Fluffiness LIVES!! Also, damn leather bags

Darkness Alice, by Nuralation, based on the artwork by 雷山 of ジークンソフト

Darkness Alice, by Nuralation, based on the artwork by 雷山 of ジークンソフト

Toctoc, Kadi here.

Yes, I live. Thank you for all the concerned and cheering comments. I finally got around to starting Part 3, so here you are.

Now... Arc 3 is done in Japanese, and it was followed by a set of character introductions. The second, actually, the first came after Arc 2, but it covers all the characters again anyway. Or rather, it added new information. Like where the characters' names come from. So "Iria" is actually an Ilya. Still unrelated to that Master of Berserker/Magical Girl, though, but rather... well, see for yourselves. Yeah, I don't know what to say. Look forward to (not-)Tinker Bell? And after I asked the author directly if there was something to look out for. Mentioning those to characters by name. ...MEHHH.

There might be some more changes. Like to Alice's Cast Time Reduction. I might change it back to Chant(ing?) Reduction after all... and there are so many helpful comments I still haven't dealt with. All in due time.

For now, enjoy Darkness Alice! It's a tribute to Fluffiness from Nuralation, based on the artwork by 雷山 of ジークンソフト earlier. Thank you very much! In the future I'll work so that Alice hopefully can purge herself of the darkness and regain her old fluffy heart...

So far!




P.S.: Oh, right. Link.

12 thoughts on “Fluffiness LIVES!! Also, damn leather bags

  1. forum

    I still felt like its not a match against Kry's yandere-like Alice in creepiness :shudders: (dat smile)

    1. krytykkrytyk

      I'm guessing the concept was different. Mine was supposed to be creepy, this one is... well, I'd call it wild.

  2. Genix

    Thanks for the update.

    I'm glad that you take some of you free time and translate this WN, I'll wait patiently your next update.

  3. Oddmoonlight

    Are we sure that Alice will not turn out like that right? Right? Kadi, please answer *shakes Kadi vigorously*, will Alice stay pure white fluffy or turn into that? Nevermind I don't want any spoilers.


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