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Something posted purely for fun... all files kept on Google Docs.

Main Characters:

Major Support Characters:

Daybreak's character statistics are something I compile for tracking character capabilities, identifying skill growth, keeping power scaling under control, catalog equipment functions & descriptions, etc... and to simply have fun as an analytical gamer.

The system itself is a custom designed one based primarily on the D20/D&D tabletop gaming system and heavily influenced by GURPS and Shadowrun. It is a classless, skill-focused system with modifier-based checks. This means all actions are carried out using skill checks, which are made by adding a modifier (representing character's competency) to a limited dice check. Statistically this offers lower variance and less outliers than a dice-based checks (rolling number of dice based on character competency, i.e. Shadowrun), but at the cost of greater standard deviation. To aim for a more 'normal'/bell curve distribution of results, the famous 1d20 check dice was replaced by 3d6 GURPS roll. In addition, to model individuals in varying stages of development, I use 4th level as the baseline for an adult trained/experienced to semi-professional standards.

Short version: it's a "3d6 Base-4 System".

On page 2 are some very basic information regarding the system. Since I use it for 'cataloging' and not actual gaming, there's a limit to how much time I want to spend on the details.

6 thoughts on “Character Stats

    1. Aorii Post author

      Just to clarify...
      I am NOT making dice rolls as I write.
      I do occasionally compare the scores between characters to remind myself who is more likely to gain the upper hand in say, a Bluff vs Insight duel.

      1. Otto.Tre-K

        This is really interesting. I'm completely clueless when it comes to this kind of stuff, but I'm intrigued now. Also, I found a possible error in your google docs: in Pascal's one, in the skill focus on spellcraft you wrote:

        "+6 Spellcraft; this replaces the bonus from Skill Expertise. When making Spellcraft checks, KAEDE may treat any roll result less than a 10 as 10.... Etc."

        I think you actually meant Pascal, especially since you continued to use the male pronoun.

        I'd sure appreciate it if you shared other character's stats every now and then.

        Thanks for the hard work, can't wait to see what awaits us in the next volume, now that Pascal's blind and Gabriel possibly focusing more on the "rebel" army.

        1. Aorii Post author

          The dangers of much copypasta. Fixed.
          This is one of the forms in which I take character notes... there's a LOT of hidden details in those chara sheets xD

          1. Thanatoss

            Kaede 18 wisdom. Interesting. Quite high.
            Insomnia mad me laught btw.
            This sheets are great!

            So Kaede can store 1/3 of Pascal's Ether but we still have no idea how much each Spell Storing Rune can store ether or if other mages can put new spells there. If "yes" then this is one of the most broken "features" possible. Especialy if you have few hundred mages under your lead and "nuke" magic in arsenal. Great idea now they simply have to finaly "use" this piece at some point. (Did I predict that one?)

            I will analize this sheets futher. I guess this "details" which you speak of are hidden in relative values of skills and such between characters. However as far as I went I found only few interesting pieces:
            -Kaede is proficient in Heavy Blades (?)
            -Kaede is almost as good as Pascal at few things I didn't expext like strenght, economics, engineering (?), and have much better insight.
            -House Crest Brooch have unknown effects.
            -Pascal is f***ing Archmage (I know it was already semi mentioned in the story but I simply love Archmages
            -Pascal's ring help penetrate wards.(which wasn't mentioned in story... i belive)
            Anyone? Did you get more?

          2. Aorii Post author

            Copypasta from another comment:
            "Pascal's spell's lacking isn't power or ether, it's control -- he doesn't understand enough quantum physics to balance the equation the way our scientists did. Throwing X mages at the problem will only make that worse."
            ("Kaede is almost as good as Pascal at few things I didn't expext like strenght": wtf?). Read page #2 of this post to see what you're actually dealing with insofar as the numbers go.

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