Epilogue - Enthusiasm and PVP

After defeating the boss and the encounter with PK Flein that was an overkill, nervousness quickly left everyone and we aimed to escape the dungeon.

Like that, using the shortest route we arrived on the surface in a short amount of time and immersed ourselves in the feeling of freedom.

"Haa, so tired〜."

Lyly and I sat on spot, exhausted. Also, Magi-san smiled wryly seeming just as tired. Cloude was talking about something with Mikadzuchi and Sei-nee drew near me.

"I'm sorry. Somehow, it's turned really weird."

"It couldn't be helped. But, way too much stuff happened..."

In addition to that, we forgot to check the drops. Without thinking much about it I opened the menu to check what did I get and sighed.

"No way I could get rare drops continuously, right."

"Speaking of which, we defeated the Twin-Headed Shark. I forgot all about it with during that rich development. If Yun-chan didn't get it, it doesn't seem like I will."

Sei-nee sat down beside me and with little expectations she checked the boss' drop.


"Sei-nee, what is it?"

"...I did it, Yun-chan! It's boss' rare drop! The strengthening material I wanted is here!"

Saying so, Sei-nee threw her arms around my neck embracing me. I was embarrassed by the lines of sight around us, but since she was really happy I thought that pointing that out would be very crude.

"Oh right. Lyly-kun, can you reinforce this staff with it?"

I sighed seeing off Sei-nee who moved away unusually excited, Cloude approached taking her place.

"If not for you, this party wouldn't exist, in that meaning we could say that you're indirectly carrying luck."

"That kind of thing is boorish, Cloude."

"Hmph, I get it. Still, to think such a proposal would come."

He said so, smiled, then looked at Sei-nee who was heading towards Magi-san and Lyly to consult on the topic of her weapon's strengthening.

"What? I thought you two were plotting something, did you do something after all?"

"That's a secret."

I responded like that to Mikadzuchi who overheard us. It's not like I manipulated drops.

When we called the young beasts before the boss to console Sei-nee, Cloude had the Luck Cat Socks raise Sei-nee's luck. I don't know if it affected the drop rate, it might be just a superstition, but I asked him to do so.

Even I don't know if it had any effect, Sei-nee acquired the boss drop so I was satisfied with the result.

"Well then, we're disbanding right. It's getting late so I'll be logging out."

After that, I'll continue my hiding and probably mix the revival medicine. When I thought so, Magi-san called out to me on behalf of the crafters.

"Yun-kun. Before the event comes we'll blow away and clean up all the problems with guild solicitation and such, so just wait."

"I understand. I'll look forward to it."

Then, this time Sei-nee called out, halting me.

"If you're logging out, then can you spare me some time? It won't be that troublesome."

"Sure? What is it?"

"Just a little talk."

Fufufu, Sei-nee laughed.

After parting with Mikadzuchi, Magi-san and the others, together with Sei-nee we came to the First Town's portal.

As we walked in brisk pace down the main street, Sei-nee started a conversation.

"Yun-chan, are you worried about Myu-chan?"

"Did you hear from Taku?"

"Yup. 'It seems like she's feeling down', he said. So, I thought 'then isn't Yun-chan worried in that case?'. But, Myu-chan is okay. She's a strong girl after all."

In that case, wouldn't it be better if she talked to Myu rather than to me? While I thought that, I was taken by Sei-nee through the west gate, outside the town's walls.

There, was the place PVP practice was frequently happening at night.

And in the centre of it, there was Myu.

In the middle of a battle royale in which numerous players were fighting all at once, she intently fought using both sword and magic.

"Need more! It's not enough! This is nowhere close to that boss! Next!"

"In that case, I'll be your opponent. Let's raise both of our levels and abilities!"

"Yes! If I can win against Taku-san in PVP, I'll win against the boss next time!"

Myu who was the last one standing in the battle royale system started another PVP battle without even taking a breath. Her opponent was Taku, they both laughed loudly which seemed like a starting signal and the two's weapons clashed, smiling.

As I continued to watch the spectacle that unfolded with their high level offence and defence, Sei-nee spoke to me.

"Yun-chan, are you still worried after seeing this?"

"It's my loss for worrying. Good grief, just my imaginary fears."

Just when I thought she was so depressed, she already was all positive about raising her levels and improving her skills in combat with other players. What a busy person my grand little sister is.

Then, after the two settled their fight they fell down and sprawled out on the night plains. That's when my eyes met Myu's after she fell down. She raised a loud voice and got up energetically.

"Yun-oneechan and Sei-oneechan?!"

