On the weekdays, when I have school, I have to make meals and take a bath so I couldn’t play as much. I only went back and forth between the union and the Eastern forest and also replenished the large amount of vegetables I have used on Sunday.

In this game, stores run out of stock, so I replenished them over a few days.

30 of Salt, 12 of Bay Leaf. Onions, Cabbage, Carrots and Yams, 100 of each.

So during the weekdays I hunted and replenished ingredients. During weekends I spent my time leisurely, doing crafting.


And this Saturday marks the third week since the service has started, the event is going to happen in a week on Saturday. Well, I’m not participating so I don’t really care. My little sister is all hyped-up, however.

The problem is that with the last spurt before the event, people started coming to the Eastern forest? With that said, it is only on the level of seeing them sometimes.


It appears players are currently focusing on Northern and Southern hunting grounds, seems that they are aiming to beat bosses there.

The North has mines, so people who use metal equipment want to open it.

The South is abundant with wood materials, so people who want bows or staves must want it.

Although everyone wants to open the West, mobs there are insect-type. Their appearance is a problem and there are many of them, so it’s harsh without AoE spells.

As for the East, the few cooks――including me――want to open it, and that’s about it?


Speaking of curious things - the number of enemies in the South has decreased all at once, is what I heard from my sister. Apparently Goblins who were there in large numbers have suddenly disappeared.

I heard that the union has been notified about it already, is this some kind of event?

It’s a game, so enemies disappearing for a reason other than events would be troubling. For now, no one knows anything and they are trying to probe what is happening.


That is what must have influenced people to come to the East.

Even if enemies are strong here, it’s still better than not being able to fight at all.



Also, on Wednesday, Alfreet-san the Living Armor seems to have found an Extra Race.

To be more precise, it’s a rare race on which route anyone can enter as long as they fulfill the requirement.

Alfreet-san, as the first one to become one, receives Extra Race treatment and is a little different from others… is what it says. He hasn’t evolved yet, so we don’t know the details.


By the way, it seems to have already been awarded according to the log… was the official response that came, so we shared information on Extra Races with Inhumans’ BBS board.

Alfreet-san and Honehone-san were famous right from the start, so they wrote under their own player names. They did not give my name as source of information, but said it’s from “Princess”.


And then, suddenly management started deleting the messages of several people. I wondered why is that, but apparently mentioning “princess play”1Princess play refers to a situation where a female gamer in a party or a guild, is being pampered by numerous male players. Such player acts all nice and flirty toward male players to get free equipment, power leveling, money. Being a "princess". You get the point.was no good. Well, it seems malicious usage of the term was judged by brain waves.

The management did intervene there. Rather, at worst the thread itself could disappear so please stop. They are fairly strict.

Also, RPing as a princess isn’t “princess play”. They are completely different things.


Among the information we shared there were screenshots of parts of our log and an SS of my race, since the other two haven’t become theirs yet. Also, we shared Extra Race and Extra Equipment help pages.

My equipment’s effects are of course a secret. I’m not telling anyone.




Now, about the result of playing on weekdays…


Name: Anastasia
Race:  Immortal Princess Woman Lv14
Element: Dark
Genus: High Immortal
Family: Royal Zombie
Skill Points: 48


«Sword Lv23» «Defense Lv20» «Parry Lv20» «Armor Lv20»
«Light Magic Lv20» «Magic Ability Lv26»
«Sensing Lv21» «Uncover Lv20» «Footwork Lv14» «Cooking Lv18»  «Alchemy Lv1»  «Gathering Lv17»  «Appraisal Lv16» «Disassembly Lv13»
«Identification Lv22» «Discern»




Monster Skills:
«Dark Magic Lv20» «Aura of Darkness Lv16»
«Physical Resistance Lv18» «Physical Immunity Lv15» «Magic Resistance Lv5» «Automatic HP Recovery Lv24»
«Immortal Royalty Lv4» «Royal Authority Lv1» «High Tier Immortal»


Elegant and Calm Princess: Improves the impression given to others and makes it harder for them to become wary of you.



Over weekdays my status turned like this.

My Skill Points have accumulated, but they will probably disappear when my skills become their higher versions. I will continue to accumulate them like this.


My level went up by 2 to 14.

«Sword» received【Attack Stance】at 25.

«Defense» received【Guard Stance】at 25.

