Fluffiness provisions!

Alice_avatarToctoc, Kadi here.

Seeing that OSO Vol 3 is done and AA is around the corner, have some Fluffiness to prepare for the wintry Darkness!

I don't actually have much to say this time, only... I'm aware I still need to go through the corrections you good people suggested for the old chapters. But for now, I want to concentrate my productive time off, as rare as it is, on finishing Arc 1. Then I can fix and edit and style and whatnot, and then we can talk about epubs and whatnot. Not to forget whatnot.


P.S.: Oh, right. Link.

29 thoughts on “Fluffiness provisions!

  1. kanel

    i leave for the day when kadi will not a post script to put the link in.....in the meantime tnx for the fluffiness and just so you know 9 you picture is realy nice

    1. krytykkrytyk

      That would look really good if it was redrawed and converted into digital format. You know you make me feel ashamed for having my wacom tablet collecting dust in the corner of my desk (・へ・)!!

      1. 9

        kinda know how it feels, sometimes when i don't draw for a while i forget where i put my pen and hafta go crazy looking for it. i'm using my tablet as a mouse pad when i don't use it( since it is small).

      2. AoriiAorii

        One skill at a time krytyk =P Some people would already kill for your JP/translation ones xD

    2. KadiKadi Post author

      Thank you very much! If you don't mind, I'll add it as the illustration for the next release post. Which means I need something to release... you guys don't mind cliffhangers, do you?

      1. Mampi

        Cliff hangers all day! A hot kiss, a salty Solt, a bored Till, and a determined Alice! Onee-chan forever!
        Love you Kadi~!

      2. 9

        rather, thank you for using it ^^ it is such an honor. also I'm currently redrawing it on PC probably will be finished in a few hours(2-5 hours),

          1. KadiKadi Post author

            Why? I like it. Ilya's ears are a bit too pointy but oh, well, w/e. Thank you very much!

            (And if you want to dig a hole now, what are you going to do when I put that into the next release post? MUAHAHA)

  2. Loco15

    Oh thanks Kadi, it's been a while and it feels like the fluffiness hype is dying, so it's good to know you still work on this faster than a chapter a month :P

    Oh, and me? I've been in K.O because of a catching a cold and now I'm playing Black Rock Shooter: The Game...after I finish it I'm going to re-read everything with an eagle's eye for catching errors and resupply on fluffiness.

  3. Nissarin

    Just a random thought but perhaps it would be possible to add some interface to the website which would help to correct any mistakes spotted be readers - select the text, window with space for comment/description and submit button pops up (or something like that [TM]).

    1. Exort

      I doubt wordpress has that kind of function though... If it does it would have been used a long time ago...

  4. Ikaros

    yeah , some darkness , i 've waited for that , i can thank you enought for all the your and future works :D .

    ps : care to stay healthy


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