Fan Favorite Again: Board Chapter

Was supposed to write stuff about series pickup policy etc, but kinda busy cause two rooms in my place have no electricity and I need to find out why.

Link to the chapter.

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2 thoughts on “Fan Favorite Again: Board Chapter

  1. flannan

    Looks like one of the fuses in your place is malfunctioning (it is possible to have up to 3 in the same apartment).
    First, switch off and unplug all the power-hungry and sensitive electric devices like fridges, electric kettles and computers.
    Second, check the fuse box and try switching them all on. If it works, good.
    Third, if it immediately switches back to "off", the fuse must be shortened out somewhere. Check for burnt electric connections and cables. Worst case, they could be hidden somewhere in your walls.

    1. krytyk Post author

      Nah, it was not a fuse. Looks like a cable in one of boxes left in the wall behind a gypsum board disconnected due to a surge. Seriously, a friggin cable physically disconnected inside a damn wall. Had to open a hole in gypsum board and fix it.

      And now I have to fill the hole and paint over again...


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