So, with last chapter ending volume 1 content LN-wise, we're starting on the volume 2 content now.

Link here.

Make sure to support the author, the illustrator and publisher. Buy the books if you can, visit the author's page or the work's page on Narou if you can't. You can find everything on the series' main page.

PS: This one was pretty much carried not by Tasha, but by Alf.


PS2: Like Simak mentioned in comments, there is currently a sales for FLFO novel on bookwalker, if you are interested~.

13 thoughts on “Friday. SUDDENLY BOSS FIGHT.

  1. Kagami

    So I was bored in isolation, as most are these days, so I decide to check around for new reads. So I go to novel updates, search for some terms I like and boom, FLFO pops. Seems interesting so I check the page and find that Krytykal's back in town. I almost wept tears of joy. Sorry I'm late to the party, but it's good to have you back Krytyk. Shame about OSO, but not gonna complain about not getting a TL that I wasn't paying for anyways.

  2. rooislangwtf

    Had coins thanks to the Yuri Festival coin boost a few days ago so I bought the first 3 volumes

      1. rooislangwtf

        Luckily their coins lasts quite a while, I hate places where it expires after like a month


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