Darkness is back. Yes, darkness.

TMG_v07_0038Using the free time I had over the last few days I did some translations, rejoice!

You can find the links for Prologue and Chapter 1 of AA volume 7 under their respective mentions.

There's only a week left until AA volume 9 comes out in Japan and I'm super excited. My body is ready. Like always, I'm not going to upload the illustrations until the public raws appear, sorry folks.

As for volume 7 of AA... lovers of darkness should be satisfied with it. It is quite dark. Even if the illustration on the right doesn't seem to give it away...

Aside from that, I'm still on a break, or it's better to say that I'm still resting. Yes, don't torch me, I will behave and take care of my health. (Speaking of which, some of you folks sure are worried about me, aren't you... or maybe worried about your translation source disappearing :p).

Well that's it, enjoy the chapter(s?).



27 thoughts on “Darkness is back. Yes, darkness.

    1. Crimshine

      Darkness is Antimagic, Fluffiness is Alice and Justice is OSO (maybe Daybreak is Sweetness ?). The battle started even before the Time itself was created. The legend says that our Universe was created when some Mighty Being took a book, called 'Lost Stories' where Justice, Sweetness, Fluffiness and Darkness were one. This Being couldn't support the level of Cuteness and Darkness in this book, the Story created a giant explosion and a Black Hole in his brain. It says that our Universe is actually in his head, but our Universe started to leak from his ears, causing an accelerated expension (Darkness seems to win recently).

  1. Reaper Phoenix

    As long as your taking your health seriously. I admit that there are some selfish reasons, but mostly it's genuine concern. Trust me, taking your health for granted in your youth will bite you when you're older.
    Thanks for the chapters. Live long and prosper.

  2. Sonoda YukiSonoda Yuki

    ヤーーーッミ ギターーー! *strums solo while nibbling at the tuning pegs*
    Wait, that's not it... let's try this again. Darkness id HEREeEeeeeeeeeeee!

  3. Rigoberto

    dude take it easy you are perfect in releases so you always need to rest go easy on releases we always be thank full for your work

    pd: sorry for my english and also been perfect about time is true look noman from higschool dxd more than half a year and only chapter 1 60% in volume 18 now thats hell of sleeasy rest for that fellow

  4. Shiku

    Oh damn!, im getting dizzy from blood loss
    damn my nosebleed won't stop, need doctor call ambulance dial 911 or 711 call the pizza hut

    well jokes aside , man i really appreciated your hard work.
    All i say is "Good Job" =)

  5. Oddmoonlight

    Truly such a great amount of darkness. Why are bubbles such items of darkness? By the way has Kadi finally submit to the darkness? Haven't seen a post from him in a while. Kadi left us right at the begining of alice's first dragon hunt.

  6. Haha

    About the pic though... do real girls casually grab other girls boobs in the shower? Hm..

  7. kanel

    -I am on a break guys a break...and by the way take two chapters which i made on the fly-:P

    thnx a lot krytyk i will dive right in

  8. einshart

    This place gt a lot LN so it wont be strange for them to stalk every hour^^ but did you rest enough?
    Anyway thank for the update kry-san.

  9. Nic

    *Sees the post title*

    Darkness~! Darkness~! Darkness~!

    *Sees the illust on the side of the post*
    H! ERO! H! ERO! H! ERO!

    Thanks for the update despite your break Krytyk~!

      1. Drake50S

        Hey krytyk its drake here, lovin all the light novels u translatin, well ill ask anyway u dnt got to reply if u dnt want to, I'm writin a lot of light novel (amateur stuff) and I was wonderin if I cud post it on ur site (baka-tsuki abit too big, I like ur site a lot) so, if u reply I can send u a sample, if you don't its cool, big time fan of the wrk u doin, thanx

        1. krytykkrytyk Post author

          I'll think about it and consult with other folks on the blog. I mean, I never intended to make it a hosting site so I'm very reluctant to expand it - especially letting people in outside of acquaintances. But yeah, I will think about it.

      2. aymane

        after i finshed reading the short story i thought :krytyk won't be releasing anything soon, but one F5 won't do any bad.
        krytyk you always surprise me.

      3. victorrama

        I know right. You got yourself stalkers Kry-sama. And they are even more dangerous than me....


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