«Parry» received【Parry Stance】at 25.

«Light Magic» and «Dark Magic» received【Light (Dark) Enchant】at 15, and【Light (Dark) Lance】at 20.

«Magic Ability» received【Lock】,【Unlock】at 20, then【Psychokinesis】and【Delay Spell】at 25.


The ones that had Arts are just these ones. 

Stances are switchable and their effect was Attack Power Increase/Defense Decrease and vice versa.

As for【Parry Stance】, it had Parry Success Rate Increase/Defense Decrease.

Enchant-type spells were increasing one’s stats, and the stats increased differed depending on the element enchanted. Light increased SPI and dark increased INT.

【Lock】and【Unlock】were just as the name suggested, allowing locking and unlocking things with magic.

【Psychokinesis】was a spell that allowed you to move objects without touching them and was dependent on INT/SPI stats. While moving objects it consumes MP, and the heavier the object the more MP it consumes.

【Delay Spell】was a passive Art that increased the time between the end of channeling and misfire.


Also, attacks from Rabbits and Wolves have entered within «Physical Immunity»’s range.

Finally, if anything, but I guess that’s about it.




And then, a long awaited Saturday, a day off came.

Let’s do some cooking.

I had 100 of each vegetable, about 600 portions of soup I guess? I need to sell them or they’ll only get in the way… I could either put up a stall, or do consignment sale.

In case of running a stall or a store, it was necessary to register with the Merchants’ Union. In case of consignment I don’t have to register, but it would require me to pay a commission fee…

If I register and do consignment sale I could use more detailed settings like a limit for daily purchases. In other words, unless I register I can only put items up and set the price.


The Merchants’ Union was a gathering of merchants and just like Adventurers’ Union it had ranks. The higher a merchant’s rank is, the more favorable treatment they receive.

It could be a better location for running business, being introduced to necessary human resources, or being helped out when in trouble.

The rank increased depending on contribution… basically, on the amount of money you pay as a fee to the union. This part is important… from players’ perspective it’s all about paying up the tax, and the method to earn it does not matter.

In other words, I could even sell Boar Leather to Ertz-san and leave that money in the Merchants Union. Of course it was also possible to put in there the reward from the Adventurers’ Union.


Is what I learned from my conversation with Ertz-san and Primula-san...

From a player’s perspective, registration was necessary for putting up a stall. So it was either that, or selling in consignment at a place that can do accounting… it seems?

Well, that’s pretty much it.


A stall needs a salesperson, and it’s necessary to employ a Resident as a salesperson. In case of consignment sale, the Merchant Union will send a person by themselves, so it only requires registering.

Consignment sale is mainly used by combat-oriented people who only come back to repair their equipment and replenish consumables, who then register their materials and go back to hunt. In case they have preferred crafters, they often sell materials to them when they replenish or repair.

Stalls are often used by crafters who can work there, on the spot. No one has enough money to buy a store at this point.


Both stall and consignment sale have their advantages and disadvantages, but it does change depending on the person and situation so it’s hard to judge.

I was going to craft so maybe I should put up a stall at Ertz-san’s place? I can immediately replenish materials there, too. The consignment sale is for using when going to sleep, and for the people who don’t have time to go around to buy from stalls?

In which case, first I need to register.


In the South, which seems to be set as the merchant district, I enter a large building by the main road which had a carriage and scales sign on it.

I wait a moment for my turn, and I register at the receptionist girl’s place.

It appeared that the Adventurers’ Union card was shared between the two and the Merchants’ Union’s information was only added to it.


Furthermore, I receive permission for a stall from the receptionist and purchase a stall set.



[Tool] Simple Stall Kit Rarity: No Quality: C
A simple stall set used for opening a stall which can be bought at the Merchant’s Union.

[Tool] Stall Kit Rarity: No Quality: C
A stall set used for opening a stall which can be bought at the Merchant’s Union.



It seems like there are two, but I cannot purchase the non-simple one yet… It appears that there was a requirement for purchase, as well as a limit to number of usages and maximum total sales money.

Looks like it’s made so that the stall grows more and more luxurious the more you sell.

I purchased a simple Simple Stall Kit for 5000.


Also, let’s put out those pseudo-yakitori skewers made with Rabbit Meat… as well as 1cm steaks on consignment. Skewers and the 1cm steaks aren’t my main merchandise.

