Flowers Chapter 3

Aorii here~

Another belated chapter update, this one for Flowers in Boreal Twilight. I keep feeling like something is lacking in Chapter 3. Though just like the character that I write, I can't seem to pinpoint what exactly it is. Grasping the metaphysical is hard :<  (Edit: after some more discussions and thought, I decided I didn't really like this chapter and is planning a major edit.)

The next one will also be Flowers as well, as I'm already into Chapter 4 and trying to hit the ground running on its story.

Chapter epigraphs are also being introduced (and retconned to older chapters). It has worked well in another writing project of mine to supplement world-building, cultural understanding, and characterization. As Flowers shines a spotlight on the Samarans and their Dharmic world views, I hope this'll come in handy.

...And for those who like learning in general: a Chapter references post.

Holidays is coming up! Hopefully this season I'll play less games and write more.

Happy Winter~

4 thoughts on “Flowers Chapter 3

  1. AvatarAl

    Thanks for the chapter and for the chapter references guide being able to research a term you don't understand the background of is really helpful.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. AvatarTeo

    Oh, thank you for both the chapter and the chapter references post. Loved both ❤️


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