Darkness of the Happy Monday

OOSY_v02_002Now, I'm wondering if I should make release posts for Omae wo. I mean, those chapters are super short and I might even end up doing two of them a day. I might as well limit myself to doing a release post a day if that were to happen. Or... well, we'll see.

As for the other issue... translating Omae wo reminded me of how difficult it is to translate this novel... RLY. The slow pace is killing me :)) (I need to remind myself to pick an action-oriented novel next time). Honestly, while I love this novel and it's fun (the characters are, imoutos that is) I sometimes feel like falling asleep when translating it (lack of action).


19 thoughts on “Darkness of the Happy Monday

  1. Carlos

    One week before AX and YenPress new license announcements... crossing fingers to read volume 11 this year...

  2. noname

    Tai-Madō Gakuen 35 Shiken Shōtai cast


    takeru:Hosoya Yoshimasa (Daryun-Arslan Senki)
    oka:Reina Ueda (Neyka-Blood Blockade Battlefront)
    usagi :Ōkubo Rumi (Yuzuki Katagiri-Black Bullet()
    Ikaruga:Shiraishi Ryōko (Death Parade )

      1. Evil Twin2146

        Where is Mari-san in this? Where are the itty bitties?
        But anyway, thankyou for posting this.

          1. happinezz001

            i guess the top priority would be anti magic before only sense

  3. happinezz001

    thanks for the chapter

    also is it just me or is the title of this post sounded like the title of a highschool dxd volume

  4. victorrama

    But Kry Onii-chan. You can imagine 'actions' with the imoutos while translating! Ughuehehe.....


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