Daybreak Update

New chapter. Sorta. The chapter in draft was getting too long so I cut the first half as its own. Took a while for beta-readers to get back to me though.

As always, feedback is appreciated =P

6 thoughts on “Daybreak Update

  1. Nymrod

    Hello Aorii, i must say i got hooked with Daybreak from the moment i found it, and i am a bit worried that i have not seen life signs for more than a month. I hope you are just takeing a break. Really love your work, and hope to read more.

  2. WinterRED

    Heyo, just wanted to drop by and give a big thanks to both Aorii and Krytyk for their work! Can't speak for anyone else, but please do let me know if theres anything we can help you with for translations/content creation!

  3. Semos

    Nice chapter, no problem that i have noticed. I thought it was great that you split it cause i have been eager to read a new daybreak chapter for a lång time now.


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