"Y-you look energetic. Well then, It's about time I logged out and prepared for tomorrow..."

"Sei-oneechan, capture Yun-oneechan!"

"Let go! Sei-nee!"

Sei-nee standing next to me grabbed my arm to prevent me from escaping. I've got a bad feeling the moment I was found by Myu and tried to escape immediately but it didn't work.

Taku joined in and I was surrounded by three people.

"Yun-oneechan is also coming to fight that big pup! Don't run and become strong!"

"No, it's a wolf not a big pup, right. Heck, you should remove me from the member list and take someone stronger."

OSO_v04_283I slowly moved backwards to retreat, but my back was pressed on by Sei-nee and my hand was grasped by Myu when I bent forward.

"Now then, let's do some light PVP training!"

"Let's see just how well can Yun fight. Actually, I don't know that too well. We'll have you show us your abilities."

"Speaking of which, Yun-chan. Didn't you use an 【Enchant】 skill we don't know just earlier? Tell us all about it while we do some PVP. "

I felt like I was lured into an outrageous place.

During PVP, Myu wiped off her sweat with satisfaction, Taku happily chased me all around and Sei-nee overwhelmed me with ease despite leaving her main staff with Lyly and using a sub-weapon. This time it was me who fell down on the plains and sprawled out.

It was hard for me to even move, but thanks to that all rather than my attack senses, the senses related to avoidance were intensely raised.

Being able to clearly realize I have become stronger, I thought it wasn't so bad.

"All right, let's do it again sometime!"

But, I didn't want to do it ever again. I logged out in such mood.

The crafters' event is nearing. Also, with preparations for the raid quest we found there was lots of things to do, sounds fun.


Name : Yun

Weapon : Black Maiden's Longbow

Secondary Weapon : Magi-san's Kitchen Knife

Armour : CS No.6 Ochre Creator (Outerwear, Underwear, Torso, Waist).


Accessory Equipment Limit 2/10

● Rugged Iron Ring (1)

● Substitute Gem's Ring (1)


Possessed SP23

【Bow Lv36】 【Longbow Lv8】 【Hawk Eyes Lv47】 【Speed Increase Lv28】 【See-Through Lv12】 【Magic Talent Lv44】
【Magic Power Lv48】 【Enchant Arts Lv22】 【Dosing Lv28】 【Earth Element Talent Lv19】


【Alchemy Lv32】 【Synthesis Lv33】 【Engraving Lv2】 【Swimming Lv13】 【Crafting Knowledge Lv34】
【Taming Lv8】 【Linguistics Lv18】 【Cooking Lv26】


Current circumstances:

● Discovered raid quest

● Crafting Guild's event is nearing

● Caught an eye of Flein, a PK

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  1. gurdil

    from volume 4, chapter 4:
    Possessed SP25
    【Bow Lv33】【Longbow Lv4】【Hawk Eyes Lv43】 【Speed Increase Lv25】 【See-Through Lv6】 【Magic Talent Lv43】【Magic Power Lv46】 【Enchant Arts Lv19】 【Dosing Lv24】 【Earth Element Talent Lv16】
    【Alchemy Lv30】 【Synthesis Lv30】 【Engraving Lv1】 【Swimming Lv13】 【Crafting Knowledge Lv32】 【Taming Lv7】 【Linguistics Lv16】【Cooking Lv23】

    and here
    Possessed SP23
    【Bow Lv36】 【Longbow Lv8】 【Hawk Eyes Lv47】 【Speed Increase Lv28】 【See-Through Lv12】 【Magic Talent Lv44】
    【Magic Power Lv48】 【Enchant Arts Lv22】 【Dosing Lv28】 【Earth Element Talent Lv19】
    【Alchemy Lv32】 【Synthesis Lv33】 【Engraving Lv2】 【Swimming Lv13】 【Crafting Knowledge Lv34】
    【Taming Lv8】 【Linguistics Lv18】 【Cooking Lv26】

    The sense have only one that go up a10 value but the SP drop by 2 and the value I calculated is 21 not 25 or 23. Is it a mistake

    detail of calcul:
    hidden SP
    Enchant,Mixing,Craftsmanship,Discovery: +3 each (12)
    used SP
    Craftsmanship,Speed Increase,Discovery,Swimming,Linguistics,Earth Element Talent: -1 each (6)
    Dosing,Cooking,Longbow,See-Through: -2 each (8)
    Engraving,Enchant Arts: -3 each (6)
    total -20
    SP from Sense level:
    Bow : 3
    Hawk Eyes : 4
    Magic Talent : 4
    Magic Power :4
    Alchemy : 3
    Synthesis : 3
    Crafting Knowledge : 3
    Speed Increase : 2
    Earth Element Talent : 1
    Swimming : 1
    Linguistics : 1
    total 29
    so SP Owned = 29+12-20 =21
    I can be wrong but there is incoherence in data
    for SP, I took the data from vol1 : 1 SP for 10 LV of a sense except hight level sense (SP cost >1)

    1. krytyk Post author

      No clue here either. Just rechecked, says 23SP. Maybe author screwed up here too.