Umm… 1cms for 400. Skewers for 200 each same as before.

I have 35 skewers so… 7000, with commission fee taken, it turns to 6650?

And there's 20 of 1cm steaks so… with a fee taken from 8000, making it 7600.

It seems that the commission fee is taken when the goods are sold, so it’s all up to whether they even sell.


Whoops, and let’s deposit about 50k.

It is possible to deposit money at the Adventurers’ Union or the Merchants’ Union. It’s a countermeasure against death penalty, I guess. When you die you lose half of the money you have on you, so if I didn’t deposit it and die, I would cry.

I deposit money in the union's bank.


Now, let’s level my «Cooking» while I sell my main merchandise, which are 4cm steaks and soup.




When I head to the usual place, I see Ertz-san and Primula-san’s stalls.


“Good morning.”

“Ah, yahoo!”

“Hey, ‘morning to you.”


I excitedly placed a Simple Stall Kit next to Primula-san.

What appeared was a mat and a small box.


“Ooh, a stall huh.”

“That early stall sure is desolate, isn’t it~.”


It’s just these two things. This certainly is desolate. 

...Especially when compared to the movable cart stall next to me.


“Well, it will turn into this soon enough.”

“The one single rank above is this, you see~.”

“Ohh… so that’s why the price is like that...”

“The price jump to 20k sure is big, isn’t it~.”

“If you cleared the requirement, means you’re earning right? Is what it must mean.”


Certainly, if you can clear the requirement, then 20k isn’t a big deal...

It changes the amount of types of items you can sell at once, so if you do not care about the appearances it isn’t really necessary.


Now, the pricing for 4cm steaks is the same as before so that’s fine, but… what do I do about soup?

The Satiety is higher on steaks by 5. But soup’s cost of base materials is overwhelmingly higher. But well, buyers don’t really care about that, so steaks with their higher satiety turn out to be more expensive no matter what.

I guess I can profit more on steaks but… for raising my Skill level, the soup is better… And it’s more relaxing to make it, too?

Steaks for 600 each, soup for 500, is it?

The most expensive part of the ingredients is meat, steaks use Rabbit Meat and soup uses Boar Meat...

Although it is natural to change meat used depending on the cuisine, it does give me mixed feelings.

The ingredient cost difference is huge, yet the finished product has the opposite pricing...


“The difference in value of things between those that are raw and processed is only natural. I understand how you feel, but give up...”

“This is the fate of crafters.”

“It’s good enough that your Skill leveling turns into any sales at all.”

“Yup, yup. It’s the worst when you need to make something to raise your level, but it’s completely unnecessary~.”

“Well, we should be grateful in this game. It doesn’t require you to craft specific items to raise your Skill level, so all that you need to be bothered with is the materials’ level.”

“But on the other hand, it does require some plain work which requires using compatible materials and such...”

“Yeah… In «Cooking»’s case… ahh, does the cooking method influence experience gain?”

“From what I can feel, it appears so. Stewing gives more than frying, and steaming more than stewing.”

“That is a little harsh.”

“The time stewing takes is reduced by an incredible amount, so it’s easy. More importantly, the fantasy world… this world’s specific processing being required is the worst part. I need to go around asking older women to teach me. If I don’t get along with them, they won’t give me information...”

“Housewives’ wisdom!”


The Brown Boar soup was the perfect example.

But today, based on my level, I thought of moving from boar to Bear Meat.

It isn’t written that it requires processing like boar meat, but it sounds like it would be best to do it for bear as well… When I went to resupply Bay Leaf I was taught so by the clerk.

I ended up buying things that I did not plan to buy, but it was necessary, so it can’t be helped.

What do I say, they are good at sales… I guess it will eventually become necessary so it’s fine.



[Material] Cooking Wine Rarity: No Quality: C
Commonly used wine for cooking.
50 uses possible.



Well then, let’s make it.

I pour water into a pot for six, add bay leaves and cooking wine.

Then inside I put meat cut into single bite-sizes, put fire on and slowly mix everything...

I was told that “before it starts boiling there will be grey scum, so make sure to take it all out”, but there was more of it than I thought there would be, which made me laugh.


“Look, she started smiling while mixing a pot.”

“Is that a witch?”


Iiii-hi-hi-hi. No, I’m not letting my voice out, you know?

