Current status, translation on hold. New series teaser.

VO_v01_CoverJust gonna drop it here, currently everything is on hold and there will be no releases in the nearest future, up to a month worth of time.

Reason being, that I'm busy mainly with work and have no leisure to translate anything - unfortunately.

And as not to make this post too barren, I'm gonna draw some attention to the project teaser that has appeared a few days ago in here. Some time ago I have announced that I'll be picking up a new project after I catch up with everything, well - to tease you because I'm mean, I dropped the project page down with summary for viewing. it's a light novel series written by AntiMagic Academy's author, it's being rated quite good on various websites.

Nope, you won't find raws for it anywhere. If they won't appear by the time I catch up with every other series (only then I will pick it up and start translation of this series!) I'll have to fork over monies myself. No, I haven't read it all yet, I did read the prologue and half of chapter 1 in first volume, but I think we can be assured as to the work's quality just knowing the author.

If raws appear, I'm gonna dump the illustrations in the illustration section so that the impatient ones can spoil themselves, and make their lives hell.

So that's that, I'm on break, but I'll be around to respond to comments if you have any questions.

Edit: After doubts appeared as to the new series' title, I investigated and confirmed what Kadi suggested, that the title actually is Vanquish Overlord (Yes Overlord, not Overload - it's as Kadi says, that's ENGRISH for you).

Edit2: I have uploaded Vanquish's Volume 1 illustrations, also, I have blocked users with Japanese IP or hosts from browsing the translations for AntiMagic, Elysion, Omae wo, OSO. They can still read Kadi's Alice Tale which has the author's (who is also rights holder) permission, as well as Aorii's Daybreak which is an original novel. Everything for the sake of avoiding problems with any publishers as much as possible. Better safe than sorry.


49 thoughts on “Current status, translation on hold. New series teaser.

  1. AvatarFoRtIsS146

    Dear Krytyk~sama

    If you have enough time and looking for a new LN to be TLed please do consider "Oooku no Sakura"

    Thank you very much for reading this post and tnx for the TLed chapters.......


    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Do want, I have all of them in ebook form on in bookwalker's library, but I have yet to get to ordering physicals :P.

  2. Avataranonymous

    ah i think this solved the mystery why i cant access your blog since i using Jap Vpn for playing game , when i check with my friend computer i can enter with trouble

  3. AvatarGradient

    I sometimes browse your site from my phone, and i noticed that Vanquish Overlord doesn't show up in the menu there (or here, as I'm writing this on my phone)

  4. AvatarJowwy

    So i'm using SSH with USA Server now, and already bought one from Japan Server, so i can't use SSH and VPN from Japan Server to visit your website?
    If that's true the Bear will rob my money -_-

      1. AvatarJowwy

        Mr Bear is the SSH seller, but you will not block Tor Exit Nodes right?
        It's my only salvation when everything is blocked here -_-
        Oh yeah Kry did you block IP through CPanel?

  5. AoriiAorii

    One month's break is that abnormal? Sheesh, you're a workaholic =P or transla-holic at least. Give yourself more breaks as life desires.

    I'm a bit surprised the "edit2" measures are really needed with the search engine block in place. Wonder what event sparked this one...

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Simple, I'm being cautious, that is all. It's better to be prepared for everything.

  6. AvatarDraco

    Thanks for the heads up. It's better than making reading some rude rumors about you (srsly, why do people think translators get sick/die when they stop for a while aka bakahou, Endo, Kookie). Have fun at your work. I'll just leave another novel here in case you catch up with your other translations, get bored at work or suffer some trap deficiency.
    I found this while a group was making a poll of novels to pick up. After I read the summary, it fits well with your other work, I hope your trap-loving readers enjoy this. Since you already started with gender-bender stuff (I don't read those stuff, some sort of physiological barrier aka [manly] pride stops me), let me recommend Kenja no Deshi wo Nanoru Kenja.

