Combat, Mari, Haunted, Lapis, All good stuff.

TMG_v06_0237Now then we're steadily nearing to an end. This chapter was really tiring to translate... mainly due to its massive size. 70 pages as compared to the previous chapter which had 48 pages. Well, it was worth it. All that's left is epilogue and afterword.

Link in here.

Yup, we ended up with this illustration for the post. I always use the first illustration from the base chapter, so yeah, we get Haunted. The so-called best girl... well, called so by some of the fans. I'm guessing they won't be disappointed by this chapter.

And remember it's not over yet, there's still epilogue and afterword... I especially look forward to afterwords on AA, they're always hilarious.



22 thoughts on “Combat, Mari, Haunted, Lapis, All good stuff.

  1. Ikaros

    thank u again for u're translation , it allways make may days , but , please , take care of yourself, of course we really enjoy your translating pace but it's meaningless if u become bored or bedridden :< ..

  2. Cyber

    I like Haunted, i think he's one of the best characters on this series.
    A shame you are going to take a break, next volume will answer a few questions. Buuuut, you do deserve a break. A shame i can't do anything to help out you, Krytyk. But i bought All Antimagic current works.
    Cheers to Amazon.

  3. lesstea

    everytime I'm bored at class, I start browsing this page, and they usually have an update.

    thanks a lot for the translation '__')7

  4. victorrama

    Woah Nice Kry-sama.
    But I wodner why all the updates nowadays happens when I'm asleep.

    1. Coma

      there is a simple solution to resolve this problem... just do like Krytyk and... don't sleep ^^

          1. Cyber

            I laughed out loud now. hahaha'
            Yeah, i understand why you would. I misread too.
            Please don't ban us.

        1. Reaper Phoenix

          One question. Do you EVER take a vacation Krytyk?
          Don't get me wrong. Love your translations, but your pace is frightening me. I worried that you'll end up in a hospital because of extreme exhaustion.
          The last time I tried working non stop for a week I end up bedridden, then again maybe it's because I'm in my mid thirties.

          1. bladerain

            I'm more shocked someone in his thirties is reading light novels.

          2. Reaper Phoenix

            I also watch animes and read mangas. Had been since middle school.
            Age doesn't matter regarding hobbies. Hell, my niece's friend listen to Elvis and others from the sixties.

  5. Anonymous

    Thanks for the chapter!
    I didn't expect such a huge release so soon. Looks like I've underestimated Krytyk-sama again...


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