Fluffiness! Now with DAWWW!

Alice and Ilya, by NinetHArtz

Alice and Ilya, by NinetH, or just 9

Toctoc, Kadi here.

Thanks to NinetH, or simply 9, we have new fanart for Alice Tale! Knock on wood for the man! I think the kiss came out well.

Furthermore, to have another reason to make this post, I went and translated another chapter~~ Can't help it, this Fluffiness had to be spread! (Read: fanart leads to more translations if I can make the time)

This time... we probably get the biggest red herring of the whole series. And it's going to remain hanging there for some time. Some long time. But a lot of other stuff will happen, and it will be fluffy and cute and daww and... you're going to see. Next release will probably be a double-release, or even a triple one, but... it might also take double or triple the time. You have been warned!



P.S.: Oh, right. Link.

11 thoughts on “Fluffiness! Now with DAWWW!

  1. victoire

    In defeat the demons sleep.

    What is with the rubbish poetry you may ask. I cannot give you the answer, only the question.

    Err, good art... yeah? No? Of course you agree, if you don't disagree. This is not a message for a cipher. It's a message for the wood chipper, if you print this page.

    Alas, alas, albeit another, another regretful ribbons rebuttal. Although also, another instead, insects invading inside your head.

    What was this?

    1. infernojason

      I have no idea u have been smoking too many mushrooms wise catipilar of Alice in wonderland my be time for u to become a butterfly
      Thanks for the chapter and good fanart

  2. 9

    somehow it feels like a teacher showing a test result of a student with a failing mark to the public.

    darn it. I'll do better next time i see a good yuri scene. (btw its only NinetH , cause there is also ninethmusic but i prefer 9 cause its easy to type)

    *digs a hole with a drill*

    1. KadiKadi Post author

      Fixed the name~~. But... failing grade? It's the best we have! I want to see better fanart before people complain.

      As for more Yuri-scenes... wait and see :P. Maybe Alice awakens to the charms of Blackie after all? Okay, I disapprove of spoilers, so I shouldn't tease you too much.

      1. 9

        kinda feels like that 'cause i see too many mistakes

        NOOOOO!! not blackie TT_TT , at least be with any girl that appeared in the story.

        btw tnx for the chapter


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