OSO_v05_075Basically that, hello there everyone.

This one's another short chapter, surprisingly. Which probably means the next chapters will be accordingly longer (for a roughly short volume this is, though).

According to what I'm reading around, apparently OSO does really well sales-wise, though the author would like to sell even more judging by his tweets~. Help him with that please, if you can.

An obligatory note of what I noticed so far - not a single scene in Volume 5 up until chapter 2 ending was in the webnovel. Surprisingly, I thought Volume 5 of all things will take more from the webnovel than volume 4, while it isn't so at all.

On an unrelated note, it just happened that I finished translating a moment ago, but make sure not to miss Aorii's post below that I pushed lower, especially if you're a fan of Daybreak.

Edit: The user/reader/contributor Galen Musbach delivered raws for the first part of the short story that had come with this month's issue of Dragon Magazine, which features Myu as the main character. Thank you very much.

I'll translate the short story after Volume 5.

PS: Sorry for being a pain with reminding to support the author, but you could say my morals demand it of me.



  1. Sonoda YukiSonoda Yuki

    Well, I'm certainly willing to support Aloha so he can write more OSO, but as much as I love them, especially breaded with panko and fried in butter, I'm not quite sure what morels have to this matter.

  2. rite

    I got no idea how you manage to translate it so fast...

    You, sir/madam, are amazing!

    P.S. I got no idea too if krytyk is male or female...


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