Crafting, lots of crafting. Also a bit of cute and a bit of combat.

OSO_v08_211Now, continuing my crusade to catch up. Just one more chapter, epilogue and afterword left. Also tiny bonus chapters I was sent by anon: Galen Musbach a few months ago.

Anyway, proceeding to the link.


15 thoughts on “Crafting, lots of crafting. Also a bit of cute and a bit of combat.

  1. AvatarRei Void

    Yes hang in there, only 2 more chunks and afterword left. By the way, is there any PDF available? Or is it only online?

      1. AvatarRei Void

        Ah right. I got the location, so there is someone else doing the pdf compilation and upload after the translation is done.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      It's not like this is the first illustration showing her. Wasn't there one in vol... 5? I think?

      1. Avatarkzed

        Now that you mention it, she was.
        Somehow it is a bit different from my memories, or I am just bad at recalling something.

        1. AvatarCaudyr

          Yeah, I'm not sure she's FLAT chested, but she definitely isn't LARGE chested.

          Very "modest" at best.

          Not that it matters, though...cause she's freaking awesome! :D

  2. AvatarNameless Namegiver

    May i ask how long do you think it will take for you to finish the last 3 part of the volume 8? or at least the last 2 chapter. I'm already itching to read the whole volume

  3. AvatarOwl

    2 chapters in a week?
    It's beginning to feel like Christmas. :)
    *rolls around in bed feeling cosy*

  4. AvatarFTxNexus

    Crafting? I heard CRAFTING!!! Im jumping on the train.... After i have catched up on the "big" LNs >_>


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