Fluff descends. Kirito descends (?!).

In other words, starting up with OSO. The Prologue is of considerable length, so I decided to make it a separate release.

It's a huge surprise and shock how easy translating this is when it comes to mental strain, there's practically none. Anyway, chapter link here.

So, the descent of mysterious ikemen god into the world of OSO who looks like a buffed-up and bad-ass Kirito from SAO. Aloha Zachou-sensei and yukisan-sensei really've done it now (lol).

PS: On the other hand, on the right, we have something much better than some buffed-up punk. Although, for full resolution you'll have to volume 6's illustration's page.

PS2: Forgot to put in the greyscale illustration into the chapter. Done now. Refresh if need.


14 thoughts on “Fluff descends. Kirito descends (?!).

  1. Owl

    "Hey Kirito, you're famous! Can I shake your ha...Sei's on the cover? Get out of my way you obstruction!"

    *trample attack on Kirito* :)

  2. DoomsEye

    Me 30 seconds ago: Ooh, an update of OSO. Whats Kirito's name doing here.
    Me right now: ...forget Kirito. I need blood bags. Losing too much blood due to nosebleed thanks to the illustration!!!

  3. Thehan

    I just notice that little by little, the mc is getting smaller in the background. But hey at least he is doing a comic relief there

    1. krytykkrytyk Post author

      At least he's there on every single cover unlike some main characters :3.

      1. victorrama

        Ewwww Why 'Kirito' here!? He's so unneeded here. Put Kirito in elvenblood instead. He would like it.

      2. Moonspike

        Barely on this cover though. I almost needed a microscope to see him this time.

  4. Sanngrior

    hehe I was all "... the fuuu**??" when I first saw the title xD

    Like it was a cross-over SAO invasion :P

    don't blame me... I have read too much HalkO LOL


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