Girls and Tentacles Spewing Weird Fluids.

OSO_v06_219And so, another chapter of OSO.

The talk this time... translating this chapter I realized again that author is very knowledgeable about games and MMO's in particular. As an experienced MMO player I stumble over known mechanics over and over again, which makes me smile knowingly from time to time. This time I was reminded of RIFT's Greenscale's Blight raid's maze made out of plant walls. Also, the group matching mechanic from MMO games and scaling to level were explained. Keep up the good work, Zachou-sensei.

Now, the topic of Antimagic's anime... apparently the first volume will be given just two episodes. I kind of expected that, but it does depress me. So far I was quite disappointed by the voice actors (they're great voice actors, but I think they're not matching the characters), but I hope I'll be pleasantly surprised. I guess for now I'm gonna withhold watching it :3.

Since it's been a while, I'll add a status update on the translations. There are no major changes in the schedule. I'm going to finish OSO 6, move on to AMA 11, then back to OSO 7. Elvenblood is stalled indefinitely and don't expect me to do it - I might even take a year or more even if I return to it. After OSO 7 I plan to do Antimagic vol 2 re-translation. What's after that... I'm not going to plan so far into the future.

Now that you read the wall of text, here's the link.

And remember to support the author by purchasing the books! I can't force you, but if you're a working adult who can spare a small coin (4$ for a digital version of the book), try to support the authors you like!

Which reminds me that Bookwalker is running a 50% off promo for all Kadokawa books, all the latest volumes are excluded from the promo though. It will last until the 8th (Japan time).


20 thoughts on “Girls and Tentacles Spewing Weird Fluids.

  1. Galeden

    I don't know if you've watched the english dub of Medaka box, but if you want to hear mismatched character voicing, look no further.

  2. Kisato

    Honestly, I've seen that compilation so many time it makes me sorta want to hurl. It's not bad at all! Especially if you're a newcomer, but if you've been around the block a couple of times then most of the songs are familiar. I say that because, while I did recognize most of the songs, I did find a couple new ones.

    As for my favorite, I would have to say that mine is "Steel Bird" by Wataame and "The Vastness of the Hereafter is Within This Fluorescence " by kamiuta.

  3. Pestanejando

    Vocaloid!!!! Quite a nice surprise! xD

    I wonder why would they do this to AntiMagic... if it get to be like this should they come to OSO, I would get really sad.

    btw, Thanks for the chapter.

  4. Wanderer

    Well geez, this anime season was already looking pretty bad and the news of AMA is making it worse for me... This is some serious foreboding of things to come since they're just burning through novels of hard work and good content within minutes lately. I mean it's good that they're not drawing things out but to go through a whole volume within 2 episodes sets them on the pace of going through 5-6 volumes which is starting to become the norm and I don't like that. If you watched and read danmachi, they actually went through the 4th volume in a single episode though to be fair it was pretty short and uneventful.

    And thanks for the chapter, it really appeased my mood. But seriously that title...

    I already ordered the previous volumes online and that sale would have saved me a bit of cash I guess but I don't mind supporting the author and paying the full price. The shipping on the other hand is a different story though since it ended up costing more than the actual books themselves and I still ended up waiting like 2 months for them to get here =_=

  5. happinezz001

    and here i thought the next release would be on the day the antimagic anime would come out

    P.S. about the anti magic anime i myself felt a few mismatched voices but i think it was probably to the characters the actors voiced previously. also i personally don't think the one that voiced takeru and lapis is mismatched

  6. Kuro

    Hey, Krytyk I was just wondering if there's ever a valentine's day event in the web novel where funny scenario's happen between Yun and Taku? Weirdly enough I cvan picture this happening and I'm curious if it does. :3

    1. krytyk Post author

      Nothing of the sort so far, the story hasn't reached February yet. (the story in the current webnovel arc is in January, 6 months after OSO's start).

  7. Random Anon

    Thanks for the chapter!

    And as for AMA's anime, it sucks that things are gonna be like that, I'll wait till it ends and read some reviews to decide if it worth watching it. Well, this season has some good anime titles starting, I'm quite pleased with Heavy Object, so let's just wait and see. ;)

    1. Vivec

      At least there will never be anything as bad as Ghost Hunt's dub ever again... hopefully.

  8. Sonoda Yuki

    Well, pay attention to JP class, or read this.
    Damn you for making my choices so hard!

    1. Sonoda Yuki

      Also, I like quite a few of those, though I mostly listen to other producers.

      1. krytyk Post author

        I just randomly picked up a link from youtube, my own list of vocaloid is quite different :3.

        That doesn't mean those songs are bad, I know quite a few, they're quite good overall.

      1. Estelion

        Also thanks for heads up on bookwalker sale. Wouldn't have known otherwise.

        EDIT: I bought a few Otsuichi books in the end. Congratulations. An author somewhere in Japan has probably made maybe 50 Yen, and he has you to thank for it.


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