Finally done. Yay. The torment is over.

EB_v01_CoverAnd so I finish volume 1 of Elvenblood. Honestly speaking, the book is good, great even. But I'm completely wasted, part of me doesn't want to touch the series ever again. Translating it was very difficult for me considering how the series is.

Anyway, first I'm gonna drop the links before I continue the rant. Interlude, Afterword, Full Text.

Now back to the rant. I don't know if I will continue Elvenblood, if I had to make the decision now I would abandon the series, drop it and never come back to it. It has lots of fans, and I am a fan as well, but right now I don't want to have anything to do with translating it. It chirps away too much life out of me to concentrate for hours, its scrapping away at my nerves and shortening my lifespan to the point where I consider breaking my "never drop a series" promise. I didn't know it will be like this when I first read through the book and started translating, so if it is dropped - my apologies.

Therefore, for the time being Elvenblood will be indefinitely stalled. Whether I come back to it - it's unknown. Possibly, maybe, or maybe when the time for it comes in the schedule I'll decide to drop it.  Who knows. I myself - don't know.

Although, I'm not writing this to discourage you from the series. It's a great series and I enjoy it a lot, it's just that... translating it takes too much out of me. Reading it and translating it are two different things, the major difference is the time spent inside and the depth you enter into the book's world. So there.

Next on the schedule is Only Sense Online volume 6, that should help me forget about Elvenblood for now, hopefully.

PS: A reminder, anyone who makes eBooks, whether it's ePUB, PDF, MOBI or whatever else, please post them in the File Gallery section's comments.



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33 thoughts on “Finally done. Yay. The torment is over.

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  1. Fisher

    To put it in an archaic way, now that the tragedy is over, it's time for a satyr.

  2. Haha

    You can translate antimagic for a long time though..
    Can anyone explain why cant he bare tl this?
    Theyre both dark.
    Sorry.. Im not into this yet as I encaunter the drop message before I do . Thnx

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Antimagic doesn't have betrayal, monster rape and entrails in these amounts.

  3. TV

    Hi Thx so much , but will you start to translate a new novel? if elven blood gets stalled?

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Dunno, maybe. Who knows. For the time being I have lots of stuff to catch up with.

  4. Kamito

    Thank you for the translation !

    I really loved Elvenblood, and because there is a chance that you drop it, I want to ask what's the reading difficulty of the novel?
    If I recall correctly, someone asked the same thing and you said it was rather difficult.
    How many years of "learning" do you think a person will need to read it? (With a dictionary or fluently)

    I know it's different from a person to another, but a general opinion would be good. Or a comparison with another LN.

    Hopefully I can read it in 3 to 5 years. (I know 1 year would be a dream :/)

  5. Liedral

    Elvenblood... seems like it brings despaie to the characters, readers and surprisingly.... the translator....... Extreme darkness~

    Thnks for the translations. Hoping OSO fluffiness cures all that despair.

  6. sinkingship

    I liked the volume, thank you for translating and sharing it with all of us !

  7. Fein

    I have to say this is the first LN I've read where I have felt the author's will at conveying his story this strongly. Ohhh the feels from chapter 5. My personal hope is for this series to continue being translated.

    Not necessarily by you; though not from translating, I sort of know that feeling you've described. Though it may sound a bit as cliche advice, I will say you should stay true to yourself. If your heart is being ground away translating Elvenblood, taking a step back is fine.

  8. Someguy

    Don't worry, just read Berserk and ASOIAF & you'll realise that Elvenblood is cheerful and spiritually uplifting...

    But seriously, it's OK to drop this if you feel masochistic tear jerkers are not your thing.

    Meanwhile, to relax and amuse youself, try reading Evil God Average.

  9. Z

    Nice series! Translating all the other LN will give you a couple of month of break from Elven Blood. Hopefully you won't drop it and will continue it after those breaks.

  10. lesstea know, I still haven't read Elvenblood (because it reeks savagery. thx Google). And now that you're posting this..... uuh, should I join the Dark side? I'm kinda scared...

    ....maybe I'll wait for Yun then start reading alternately between those two.

  11. DoomsEye

    While I would like it if you continued this series, I hope you wont force yourself to translate. It's not like we leechers have the right to force you after all. If you really don't want to break your promise of not abandoning a series that you start, then maybe you could take a break for a couple of months and translate this novel then? Hopefully you'd have recovered by that time. お疲れ様です!!

  12. Sean

    I have to say, I'm sad you want to drop this, because I absolutely loved this series, hopefully you'll reconsider after some OSO feels. But really, you're amazing to finish the rest of these chapters in what, 3 days? Thank you for working so hard, you've made my day with each post!

  13. Frolamiz

    Wow, I didn't knew there was that much of a difference between translating and reading. I guess it's a question of immersion. Once I spent a whole day reading something really dark while being very immersed in the story, and afterward I was a bit depressed and seeing everything darker for a few days (or at least darker than usual), so if it's similar to that, I understand well.
    As others have told above, it's probably not a good idea to do it all at once, doing one chapter between others more healing stuffs, and also not spending a whole day traducing a chapter but spending a few hours at most might be better.
    Anyway, thanks a lot for the chapter, and have a good healing on OSO =)

  14. failureknight

    is this LN really that "dark"??
    i was about to read it but after reading your comments it discouraged be a bit....

  15. argus88

    Well, I do appreciate that you pushed yourself this time to translate this project. Dropping it is completely up to you, but why not let yourself recharge for a long while with cute stuff? Then sort of intermittently release as personally tolerated with this project and alternating with other projects. From the way it sounds, working on Elvenblood with releases so close together does not sound healthy for your sanity. Understandably too.

  16. passingby

    Despair is not over yet, only need some OSO healing and ellis smile and you will be fine. (ノ_<。)ヾ(´▽`)

  17. Schion

    kek what you need is some fluffiness from OSO...I bet that child yun would cheer you right back up again, thanks for your work

  18. rite

    Thx for the translation!

    I do feel that this series is really, really dark and since it drains your life, why not translate it only when you feel like it and concentrate on happy stuff like OSO?

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      Maybe, but I'm not gonna force myself. Well, it's not yet decided if I'll drop it but there is the possibility.

      1. Hiroin

        Like 60:40 posibility between you will dropped and not dropped it, right?

        well don't worry you need take a break after tormentted because translated this edgy stuff then :thumbsup

  19. KMZ

    Yay OSO time now.

    One option that you could do is instead of trying to translate a whole volume Elvenblood, split it into chapters, or even parts of a chapter to work on in between your other fluffier projects. this way your other projects can buffer the negative feelings from Elvenblood a bit.

  20. Umini

    Thank you for working on such an amazing series, despite the toll it gave you, I enjoyed every chapter and regardless of how much people loved it, you're free to decide which series to drop :D (Internally saying NOOO! XD)

  21. happinezz001

    yay finally it is finished i'm gonna read this and hope i'm still thinking straight afterwards

  22. Tabeleta

    Honestly, I don't even know how you could keep your sanity reading this, the only way for me to read this series is if someone said that everything was an illusion and everyone is happy and alive. It sure was hard on you right? Now you deserve happiness.
    Now it's OSO time, I hope Yun starts to research more about the Bow Sense, she's almost a production cheat, now she needs to show the true worth of the bow.

  23. Kemm

    Thank you for your work.

    Only time will tell if we see more of this series translated by you.