's Taxonomy, or the study of the four player types -- achievers, explorers, socializers, and killers -- and how they balance a proper, thriving, and long-term gaming ecosystem

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Overdue updates and musings

Much like Krytyk, the new Daybreak chapter is overdue. Unlike Krytyk though, I haven't been abnormally busy (just my usual level of busy). What did delay this chapter was the fact it was... extremely unpleasant to write.

Still... I did not spend years talking to psychology majors, reading their works, or watch all of Crash Course: Psychology for nothing!


Also per request, I did update v3ch7's maps with keys.

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Update, and controversy! Daybreak Dev Diary #2: Let's discuss gender roles and feminism.

Daybreak v3ch5 is out. For you war-fiction fans, sorry no battle. For the rest of you, enjoy as we delve more into worldly differences, macroeconomics, and relationship turbulence.

Also, since many readers have complained about the large cast and trouble remembering them all, I created a list of reoccurring characters for your use. I'm trying to keep it spoiler free while leaving it informative enough to tickle your long-term memory banks. Suggestions for improvement are welcomed, as always.

Now, onto the feminist-yet-anti-feminist rant ^o^ because in many ways, as a genderbender, Daybreak is written in ways precisely because I am tired of the gender-stereotypes pervading media.

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