I hurriedly took out the grey scum before it started boiling, then once it boiled, I removed bay leaves and then put vegetables in.

What is left is to adjust the taste while simmering it, and complete!

Let’s portion it.



[Cuisine] Full of Ingredients Brown Bear Soup  Rarity: No Quality: B-
A simple salt-seasoned soup.
The Bear’s meat has been properly processed, so it has no smell and meat's taste can be enjoyed.
Satiety +25
Contents: Bowl, Spoon
Cook: Anastasia
Utensils: Primula



“Ohhh, it’s B-. at this point I only know that it affects taste, but...”

“The taste of food being affected is the most important part, isn’t it?”

"...True enough.”

“Is there no effect on satiety?”

“There isn’t, you see. It increases when “Full of Ingredients” or “Luxurious” are added, but… is the quality insufficient?”

“That “Full of Ingredients” and “Luxurious” means the amount itself is large, right? It’s easy to understand that it directly changes Satiety… are they saying that the taste won’t fill your belly?”

“I see. It does make sense~.”

"...Well, let’s put food’s Quality aside for now.”


Alright, before I start selling it… I need to try it myself.

Cuisine’s price is based Satiety and taste.

...Let’s eat.


“Heheh… this is beyond my expectations… yup, this is much tastier than the boar soup. Haa… it soaks right in… even though I’m a zombie.”

“PWhahh! Now that you mention it, you were a zombie!”

“You okay? Aren’t you leaking anywhere?”

“I’m alright, it’s not like I’m Ske-san.”


“Ske-san would turn into a waterfall.”


Ahh, Ertz-san was already bearing his laughter, and now he started to roar with it.

Honehone-san… is also called Ske-san because he’s a Skeleton. Far from leaking, if he drank a soup it would fall off him like a waterfall. There’s no doubt.


“Speaking of which, can Alf-san eat or drink?”

“A Living Armor… probably can’t? Aren’t their insides hollow?”

“He’s full plate after all. I wonder if it’d gather in his legs.”

“Would he start sprinkling from the gaps in the armor if we poured water inside him all at once?”

“Fufu… that might be the case.”

“S-stop it, you two!!”


Looks like Ertz-san can’t get out of the laughing loop.


“Heey hey, you look like you’re having fuuun.”

“Here comes the person himself!!”

“Buhaha!! I’m dying...DYING…!”

“Good morning, Ske-san.””

“Heey, Princess. What’s up with Ertz?””

“Oh, you see――”


Might as well explain the flow of conversation.


“I see. Well, I’m just as you said. But I wonder about Alf? Speaking of which, can you eat, Princess?”

“Yes, I have taste so there is no problem. I don’t have the Satiety system however...”

“Well, must be ‘cause you have a body? As for Alf, well, probably impossible? I’m curious about water however.”


Let’s go big with bear soup.

800 for one!

The bear meat has a pretty good price in the union, after all.


“What is it about me?”


“Heya. Why is Ertz laughing like mad?”

“You see… blah-blah-blah.”

“Blah-blah yadda-yadda.”

"...Iä Iä Cthulhu.”

“Princess, that’s the no-good one. ...So?”


Ske-san, Primula-san and I continued one after another, but naturally “blah-blah-blah” did not work and we properly explained.


“I see. I tried eating but I couldn’t, y’see… As for water… that certainly makes me curious?”

“How about getting inside the fountain?”

"...I think they would get angry at me if I did that...”

“There is the statue, after all~.”

“Would probably get a serious telling off...”

“How about trying it out when you go to the sea?”

“Let’s do so. ……...I’m not going to rust, am I”

"...Who knows?”

“Phew… I thought I’d die. That armor of yours, it has no durability, does it?”


“Then it should be fine.”

“I hope so… I guess there could be some effect shown on the armor…?”


While listening to Alf-san and Primula-san speaking, as well as Ertz-san who has recovered and joined,  I made a soup that did not go through processing on purpose… using the most common way to make soup.



[Cuisine] Full of Ingredients Brown Bear Soup  Rarity: No Quality: C-
A simple salt-seasoned soup.
Soup for one who has finally beaten a bear, the feast of victory.
Satiety +25
Contents: Bowl, Spoon
Cook: Anastasia
Utensils: Primula



Well, if they lost they would get eaten so of course it’s of victory… but saying so would be boorish.

...Let’s eat.


Nn… nnnn…


“Princess is frowning.”

