To those I meet for the first time, and those I meet again. Hello, I'm Aloha Zachou.


You, who have taken this book in your hands, A-san in charge of editing, Yukisan-sama who have prepared wonderful illustrations for this work, Hani Kuraun-sama who works on the comicalization and those of you who have seen my work on the net, you have my gratitude.

Currently, in the Dragon Magazine there's the spin-off series with the main series' protagonist's sister, Myu as the protagonist called "Silver Goddess (Muse)" so please do try it.


This time's seventh volume was a re-made, refreshing the episode from the webnovel's version, did you enjoy it? I hope you enjoyed it.


In this time's afterword, I'd like to talk about the image I have of my favourite character.

Among people of all ages, there are people who love the villains. I don't hate the villain aesthetics either.

Having an overwhelming charisma they drive the protagonist to feel despair, and, they have a transcendent beauty. I think that's what makes the protagonist's turnaround such a success, a highlight. But, I prefer a no-good kind of character.

Specifically, I mean Dr. Wily who appeared in the Megaman series, he's my big favourite. First, speaking of what's good about him, his pride is real strong. From the viewers point of view he has the confidence but you can't feel he's no good despite that. Despite being a mass of pride, when he loses he shows off his speciality "jumping dogeza", I think that for a villain, his being no-good is quite fun.

On the other hand, Dr. Wily shows an extraordinary passion in creating robots which is an incredibly important piece of information for us. Also, many of the robots who work for Dr. Wily aren't made for combat but had other applications, and are given a personality. It makes feel like his robots are something like his sons, and not only "existences for combat".

Because of that Dr. Wily is caught by Rockman every time just to be released shortly after, in the next work and the incidents with Dr. Wily aren't too largely affecting the general public. I think that's how it's treated. Most likely the general public just goes "Haha, that Dr. Troublesome did something again" and have a sense of security. Since the story came from the era where games were in NES generation there was no murder depictions and such, thus he went to prison for short term. Maybe, he didn't want to turn his children robots into mass-murders. Well, Rockman is another thing. He's the iconic rival of Dr. Light, after all.

In the manga version, depending on the work there's a difference in how Dr. Wily is seen, but personally, Rockman.EXE3's battle with young and passionate Dr. Wily is my favourite.


From now on as well, please take care of me, Aloha Zachou.

In the end, I would like once again to say my gratitude to those who have taken this book into your hands.

I look forward to meeting you all again.

September 2015, Aloha Zachou

7 thoughts on “Afterword

  1. Leeching Scum

    Does anyone have an epub copy of O.S.O volume 5-7??
    may I ask for the links please thank you very much

  2. libraryrocker

    I just want to thank you very, very, very much for all your hard work. I really enjoy reading the adventures of Yun and look forward all the time whenever you start translating a new volume. Also I will now google Dr. Wily's jumping dogeza... XD

  3. bakusura

    thank you for all oh your hardwork Aloha Zachou-sensei for writing this story, and Krytyk-san who translate this series...
    is this afterword means a flag of some event or something? will OSO became death game? or became another digital world that the npc will have their own personality? or just intermezo to some kind dungeon boss that programer like Doctor Willy make?
    stay tune in Only Sense Online, Let's meet again Next year

  4. Bareus

    You, who have took this book in your hands, ...
    You, who have took this book in your hands, ...
    You, who have taken this book in your hands, ...

    It me feel like his robots are something like his sons, ...
    It makes me feel like his robots are something like his sons, ...
    For me it feels like his robots are something like his sons, ...

  5. Maho

    All wily's robots are basically battle bots the ones that usually have other uses were designed by light and corrupted by Willy.


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