Daybreak Returned

Aorii here~ After much thought on how I was going to do this, I finally brought back the newly rewritten chapters of Daybreak on Hyperion to Krytyk's. So far this includes all of volume 1, as well as volume 2 up to chapter 8. Updates here will likely be slower than that of my blog on SamaranDaybreak, and I certainly suggest any comments/questions be left on my blog as it's easier for me to notice/reply. But this is a good alternative for any readers that prefers a black background.

In terms of the content, I overwrote the old volume 1 pages completely since the plotline of volume 1 was more or less the same anyway. Volume 2 however I created new pages while keeping the old pages still accessible in the dropdown menu -- since the comments wouldn't have lined up anyway as the content is significantly changed.

Happy holidays and see you around~

3 thoughts on “Daybreak Returned

  1. Evelas

    Woot!~ So glad it you have returned, loving Daybreak and looking forward to its continuation.


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