Volume 2

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3 thoughts on “Volume 2

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    1. Virtual Livestock

      hellz yeah it does, this totally needs to be done ages ago... even if you cant handle it the readers can and totally want more, i mean i and im sure many others love stories with detailed gore and adult themes thrown out realistically (as in the kind of gore scene that aren't "he had his stomach slashed and started bleeding" or "the sword sliced open his stomach and he died" but "his stomach was rend into two by the sword as his intestines fell out and he tried to stuff them back in" and adult themes like what would actually happen if someone was captured by a monster or thieves... none of that just throw them in a cage they would actually do the stuff that gets said before the hero usually shows up and saves them... none of that "we'll have a taste of her hahaha" then they die.... no, it has the people actually having that happen to them... IT IS AMAZING BECAUSE IT HAS WORST CASE SCENARIOS HAPPEN YET HAS AN ENDING WHERE THE GOOD GUYS WIN!!! (personally i support the bad guys in everything but still, it has the good guys winning that everyone wants and the worst case scenarios that everyone loves because they are barely anywhere else... long story short this totally needs to be translated... pretty please