Cute Girls Doing Cute Things, yay.

OSO_SG_03All right, last stop before I'm onto the antimagic 11. The OSO:SG chapter 3.

So yeah, that. And I'm tired so just the link here.

From other things, as usual please do support the authors, walk the path of justice and so on.

Also, no, I didn't forget about re-translation of antimagic, I plan to do it if I have extra time before releases (when everything is caught up to, except for EB (it's indefinitely stalled and forgotten)).

PS: A comment on antimagic anime? Too rushed, some of important to character development parts were cut out which is not cool, unsurprisingly they didn't cut out a single fanservice scene :3.


17 thoughts on “Cute Girls Doing Cute Things, yay.

  1. AvatarKatsuie

    Too rushed.. Very rushed. Well, not complain about it because we're just watching for free. But, I'm really hoping to animate in detail about Volume 5 which Takeru and his little sister met in narrow buildings. That scene makes me goosebumps while reading! :D
    As usual, thanks for translation, Krytyk. :)

    1. Sonoda YukiSonoda Yuki

      So I can complain if I'm not watching for free?
      I love the series too much to drop, but the pacing is so rushed that I don't think that I'll be able to really enjoy it.

      It's like watching your best friend visibly regress as the early-onset Alzheimer's deforms his brain into slush; you wouldn't dare abandon him, but it's almost too painful to watch.

  2. Avatarbladerain

    Speaking of which, when you start translating OSO 7, OSO 8 might have already been released... Is there a chance of that happening?

  3. AvatarFrozen

    Well, AMA was pretty rushed but i already expected that.. i mean, i heard they are adapting 2 * 6 in 1 cour. Well, it was still enjoyable imo, at least we got to see some nice scenes. Although, Takeru's voice is a bit :X

    LOL, is Senketsu really that dark? xD i never got past prologue, but everyone tells me about how dark and depressing it is.... I wonder if i should continue reading it..

      1. AvatarFrozen

        I see, lol. that kinda make me interested. I'll probably read it later just for curiosity.

    1. AvatarFrozen

      no, it's a split cour. 1st season will adapt 5-6 volumes if I'm not mistaken and second one will adapt the remaining 3-4. it's pretty rushed yeah, but nothing we can do about it. :/

  4. AvatarAruseus493

    Love you as usual for the OSO release. That feeling of checking my MU list and seeing that OSO has an update is just great. XD

  5. Avatarnoodle

    Lol about the fanservice part. I've tried the antimagic manga but stopped. Is the LN worth reading?

  6. Avatarlololomolomo

    i was so excited because i thought we had to wait for a while before the next oso

    and then the link was broken


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