“Did you fail?”

“No, I ignored the way I was taught on purpose and I tried the normal method for making a soup. Want to try?”

“I wanna!”


Primula-san reacted, so I gifted her one portion. Alf-san and Honehone-san can’t eat it, after all.


“Here you go… I don’t take returns.”

“Let’s try… Ahhh… Ertz, let’s eat some?”

“Why do I have to eat something that makes you two frown so hard...”

“Just eat it.”

“Here you go...”

".........Ah, ahhh… well, this is...”

“The taste of meat and the smell of a beast, they play a strange harmony...”

“So this… is C-, huh. This is harsh… what can I say… it’s bad.”

“Yes, it is. As I thought, it’s best to listen to the knowledge of our predecessors… Now, let’s make some proper ones. Oh and, this is a successful one.”


“Looks like the process to remove smell is necessary.”

“Yeah. This is really good.”

“And the price is… 800? Isn’t this cheap?”

“Satiety is 25, you see.”

“Ahh… I guess it’s necessary to recover the remaining satiety with field rations?”

“It should be good to wash them down with this soup.”


I wonder if it’s possible to recover satiety with a set meal?

At this point, I can’t try it due to lack of ingredients, but I should do it later.

For the time being, let’s adjust the amount of cooking wine used for removing gray scum and find a way to raise Quality. Looks like the system’s memo function will get filled with recipes.



〈«Cooking» reached level 20. Gained “1” Skill Point.〉

〈«Cooking»’s【Reproduction】and【Knowledge of Deep-frying】were acquired.〉



【Reproduction】is… it allows you to register the process for each recipe and reproduce it to instantly make an item.

It seems to be the level 20 Skill shared among all crafting types. When you use it, the amount of experience decreases, so it’s not advised to use it when leveling.

Also, deep-frying was unbanned… at this point, Bear Meat is the highest level material there is, so let’s make it with that.


“The food-terror from this scent. You sure are spreading some nice smell dammit...”

“It’s nearly lunch, too~.”


“Oh, it’s Salute.”



It’s a person I see for the first time.

A white lab coat, brown hair and glasses? Going for the researcher image, I assume.


“The rumored Princess?”


“She’s being even more of a princess than I expected. I’m Salute and I’m doing «Mixing». Let’s get along!”

“I am Anastasia. As you can see, my crafting is «Cooking». Please take care of me.”


Salute-san immediately started preparing a stall.

Since she was doing «Mixing», her goods were the magic drugs which are so deficient now… the potion-type.

After putting out a stall, she came to look at mine.


“Those are some premium prices...”

“You should try eating some~. My recommendation is bear soup!”

“Ain’t that the most expensive one.”

“Yup, you’ll understand when you eat it.”

“That’s a really strong recommendation. Did you eat it?”

“I did!”

“Ho-hooh… let’s see...”


Thank you for your purchase.

Just by selling 2 of 6 portions I recover the cost of ingredients. For steak I go in the black with just a single one, however.

People who want satiety can buy cheaper 4cm steaks. If you seek taste, please buy bear soup.


“Ah, this is delicious… Being able to eat this for game money is certainly cheap...”


“Why are you being all boastful...”


Salute-san’s stall had potions of which there is a shortage now, so it was extremely popular. It’s about time players started coming over.

Lured in by Salute-san munching on the soup, people started buying my food on the stall next to hers… This is pretty sweet.

Well, it’s not like everyone buys it, but even if just a little of it is selling, it’s enough for me to be in the black.


Honehone-san came over, so I headed to reception.


“Princess, are you doing «Cooking» today?”

“I intend to.”

“Is that so~. I thought of going hunting with the three of us...”

“I see. I scheduled myself to do crafting on both days of the weekend, so...”

“Well, I have no intention of getting in the way of crafting time, so I guess we’ll go with the two of us. Are you always solo, Princess?”

“Yes, indeed. In general, I’m going to sleep at 10 p.m. so...”

“That sure is early… but yeah. No wonder I don’t see you on the days I’ve got leftover work to do and come back late.”

“All for the sake of my skin.”


I’m taking good care of it.

I care for meals and sleep, as well as do moderate exercise and core training.


Now, it’s lunchtime.

They said they would look after the stall for me, but since I needed to gain the number of sales for the requirement anyway, I’ll just close it.


Logging out for now.


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