Christmas ain't over yet, not without a little sister to light your way!!!!!

OOSY_v02_002Yup, and so as I said. After the last heavy darkness drop, I translated the - quite short - chapter of Omae wo. This time it's Mika's chapter.

It's a one-time thing for Christmas, as I announced last time (several posts ago) Omae wo is officially on hold until I catch up with everything else, and will be finished afterwards.

Now, I'm back to immersing myself with darkness of AA. Chapter 5 of it will be next. Look forward to it, and the bonus that'll come with it!



8 thoughts on “Christmas ain't over yet, not without a little sister to light your way!!!!!

  1. ratatoskr

    mii-chaaan!! wooh!! christmas present!!
    merry christmas to all and have a great ho-ho-ho holiday~!

  2. victorrama

    Imouto for a christmas....?
    Damn, Kry so generous.
    Giving free imoutos for everyone.
    I'm going to receive it gratefully and care for her.
    Thanks and merry christmas...

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      I'm not giving anything to you, not giving anything to anyone.
      You can at most watch.

      Imoutos are mine. Only mine.

      1. KadiKadi

        Keep your immature, flat-even-if-rounded imoutos, refined Little Sisters are the real pleasure! And you're not getting all of those!

  3. Shiku

    Yay~! My little sister cell was recharged once again~~... Thanks for the wonderful
    X-mas gift Krytyk-sama!

    And oh, Happy Holidays~


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