Crafting, Shipping, More Crafting

OSO_v07_207Releases slowed down? How unfortunate.

In any case, chapter 5. Nearing the end and I'll be able to take a break... not.

Because of course, AntiMagic volume came out today. Yay. Holidays called off!

The Another Mission volume has lots of dreams and hopes in it. There are swimsuits (Lapis in school swimsuit, yay) through tentacles, ecchi situations, skin-tight suits taken out straight from Muv-Luv Alternative... enough. Title chapters are up, but you won't get anything out of them anyway. All chapters except for Extra Mission were already published in Dragon Magazine previously, but since I didn't translate them, I'm going to do it now. Also, two new illustrations are up in the illustration section.


7 thoughts on “Crafting, Shipping, More Crafting

  1. Asdo

    Hey thanks for the chapter ! Your speed always impresses me ! :)

    And you read Muv-Luv Alternative ? By all means I'd love to hear how much you enjoyed it, because currently my motivation is running low for playing Muv Luv extra and Unlimited....

  2. thirst

    You sound as though you are doing too much & at risk of burnout.

    It won`t make me popular with my fellow readers (or addicts) but I suggest you take the rest of the month off.

    Read / watch/ listen to a few favorites, take time to look at the new stuff coming out

    Come back on a schedule from December 1st, two weeks on, one week off.

    If the fictions get ahead of you, let them.

    1. Galeden

      I agree, no sense in exhausting yourself to keep up with their releases, take a break and come back with a freash relaxed mind.


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