    This summary is taken from Heart Crusade Scans:
    In the VRMMO “Arch Earth Online”, one of the nine wise men, the sullen summoner [Danbluf]'s roleplay was done by Sakimori Kagami. Him dozing off during the game became the turning point and he ended up being transferred to a world where the game became reality. Moreover, not as the veteran sullen wise man, but in the form of a cute girl…… As it is, the dignity of a wise man I established will sink! –So thought Sakimori Akira a.k.a. Danbluf, so he prodessed himself “Mira” a pupil of the wise man, but–.

    I imagine it as Overlord where instead of the body of a Lich, he woke up as a girl.

  7. Avatarmataneloro

    haha finally i get the chance to read vol 6-7
    because my policy i always reread from vol 1 each time new volume is completed and thanks to mister kry quick release i don't have time to read vol 6-7
    but now finally i can
    thank you so much mister krytyk

  8. AvatarBloodAdept

    thanks for the official update, curse you for that teaser... Now i can't wait to read it

  9. Avatarjacobpaige

    This won't affect Alice right?

    Also, when you come back, will you be starting on OSO's new volume or focusing on one of the other projects?

    1. AvatarKaiflame

      You know that Kadi is the one who is translating Alice, and that Krytyk is just hosting it right?... At least I think he's just hosting it, my memory is not that reliable.

      1. Avatarjacobpaige

        I know Kadi is doing it, I just get paranoid sometimes. Especially with series that update sporadically.

        1. KadiKadi

          Yes, last time I checked I was a completely different person from Krytyk, and I will get back to translating Alice Tail in the future. At the moment other things have the priority for me, though.

    2. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Alice is done by Kadi, who's entirely independent of me. Worry do not.

  10. AvatarBlahto Blahtoto

    Good luck with work Sir Krytyk ^_^, looks like I have 1-2 months to finish .hack series, already done with Infection.

  11. Avatarkazeshindo

    Good idea on the blocking. I would start crying if they forced you to stop translating.

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Omae wo is scheduled to be finished before the new series starts. worry do not.

  12. Avatarcurrypuff

    Those japs really need to consult someone with good english before putting in english words

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      When I think about the reason why "Vanquish" was used, I shiver.

      It seems like the train of thought went Overlord (with a characteristic of someone who forcefully subdues others) > conquers others > vanquishes others...

      And the original intention was completely lost? Possibly. It's just a speculation.

  13. Avatarhappinezz001

    although I've actually seen a manga with somewhat similar story this is rather new for me and the summary is kinda exciting I'll be waiting for the translations to start

  14. AvatarHaha

    Need summeries!!!! A 2 or 3 paragraph ones from the back of the book would be fine. =P

      1. krytykkrytyk Post author

        I guess I need to buy the book and get into details, sigh. :p.

        Though, it's hard to believe honestly. The author never did as dumb mistakes as that in AntiMagic. He always has his English correct, and even in other languages like German he doesn't make any mistakes.

        Edit: Went ahead and bought the book... it won't hurt. Lesee.

        1. krytykkrytyk Post author

          Most likely it's overlord, there's only one line that would make me doubt it's Overlord and is actually Overload...

          Overlord it is then. Probably, 99%, Kadi's right.

          EDIT: FACEPALM, official translation (written by MF Bunko staff!) says Overlord. For more info here. Their translation skills are poorish, but good enough to confirm that.

          1. AvatarDeath

            That link made me scratch my head. The title and the first few lines says Overload but ends it up as Overlord. I even double checked my chrome to see if it automatically translated the page. Overlord seems like though since it has kings and all

  15. AvatarSanngrior

    do you or don't you accept donations?

    honestly speaking you provide us with such good translations to interesting series, and that teaser page is not lacking towards sounding like a good read either.

    making you pay out of your own pocket to get the book while i read it free doesn't quite sit well with me so would offer to donate some of the costs over paypal or something (since it'l go to the author from someone who appreciates it more than i can)

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      I don't accept donations. I prefer to stay away from that. Thanks for the thoughts, you better ought spending it to support the authors :p.

  16. AvatarKensei Seraph

    It sounds pretty interesting and has the potential to become quite dark, even if I didn't know who the author is.


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