Current Status Update. Not-a-Release.

AMA_v12_CoverConsidering it's been a while since I made any post at all (nearly 2 months now), I thought it's about time I updated people interested in translations on situation. I mean, the comments get more ridiculous lately, peoples' imagination is a terrifying thing.

Well, there isn't anything dramatic happening, really. I didn't retire and I didn't drop OSO. I'm just being busy with work of which there is a really considerable amount, and thus I don't have time to translate. I'll be back to translating OSO once I have time again. That's about it.

By the way, AntiMagic 12 comes out in a few days, the HQ cover appeared and it looks so damn good (on the right). No, I'm not going to pick it back up for the time being, but I'll buy and read it on the release day so I might drop some spoilers on the irc channel, I am a super-fan of the series regardless of whether I translate it or not y'know. Below, there's the translated summary for the volume.

And as the twilight descends upon the world...

The 35th platoon is separated by Kiseki, and as the world is eroded by her, Sougetsu brandishes Innocentius. In this hopeless situation, the platoon members continue to fight so that Takeru's wish comes true. And, Lapis once again...

Yes yes, ikr "why did you bitch out!". Again, it's against my policy to translate something against wishes of the original publisher, especially that it might get picked up, that's one. Also, I don't want any problems and I don't want to make problems for the guy who's hosting this blog either, that's two. So for the time being it's wait-and-see.

Anyway, basically, the current situation is "I'll be back!". Once I have time again, I'll pick translations back up.


35 thoughts on “Current Status Update. Not-a-Release.

  1. Reader

    I am just making a suggestion here
    but couldn't you just do what skythewood did for konosuba ?
    Konosuba has high chances of being licensed while i don't think anti magic has that much of chance.
    or do what the mahouka and the devil is a part timer translator do.

    But that's only if you want to translate of course

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      I'd faster release it on 4ch as anon or something, than play silly excuses.

  2. Cyclone12

    Good to hear from you, long time lurker here. Thanks for the update, always nice to know folks are still around, just busy. Hopefully Kadokawa will release the novels in English as I'd love an official translation, even if it took a few years to get caught up where you stopped. Appreciate the work you do!

  3. Willie

    Thanks you for the update. Honestly was more worried something happened to you. Like getting hit by a truck or something.

  4. FranTRf

    As a lurker i wish u good luck with work! And glad hearing news that you are not dead. Hope u will be getting some free time soon and greetings from Argentina! Good luck!

  5. Gil

    Hey, I heard that in the Afterword, the author says that the next volume (13) will be the final volume.

    Is that true?

    Then maybe they won't give a **** if you translate 2 more volumes?

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Yes, volume 13 will be the last one. As for translating, I don't know but I will consider it. In any case, right now I'm so busy I don't even have time to think about it.

      1. Julio César

        Krytyk, thank you so much for considering it (I know I'm, like, 3 months late. Anyway....). I real all the other 11 volumes here, so I'd be really happy to see the last 2!!!! Also, thank you for putting time and effort on the other translations!!

  6. Miroslav

    Well I guess it's time to find something new to read until the next time you are translating. Does anyone know a good series?

    1. Rockwall

      Dragon Egg ln, UchiMusume, The New Gate, Death March, Isekai Maou to Shoukan, Shinka no Mi, Master of Monster, Jikuu Mahou, GunOta, Yuusha Party no Kawaii ko, and a few others....

  7. God Ginrai

    Thanks for the update. I have no problem waiting, but I *was* wondering what was going on, so this post was reassuring to see. Good luck with your work, and I look forward to when you find time to come back and continue translating OSO.

  8. Anon95

    Good to know that you're alright.
    Any idea whether Antimagic is coming to an end? Since we're getting into the end game stuff now. Based on what's left to be resolved, I give it at least 3 more volumes after this one.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      It's hard to say, considering there's nothing written in the summary I don't think it will end with volume 12. It's possible that it'll end with volume 13. However, you never know what happens and it might just continue if author intends to move onto a new arc.

  9. Evil Twin2146

    All lies.
    Real Life has never had any effect on the internet what-so-ever. This post was made by a robot pretending to be Krytyk to try and ease our worries.
    Well I see through your deception and know that our Krytyk-sama is laying comatose in a hospital bed somewhere in this god forsaken world and Zzhk help me I will find him and bring him back to us, so that he may recount the beautiful tales of translation.

    But that sound like a lot of effort so... nah.

  10. RandomGuy2308

    Well, you seem (from your updates) to be a decent person so the only plausible theories were that you died, got married (more or less the same thing) or were busy with work.

    I hope everything goes well at your work.
    Don't do a burnout.

    Thanks for the update.

  11. technomo12

    I KNEW it!!
    Krytyk is getting married to his/her waifu hahahaha so who is the lucky 2D marigable candidate >_<
    [note this is a jokes so guys don't take this psot seriously or then again WAIFU wars]

  12. Truth

    Hahaha, I can wait months for translations. Doesnt really bother me. Work is work, gotta put food on the table, or just earn money to save lol.

  13. Kemm

    Take your time. RL issues come first (and paid work before anything else).

    Also, about AMA, while it pains me that you've stopped, I won't ask you to pick it up back. Someone would have to check if Yen Press (who is the publisher currently in the lead for licenses of popular series) or any other publisher is interested in picking it up, but it has been determined that last December's DMCA spree had nothing to do with marketability (also, I believe that you dropped it because the publisher was the same and not because they had targeted it). Still, it's the correct action to take to drop a translation that could bring you problems (at least until it has been determined that it's safe, whatever time it takes).

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Actually Kadokawa included the French (I think?) version in DMCA on Baka-Tsuki, which pretty much means they targeted the serie as a whole.

  14. asriu

    so will you use Terminator style or Last Action Hero style?
    "I'll be back!"
    reread current available chapters~

  15. Sigel

    We'll all be cheering (and possibly praising the sun) when you're back on a normal workload and have time for translating, but in the meanwhile, make sure to take care of yourself and best of luck!

  16. happinezz001

    Wow it's been a while since any news about you came out and the cover is so damm good to the point that i want it as my phone wallpaper by the way thanks for proclaiming the news of your current status because people might start summoning weird stuff out of impatience and boredom

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Well, I've been repeating that I'm just busy in the comments, but it seems like people don't bother reading those and they continued to ask the same thing over and over again.

      1. Arthur

        Some folks just don't get that making a living is more important than just indulging themselves. Hopefully this update will gain you some well earned peace. In the meantime, good luck in work.

      2. Owl

        It's not only that. When people go MIA, others worry you know. That worry tends to make people ask redundant questions.

        Something like "It's 8pm, why isn't my little (30 year old) daughter home yet?" :)

  17. GradientByte

    blink once for reinforcements.
    twice for pizza.
    thrice and i'll send my grandma over, she makes excelent pizza and can protect you from the bad people.

  18. lesstea

    You've been busy with work? Don't worry, we can deal with that! **thumbs up**

    **silently weeping in the corner of the room**


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