Fluffiness Counterattack!

Alice_avatarAlso, technical difficulties.

But let's forget those. Here's a new chapter of Fluffiness... uhhh... Nekama! That was the name! It's a bit hurried because over the last 1.5 hours I just translated 80% of the chapter for the second time, but who cares~~

... I want to sleep. I want to go back reading the sexy. I want...

—— Kadi


P.S.: Oh. Right. Link!

P.P.S.: Oh. Right. Link!

16 thoughts on “Fluffiness Counterattack!

  1. AvatarGreyfrost

    Thanks for the translation, can't wait for more updates, grinding with OP lightning ? Or will it be doing Guild quests, both in preparation for the colosseum.

  2. AvatarTsunami

    Where is that picture on the right from? For some reason it reminds me of someone but its on the tip of my tongue and its driving my insane.

    1. krytykkrytyk

      That's nekama's protagonist, Alice. It's a semi-official illustration gift by certain illustrator to the author.

        1. krytykkrytyk

          Either that or translation, pick one...

          Too late, it's translation~.

          Instead, you can eagerly await vol 7 antimagic's illustration coloured by me.

          1. Avatarkanel

            well yeah traslation has priority...or the other fans will find me and hang me by the b....

            its just that i realy want to see the fluffiness fall to darkeness....hmmm maybe i must try it a bit...

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