    2. TempoDiValse

      you didn't include the 2 he gets from cooking at 23 it appears. With those additional +2 he is at 23 sp just like the book says.

  2. Bareus

    Well then, It's about time I logged out and prepared for tomorrow..."
    Well then, it's about time I log out and prepared for tomorrow..."

    ● Caught an eye of Flein, a PK
    ● Caught the eye of Flein, a PK

  3. Dakysan

    Wouldn't it just be best to use the bow with 15 available enchants then just use rings full of +2 damage/attack (at least) to make up for dmg

    1. Loppi

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      1. Aorii

        The character stat images already detail what equipment slots are available...
        Still, does it really matter whether they get two ring slots or three? Only thing of importance is that the author is consistent with it.

        1. krytyk Post author

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    And now the wait for volume 5 begins. Hopefully it comes out quicker than 4 did.

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        Hey, give her er..him more credit, if not for him, the party won't exist, so he's the ringleader.

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    Thank you very much for your good work, Krytyk-sama. Now we shall join you in awaiting our goddess Yun's next adventures. I wish I have a time machine.

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    I think Yun kun might end up taming the wolf after the battle. After the battle it reverts back to being just a spirit and Yun kun uses the new revival medicine on the spirit bringing back to life than tames it.

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    You know, this has been bothering me for a while, but is Yun ever going to use that longbow she got from the second volume? Didn't it have like fifteen or so upgrade slots? Wasn't it a better weapon?

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      I think its on par but lacks any upgrades yet and considering that he's probably not going to take the initiative to get what he needs to upgrade it

    2. Someguy

      C'mon, it's one of the BEST customisable weapons in-game. With Yun's current crafting levels and materials, it'll be a waste of time and resources. It's best for Yun to obtain suitable drops from Raid Level Event Bosses or Puzzle Solving Quests (which he's somehow good at).

    3. krytyk Post author

      It wasn't a better weapon. Stats-wise it's a worse weapon, if serve as a good specialized weapon if it had good reinforcing materials in it, but that requires grinding lots and lots various boss mobs, hoping for their drops. Not just any reinforcing materials would work either.

      1. Someguy

        Wait a minute...It was called: Wolf Commander's Longbow...Wisteria Peach Tree's Giant Wolf 【Garm Phantom】...FORESHADOWING!

      2. Blank

        There was also the 'Indestructible' option, so he should be able to enchant it with pretty much anything, and it'd still be there.

        1. krytyk Post author

          So what would he enchant there? Speed? Int? attack?

          Still would be worse than his normal weapon because the enchant bonus isn't strong enough to warrant a change of weapon.

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    Ufufufu, That cat's luck transfer, I was right~…
    Yay~, Volume 5 = Crafter's guild start?

      1. StealthAria

        It never directly stated that though, Yun might have opened the menu to check but got distracted before being able to actually check. I doubt this one.

        It's also entirely possible Yun got something rare without realizing it, it happens to me all the time. Something with 0.00001% chance of dropping drops, but it looks and sounds so plain I over look it as a common because I don't look into the drop rates and it drops frequently for me. Knowing Yun, this is more likely.

  11. Liedral

    Lol... poor Yun. Getting solicitated by pk guilds, catching the eye of another pk guild leader and finally getting pvp training smashed into her by her friends. Feels like alot of pvp incoming.

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    Anyway, thanks for the hard work translating this, despite my nitpicking I've definitely enjoyed reading it.

    1. krytyk Post author

      There might be either a limit, or maybe people just don't want to go around wearing 5 rings at once... well, it's a novel. We can't suddenly force tons of equipment on characters because it's efficient, can we. Wrong novel type.

    2. Galen Musbach

      Yun believes that senses level up more with challenging fights; also, his role-play is support character. It would have made sense in this volume for Yun to ramp up his defense during at least 2 chapters; it didn't happen in the Horror cave because Yun didn't know he needed to. That's why he was beating himself up over it. The escort mission was confidence in his escorts, and the wish to know to know how well he would do wandering around harvesting alone without the accessory boosts.

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